Dynamo Healthcare Training – 2017 Promo

I decided to join Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy because I’d like to further my knowledge in health and social care And I’m guaranteed an apprenticeship at the end of the course. It is a great opportunity to kickstart my healthcare career. We have a simulation suite on site that we will be learning practical and caring skills in. I’ve learnt not to be so shy and contribute more towards class discussions. I’ve decided to do this job with training because there is more support and I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go. But there were so many options and everyone was really helpful Telling me which path I should go down, and which path would suit me best. I’ve learnt so many things during working One of them would be answering the telephone which has has helped me gain confidence because I’ve had to speak to different people and help them in different situations which I wouldn’t of known how to do before I started working here. My role involves taking bloods, doing blood pressures ECG’s on patients I also assist in minor operation clinics and coil clinics My favorite part of this role is being faced to face with patients and actually feeling like I’m making a difference in their life. I’d recommend this apprentership because not only do you learn on the job, but you do get paid for it and get the skills you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I decided to do this job and train into doing this job because I love this job. I love the people that I support I’ve done a lot of caring in the past and it’s something I would love to go on and do further in my career. I think you’re doing an okay job.

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