Easy DIY Birthday Cards Using Minimal Supplies

– [Voiceover] Hi
everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be creating another DIY minimal
supplies card and this is actually going
to be a birthday card. I’m using some very inexpensive watercolor paints from Crayola. They’re usually
about $2 or under. I’m going to use a
pencil and also a pen and I’ve got some
watercolor paper here. This watercolor
paper is actually Canson XL watercolor paper, it’s a fairly inexpensive
watercolor paper that you can find
at art supply stores or craft stores or sometimes
even in supermarkets. So, this card can be done
on cardstock or paper other, something other than
watercolor paper, but I really would recommend
using watercolor paper for the best results. It’s worth the money
and you can use that pad of watercolor paper for
lots and lots of projects. So I’ve cut my two card bases
down to three inches wide by eight inches tall and
then I folded them in half and now I’m taking some
blue painters tape, I’m going to use
some masking tape to mask off some
areas on these cards. You can definitely
skip this step if you don’t have
any tape on hand, but it just makes
a little bit easier to get the images on the
front of the cards just right. Using a ruler and
also an X-Acto knife to cut the tape in half. This is economical because
I’m only going to be using this one strip of
tape for both cards, but also it makes the tape
a little bit more narrow and easier to visualize exactly the area where I
will be painting. So I’m gonna peel this
up off my craft mat, and then I’m going to
tear the pieces in half and put them down onto
the front of the card. Basically what I’m doing
is I want to mask off a center area on the
fronts of each card. On one card, I’m
going to be creating a gift box or a present
and on the other I’m going to be creating
a birthday cake. The birthday cake is
going to be more wide so on this second
one you’ll notice that the tape is spread out
a little bit farther apart, but on that first one
it was more narrow. Now I’m going to take
out my watercolor paints. I’ve previously wet
these so the water has been able to
soak in a little bit so as I pick up the color
from the watercolor palate, it’s going to be
very concentrated. If you have not used
your watercolor palate when you start up this project, you’re going to have to
add a little bit of water and let it soak in
and then when you go to pick up the color, make sure you really
swirl around that brush and make sure that it’s
really thick and pigmented before you go to paint. That’s gonna help you get colors
that aren’t as washed out. So I started out by
mixing the purple and blue to make a little bit more
of a blue-purple color and then I painted a
stripe right across the top and then I’m just gradually
changing the colors and painting on stripes. You’ll notice that on
the more narrow area on the card on the left that I
started higher up on the card. That’s because that is
the present, the gift box. I don’t need as
much room at the top so I’m just going
to be adding a bow but on the other one,
it’s going to be a cake and I need to be
able to have room to draw the candles
on top of the cake. So that’s why I started that
one a little bit farther down. So I peeled off the tape. You can see those
nice clean edges. If you don’t have
any tape on hand you could still
paint the stripes, but just be very careful to start the stripes
at the same point and also end the stripes
at the same point. I’m just putting a
piece of tape up there so you can see where
the fold of the card is. I was able to see it
while I was filming but I realize on a camera you probably wouldn’t be
able to see where that is and I wanted you to be able
to see the size relation and how I’m drawing
on these stripes with my black pen
or black marker. So I’m just drawing
on a little crisscross and the very whimsical
string ends on that bow and now I’m drawing
on three candles. Now, when I drew
on these candles, this marker that I was
using, it wasn’t very dark so you will see that at one
point I will go back over it with another pen that’s
a little bit darker but you get the idea. So I added some candles and
then made some diagonal stripes on them to add a little bit
of more graphic interest and then I’m gonna go ahead
and draw like a little scalloped sort of swag
going across that cake. This is going to give it a
little bit more decoration. I thought it looked a
little bit too plain without this on there
so this is going to add a little bit more of
an organic shape to it and then I’ll bring in that
yellow watercolor paint and I’m going to use that for
the flames on the candles. I thought that was a nice way
to bring in a pop of color near the top of this small card. Like I mentioned before, I did
come back in with a black pen to darken up the
lines a little bit and I also added
some diagonal lines onto the scalloped area as well. That pretty much
finishes up these cards. The finished card size on
these is three by four. It’s a great small
size to put on top of any gifts or presents
that you might be giving to someone
for their birthday. Hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video and I will catch
you guys next time. (music)

  1. my daughter who is 10 and i watched this and we are going to be doing some of these. awesome idea with the tape and watercolours. thanks for making it so easy to understand…beautiful video. cheers from Trinidad.

  2. Love the simplicity of these! Anyone can grab those supplies cheap 🙂 and they end up looking high end

  3. Hi Kristina ~ I love the CAS design of your cards as well as the perfect size for a package. Thanks so much for sharing, inspiring and reminding us all that you don't always have to have expensive supplies. Have a great weekend. ~HUGS~

  4. I really love that you did these very cute cards with minimal supplies. Amazing! I plan to create similar cards with my nieces when I visit NM in a few weeks.

  5. I think it's a great idea to show that you don't have to spend a lot to make a cute card, since a lot of card makers may not be able to invest in a lot of products.

  6. Great for kids and just as easy with markers. Very basic but sometimes it's just what's needed. Thank you

  7. Wow! Love these so easy to make card ideas.
    These could be perfect for your 5 minute card challenges 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for this! Sometimes I get intimated trying to make cards because I don't have all the supplies. This is simple and you explained it so well! – JoAnn

  9. I love the minimal supplies use! My dad's birthday and my friend's birthday are coming up later this month, so I loved these cute, simple birthday ideas ♡

  10. This is so cute!!! love this idea will definitely use this as reference for some birthday cards when i get the chance!

  11. Hi! I really enjoy the "simple" card tutorials since I am just starting out with card making. Do you have any suggestions for simple wedding cards? Thanks!

  12. Hi Kristina! I have a question about the board you tape your watercolor paper down to. Is it a speciality item or could i use a small wooden board from a hardware store maybe? You have inspired me to start incorporating watercolor into my cards and I want to make sure I have all of the right supplies! Love your videos! You are such an inspiration to all of us crafters out here. Thank you for all that you do to share your beautiful work with us!! -Katie

  13. wow you are so creative!
    You have a true talent for this. Sorry I'm commenting like crazy on all your videos haha!

  14. I love this design! It is so cute! I would love to recreate such a design. Do I need to wait for the watercolor to dry before removing the tape?

  15. Thank you very much for uploading this lovely video (o´▽`o) Actually this week, one of my friend have birthday yet I still don't have any idea for gift. Now after watching your video, I got an idea for give her cute bookmarker. Thank you ver much ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

  16. If I don't have thats masking tape can I use cloth tape?? Or is the same?
    Sorry if I dont write rigth I speak spanish but I really love your videos, I try my best for recreate your cards but in my country dont sell the materials.

  17. Haiii this is SO cute i was thinking of making it for my friend, its her birthmonth this october…. i was wondering if the tape would rip the paper after painting… would it?

  18. I'm not an artist so this minimalistic but extremely CUTE design led me to subscribe your channel!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  19. 😍, loved it! So easy and beautiful, looks very elegant, cute and colorful at the same time. I'm doing this for my bf's birthday next week!

  20. По английскому не чего не понимаю, но все равно прикольно

  21. Hey this is just to tell you that I tried it fro my BBF’s birthday and my lines are not very strait so I used a ruler and every time I removed it all small parts of the. Color when leaking down .BTW FOR ANYONE A who doesn’t have the tape just use 2 rules just like me this project is hard fun and challenging at the same time for me

  22. Great idea for the cards but the breathing in the audio was very distracting. This was made in 2016 so I’m sure a lot has changed but still wanted to share.

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