Easy to Learn Simple Magic Trick – Great for any Beginners!

Hey guys and welcome to another quick tutorial.
This is for a really simple easy magic trick, so first I will perform it and then teach
it to you later on. For the performance of this trick.
First I start of by asking a spectator to choose any card.
For instance, lets say they choose this card. All I am going to do with this card, is place
it in the deck and then just square it up. Give it a cut, give it another cut, just like
that and one final cut. So it is pretty cut and lost in the deck.
Now I am going to ask was this your card, this wasn’t your card?
Okay we are going to place it down, then take the next card and place it on top.
Was this your card? No it wasn’t… place it down, take the next
card and place it on top. Was this your card? … It wasn’t either?
Place that down and take the next card and place it on top.
Now the next part I take the three cards. and I fan them out, just like this.
Ask the spectator to do this with their hand. and place it in between those two fingers.
Now I just whack the cards once … and twice. And the one card left remaining, is your king
of clubs. Alright so for the tutorial of this, It starts
out, there is no setup. You ask them to choose a card, for instance
lets say they choose the queen of diamonds. Now you place this in the deck.
Somehow you need to control this queen of diamonds to the bottom.
The way I did it in the video, is pretty simple, didn’t look great but it is easy to do.
First push that card up and get a break right there.
You can use your pinkie or ring finger, I recommend using the pinkie.
Then do a double undercut to get to that break. So their card is on the bottom.
Alright, queen of diamonds on the bottom. Next what you are going to do, try and take
a break by fanning the cards and, take a break under the top three cards.
Once you have that break, you cut to it by using double undercut again.
Now the trick is completely set up, you have one, two, three, random cards on the bottom.
Then their selected card, they don’t actually know this, they think their card is lost in
the deck. You show them the bottom card and say was
this your card? They say no, you go okay take that card off and place it down.
Take the next card and place it on top. You know that it is a completely random card,
you know their card is actually right there. You show them this random card, say was this
your card. They will say no again, now here is the sneaky
part. Instead of placing this card down, you push
this card out and take the next card. Which is their card, but they think it is
this card. Take that one and place it on top.
Then you show them the next card, place it down, place the next one on top.
The trick is now completely done. Now for the reveal.
Take the two cards outermost, and place them on top of this middle card.
Which you know is their card. So the queen of diamonds which is their selected
card is on the bottom. Fan them out place it between your fingers
like this, now if they are gripping like this, when you hit it, the cards will actually just
fall. It might take a few hits, the more you practice
the better you will get. The card remaining should be their card.
It takes a little bit of practice, to get it right when you hit it.
But the pressure should be greater on that bottom card.
So when you hit it, those other two cards should just fly off.
And you should be left with their card, which they think wasn’t even there in the first
place. And it is amazing.
For more tricks, tutorials, moves, things like that head to my website.
http://www.cardtricksforkids.com/ Or check out my youtube channel at
http://www.youtube.com/tomorrowsmagic/ And enjoy your magic.

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