Hi and welcome to Work Life Magic. In this video I’ll show you how you can pitch your
product with storytelling, a deck of cards and the simple but powerful magic
card trick to create really a WOW effect. And with this, you can show your customers
and really convince them about the value that your product provides to them. So this will be fun! Check this out. So here’s the story: Your prospect customer — that’s here, the Queen of Diamonds, the money card — She is realy interested in your service and shows up on your Web site. But, in order to consume your service she has to register and provide a full name and home address. But in this specific case, you really want to make sure that she realy lives there. So, how do you do that? Well, you just send here a verification code to this address and
wait for help to come back to you. But as time runs by the customer just never shows back and your conversion rate really drops to a poor rate. And the reason is simple: Who wants to have a registration process with mails that takes for days. Well, what if you don’t have to send this
mail? What if you get this service to instantly verify that she really lives there. The good thing is, we built a product such that your customer can finish instantly registration and you can
instantly start the businesses with her. And with that, your conversion rate really sky rocks. And this is a small example of using storytelling in combination with a magic
trick. And as you have seen, I used a simple magic trick to create this magic surprise moment to really deliver my value
proposition to a client. And how it works I’ll show it to you. You might ask how was it possible to put the Queen of Diamonds into the middle of the pack and seconds later to take it
from the top of the deck to make this convincing argument. And how that works, I’ll show right now. For this magic trick you need to know the so-called Double Lift. That means that you don’t just flip over the top card, but also the second top card, which is the Queen of Diamonds. And with that, you pretend to just flip over one card. That’s the trick, as you can see here. When you turn it back, of course, the top card is still the Ten of Clubs that you can safely put into the middle of the deck and still have the Queen of Diamonds at the top now. And that’s how I did this magic trick. So, but how can you do a Double Lift? So may be in the beginning, you’ve seen me riffling through the cards. This has only one purpose: to get a pinky break bellow the top two cards. So, when I do riffle through the cards, I’m riffling until the top two cards and push my pinky into this little gap. to hold a break. And then, I can just use
my index finger to slightly go over and turn both cards over. And of course, this
time, already, are two cards. And that’s the trick. Thanks for watching. And if you want to see more please subscribe. I’m really interested in your experiences with product pitches.
And what are your thoughts about combining storytelling with magic card
tricks to create this WOW effect and really deliver this convincer for your value. So let’s start the discussions now down below in the comments section.

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