Eachine Wizard 220x  F3 -Custom Tuned & Configuration – Best FPV Free Style Drone for $$

  1. Hi! thankyou for this video!. How con i connect an pwm rx to the FC. I have a turnigy 9x tx and rx. Thank you very much!!!

  2. so we pay $100 more for.. adjusted pids, prop nuts and someone setting up betaflight (which anyone can do for free). I don't get it.

  3. So this a great overview of what I should do when I get my quad but I have never set up a quad. I just bought this quad and was wondering if you guys are able to send me a setup file or something of the settings that you are talking about. I have the same transmitter and quad. if not do you know of any good tutorials for this setting up this quad? again great video.

  4. good idea I think i would pay the extra for it to be tuned. I have been flying brushless xk252 for about 6 months ready to upgrade but never tuned a quad before so I think it would be nice to get one tuned good and i can adjust to my preference as I learn. plus all the quality control problems coming with these newer versions. at least it will be checked and I know I will get my props…

  5. Do you carry any spare parts for the wizard? I'd love to be able to buy a couple spare 2205 motors and not have to wait an eternity from china.

  6. "Give a man a fish feed him that day… Teach a man to fish and feed him for live". How about instead you offer a class or instructions on how to do it yourself for a lower price?

  7. Morning guys, Love the video and the promise it contains for those that are looking to buy the Wizard…..but what if we bought one and we haven't done a thing with it yet? I'm coming up to Atl in Feb and would love to have you guys put a tune on this bird for me and maybe I can learn a little more about the particular Wizard 220 I have. Can I set something up ahead of time with you to bring this quad into you while i'm up there?

  8. Great video!! Been flying drones for about a year & a 1/2 now & want to step up to racing drones. Deciding on this one or another model I was looking at

  9. So after my first flight with my Wizard x220, I was charging my lipo and I hit Factory Reset on the FLYSKY fs i6 transmitter, now the transmitter will bind to its receiver but the Wizard x220 doesnt respond! Can anyone Help a Newbie with this Problem??? Im addicted to the Hobby and need to get back in the air flying!

  10. would be happy to pay for just the full betaflight config for the f3… got a wizard given to me for chrissy.. was in such shambles that the transmitter wasnt even bound.. at the point i plugged it in to the computer n was lucky because the mag had no offset.. being a novice n the first time id used betaflight… or cleanflight for that matter.. did take alot of forum reading before i found how to correct this… as initially i physically rotated the board just so i could fly it… please pm me if you guys would happy to exchange legal tender for a betaflight config.. spesh pids as im having major yaw drift issues

  11. please let me now when your shipment comes in I'm starting a club out here and 7 of us are waiting to order from you

  12. hey fellas, im from way up north in Quebec,Canada,your video really got my attention,my first question,does it come with a trainer cable that I can practice on my computer,answer this and then we'll talk,thank youMaurice levesque

  13. Great video, answered a few questions I had. I pre-ordered on the 21st, can't wait to fly. I was wondering if you were going to be able update them to beta flight 3.1 since it just came out?thanks

  14. I ordered mine before it got sold out. how long till do you guys think the wizard will be shipped to everyone?? thanks

  15. you guys are awesome. wish I lived closer and could just walk over to the store. im going to try to come visit this summer sometime.

  16. Is it possible to set up telemetry on this quad? Can I use my Taranis with the X4R? Does the flight controller even support telemetry? Thanks

  17. Grayson Hobby, I have a RTF wizard x220 and I really need help. I factory reset my fly sky fs-i6 remote and I had to re bind it to my quad but once I bound it now the remote will not show movement in the controller tab in betaflight and I can't fly my quad the ppm is on in betaflight and on my remote any ideas??? I really could use some help

  18. I purchased my x220 from you guys and i am a complete noob to FPV. I have been having a blast with it and I appreciate the extra effort and care you guys put into it. Thank you so much ! It's a great first experience that I was looking for FPV RTF. Once again thank you! Keep it up.

  19. A review of a 90%+ QAV-R clone. Can't these clowns come up with their own frame? Does it always have to be a Lumenier clone? And, there are lots of other great frames to clone!

  20. Grayson Hobby I bought the Rtf version silver tune on January 27. Can you give me an estimate for when mine is going to be shipped. Thank you so much… Can't wait!!

  21. when will this item be back in stock?? plz dont gimi that "our teams are working as fast as possible stuff" i would like to know weather or not i sould just build my own that i can get in a metter of days

  22. can't u just do a video on setting up the flight modes? please do a video on setting up the wizard the way u set it up or at show rates, pids, n other setting in the vid description window. or is there a video u guys made n I just missed it

  23. one of my speed controllers went out does anyone know where I can buy another one I don't even know what the originals are and I don't want you have mismatched speed controllers or to have to buy all 4 brand new ones when I really only need one does graysonhobby even sell them I will order one right now???

  24. i bought a wizard from you guys, the box says no 4s batteries for it because it will burn up the vtx. I see lots of people running a 4s with no issues. can you post a video explaining this and the correct way to modify to run a 4s?

