Easy Office Tricks & Pranks : How to Magically Break a Pencil with a Index Card

Alright everybody. Now I’m going to tell you
how to do just a really cool fool art. This one requires a little bit of devious deception.
Almost like a magic trick but it’s kind of cool. What you do is you tell your co-worker
that you just got these new index cards that are really, really strong and they can actually
break through a pencil. You have them stand in front of you and hold a pencil on the ends
just like this and have them hold it toward the ends. You take the index card, you hold
it in your hand like this, then you come up and you come down and the index card chops
the pencil right in half. What happens is that as your co-worker is holding the pencil.
You want to have them hold it close to the ends and hold it nice and tight. You’re going
to hold the index card in your hand like this, but as you come down you’re going to extend
your 2 fingers. If you want to practice this without potentially hurting your fingers,
practice on bread sticks. If they break sticks or pretzel sticks in your workplace, that’s
a great thing to use and find yourself some cheap pencils. The other thing is you want
to come up nice and high and as you come down behind the index card, you’re just going to
take your fingers and chop right through the pencil just like that. It happens right behind
the index card. Just hold that out one more time. It happens right behind the index card
so you can break right through it just like that and then you pull your fingers back and
you can hand them the card and it’s even got a little mark on it from where it went through
and that looks pretty cool. That’s how you break a pencil using an index card. You can
also do it with a dollar bill if you fold it in half lengthwise and only use one finger.
That’s a couple variations on a very fun stunt.

  1. just did trick didnt practice and did it first try on a pencil, then tryed on plexi glass type mechanical pencil cover and almost broke my fingers =P

  2. breadsticks? how on earth can the strenth of a breadstick be matched to that of a pencil?
    And its "an index card", not "a index card"!

  3. jesus christ expertvillage is so fucking LAME! everything is lame the sports department, magic, origami, kitchen, cooking, making everything SUCKS

  4. Of course they cant, it happens fast, and they wont be looking there they will be looking at the pencil to see if it breaks.

  5. wow these skateboard ads are giving me a headache, especially the stupid stoner at the end "its like i told gravity and physics no" umm hey dumbass if it werent for physics and gravity you couldent do any of those tricks…

  6. your american pencils are pathetic. you cannot possibly break a bulgarian wooden pencil with one hand, not to mention using a carate blow fingers.

  7. mojesh prosto trqq imash zdravi prusti 😀
    i toi kaza mnogo blizko do kraishtata taka4e za da e mn po lesno da se s4upi

  8. when i found out this trick from cris angle he said that "dont try this at home"
    so i did it on a crayon. when i did it didnt hurt!

  9. am i the only one that relized what he said in the beginning " its almost like a magic trick…….but its kinda cool"

  10. @gtapringle Actually not. It's a simple matter of physics. Everything you hit with your hand gets an amount of force into the object you are hitting but the object also responds with the same amount of counter force into your hand which causes it to hurt. But if the force hitting the object is higher than the pressure limit of the object the object will break and it wont respond with any counter force. If there's no counter force, It wont hurt. There you go. 🙂

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