Easy How-To Card Trick for Kids

hello I’m max Zeidner and I’m going to
show you the trick card shark and then I’ll show you how to do it hey you want
to see your card trick sure okay so I would like you to cut the deck any where you like any where? now if you could pick up that card you
could you can see I don’t I don’t want to know what it is okay you got it memorized?
remember it yep I got it okay now I’ve actually I’d like you to put it down
here okay and we will lose it in the middle of the
deck all right now I’m gonna see if I can flip it upside down without finding I think it’s, I think it’s upside down okay here’s your card is this your card? I think you
messed up no it’s not mine oh well as this is a six of diamonds six we might
be able to count down six maybe it’ll be there okay and was this your card that
was my card oh and by the way while you were cutting
did you happen to sneak in a Royal Flush oh no nice thanks
so that was the trick card shark now I’m going to show you how to do it first you
are going to need the cards of any it can be any suit right now I’m
using spades ten Jack Queen King ace facedown and and
it should look like this when you fan it now that you’ve got that set up you need
to find a six my personal favorite is the six of diamonds to use so I’m gonna
see if I can find that in here no so now that we have the packet set up ten Jack
Queen King ace and then with a six face up remember
face up is very important to this trick six then you just put the you put the
rest of the deck on top and you’re ready to sit so first what you do is you ask
them to cut the deck so they cut the deck and they pick up their card which
in this case is the seven of clubs then you instruct them to put it back down
not on the pile they picked it up from but the other one then you can bury it
in the deck emphasized that it is completely lost in the deck I have no
idea where you cut so now all you have to do is give it a ribbon spread which
is this until you see the face up six you can say was this your card and
then and they’ll say no it wasn’t but then you can suggest the idea of
counting down six cards this ends up being this will be your ten Jack Queen
King ace and then their card the seven of clubs then you can say while you were
cutting the deck did you happen to slip a royal flush in there
hey thanks for watching how to do card shark

  1. Great performance! The only thing the video is missing, is a little musical support ๐Ÿ˜‰ But other than that it is a great video and a really good trick! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up!

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