  25. Thanks for helping the noob get started. the way Grayson sets this up  pretty competitive. I have a couple of issues nothing that the Grayson team is doing with this quad but more the way this unit is sold. I think the weak spot with this nice quad is the
    radio. I 've watched the vids about this quad and everyone is high on the quad and  Grayson offers some very nice options for  set up. But I notice not very much mentioned about the radio.  Why is that? (not rhetorical I'd hope for an answer)…… the
    biggest problem with drones is set up in some cases unless you have an extensive back ground in computers you can't
    really get involved. They limit to what level you can get involved. Beta flight is great but it should not be FM (friggin magic) to operate  and set up your quad and radio.  Used to be that way with heli's funny now you can buy one and fly 3D right out of the box bind and fly. Why not with quads? I get it racing wouldn't be worth doing if anyone could do it. What serious races do with a quads is way past what over the counter equipment ready to fly can do.  Not wild about the radio offering. Need to set up for off the shelf
    radios Spectrum. Frsky etc. How hard can it be to sell a quad that will bind to a more quality radio. We know there are makers that do..

  26. actually u cant just put dshot on the wizzard u have to remove the signal cap on all 4 speed controllers then u can flash dshot im pretty sure

  27. how did u get multishot to work? flashed latest firmware (betaflight+blheli) and motors wont calibrate successfully
    can only run the wizard on oneshot125

  28. Hey guys!

    When I first got my drone, I plugged in the battery while the VTX antenna was not connected. When I tried to sync my Kylin Vision Goggles to the drone, I ran the auto scan and only showed a black screen. I thought I must have burned out the 200mw VTX. I then ordered a 600mw transmitter as an upgrade since I fly alone and when I went to sync up the goggles, it showed the black screen again. I made sure I had everything connected properly and couldn't find out which part wasn't working. I only have one drone so I can't test the individual parts on a different drone.

    I can only assume there is a problem with the stock camera or the goggles. The wires are fine, the VTX is new, the antenna was on, the connectors were pushed in, my goggles antenna was on, I searched all the channels, and the lens protector was off. Do you see anything I may have missed?


  29. Here is our Wizard 'Wiki' Page. Updates, replacement and Upgraded parts are listed here!

  30. Eachine Wizzard 220xF3 with FatShark or a ARRIS X-Speed 250B V3.0 RTF w/AT9 and Fatshark Attitude V3 Goggle Boundle or get a used nice one with Fatshark? I new to FPV but I have a dji pro 3.

  31. I set my gyros to 4, but Im using oneshot125 at 2, did you have to do anything extra when you went to multishot (and im assuming 4)? Im keep hearing things both ways.

  32. i just ordered x220 from banggood you think its like the one in your video?…or did they sell me an old one because it was only 196.00 with transmitter and mega props and batt….

  33. Man, am I glad I found your channel for the Eachine Wizard 220 with your special attention. I will be buying one after learning FPV on a cheapy FPV quad I bought locally. I have been looking at so many different brands and types from arf to rtf. RTF seems the best way to go, and I especially want to buy from you guys since you give the best customer service and checks and setups on your product sales. Definitely worth any extra cost for the peace of mind that I will get what I pay for. Looking forward to buying from you soon. Thanks guys! You are the best!

  34. I am a noob and my buddy is a noob. He bought a Wizard from china and it took 3 weeks to get here and then had to figure out how to set it up for flying through youtube videos and guess work. It took him probably a week to figure all that out. So basically a month to get it up and flying. I ordered the gold version from Grayson last Friday, it was delivered the following Thursday and I was flying Thursday afternoon! So less than a week and I was in the air! Well worth the money and piece of mind to me! Thank you Grayson Boys!!!!! You Are The Best!!!!!!!!!

  35. Found a typo on the Grayson Hobby Custom Wizard RTF website. "1 x Flysky I6 2.4G 6CH remore control" I believe it should be "remote control" Thanks for the awesome video.

  36. Can you do a full review for fs i6 transmitter setup (eachine wizard x220 quad). Thank you and keep it up. Good work and great channel

  37. Thanks for the info guys. I am trying to get into FPV and I have my eyes on this qaud. I have been flying toy grades and want to move up. I'm also considering the Rodeo 150. The Rodeo 110 I think will be a little too small. Do you guys have a website I can go to to get and idea on pricing? Best regaurds.

  38. Hi guys is the f3 version still the new version or is there and even newer version please ?. Not including the s version.

  39. You guys did a great job on my wizard! I have a question, what is the best props for the wizard? i have a silver tune. someone told me king-kong? i need to order some from you all, so what is the best and the part number so i can find and order from your website. Thanks!! keep up the good work guys!

  40. Quick question ❓ I burnt the esc mine is a eachine v.1.2 and the store only had a racestar v.1.1 what is the difference.? will it work?

  41. Just found out you guys are veteran owned I am a fellow vet myself and was looking to get in the hobby will be going through you guys instead of banggood. Will be ordering after christmas. I have my first baby on the way and he or she is due Christmas Eve so need to save up until he or she gets her but after will be getting.!!!

  42. If buying the rtF version and I dont have goggles right away. Being I'm a noob to flying and would want to fly Los in the beginning. Is it possible to take the antenna for the GPS signal off and not worry bout it.

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