Dwayne Johnson on His Early-Morning, Magical Wedding

Hi. Hi. How are you? Hi. Good, how are you? Hi, hello. I’m good. [CHEERING] Thank you. Thank you. Always looking out. Thank you. Always looking out. If there’s a thread, I’m
going to get it for you. That’s how I am. Thank you so much. You look fantastic. You, too. I like the corduroy. Thank you so much. Looking good. Are you exhausted? You just got back from– when
did you come back from Europe? I did. About three days ago, we
flew back from London. And it was great. It was a great tour. And everybody was excited,
and we were excited, too. Brought the whole cast– Jumanji cast. And it was good. Now, when you go to Europe,
I saw that when you travel, you bring your gym with you. Do you– what’s the limit
where you don’t bring the gym? Well, for context, any
place that I shoot, just in terms of locations
that I go to then I’ll bring the gym with me. But for this tour, I
didn’t bring the gym– because it’s only,
like, a couple of days. But if I’m in a location,
whether it’s Europe, or Hawaii, or wherever it is, I
bring the gym for– Because you don’t think that– –Three months. –They have the same
equipment there? Do you have something
different– no, seriously. Do you have something– No. –Different than
they don’t have? Well, gyms have basically the
same equipment, especially at the kind of gyms
that I train at. The only issue is it’s
just extremely hard for me to get a workout
in in a public gym because it’s a lot of
people, and the etiquette gets thrown out the window. And I just– I can’t– Right. –Get a workout in. [CHEERING] Oh, yes. That’s a good one to put up. Merry Christmas, everyone. [CHEERING] Kevin Hart took that, yeah. Yeah, man. He’s really been
working out lately. He has been, yeah. I’m so happy to see that
he’s OK again, that he’s– It’s so good to have him back. Yeah, yeah. That was a scary thing,
that car accident. It was a scary thing
with the car accident. It’s so good to have him back. You know, we went
on tour together, and we were traveling
around the world. And I was with him
all day, every day, throughout the
nights, too, as well. Yes. I mean, it’s just like
looking in the mirror. We’re twins. [LAUGHTER] But it is so good
to have him back, because he’s such a good guy. And it couldn’t have been a
wonderful– better Christmas gift than to have him back. [CHEERING] You had a beautiful wedding. And look at this picture. This picture– Thank you. –Was taken at 7:45
in the morning? Is that right? Yes. We had an early morning
wedding in Hawaii on the cliffs there in Kauai. And it was very private. And it was the best. It truly was the best. Why 7:45? So let’s back that up
for her hair and makeup. So her hair and
makeup had to start at, like, 5:00 or something. It started very early. Why would you have the wedding
at 7:45 in the morning? Well, I had to work out. I had, like, the 8:00 workout. I’m only kidding. I’m only kidding. Kind of. No, no, no. Kind of. No, no, no. I’m only kidding. We wanted to have an
early morning wedding. That way, we said the
vows, get it over with. And then by 10, 11
o’clock, we’re hanging. We’re having brunch with the
family, and we had it done. And plus, in Hawaii
at that time, it’s a beautiful time with us
and my ancestors watching over us. It was truly a magical,
magical wedding. Well, that’s great. And you have a new baby. We do, yes. Yeah. How old is she now? Yes. She is going to be
two coming up– yes. Look at that. You’re such a good daddy. Thank you. She is– I have all
daughters ranging from our daughter who’s
going to be two to Jazzy, who’s going to be four. There they are right there. They were our flower
girls on our wedding, and they were just–
it was so magical. And what do they
want for Christmas? Every toy that they see. Every toy that they see. So of course, with Lauren,
my wife, Jazzy says, can I have that? And of course, she says,
well, let’s make the list. And if you’re good, you
have a birthday coming up, and you have
Christmas coming up. And of course, when she asks
me, daddy, can I have that? Absolutely. You want– yes. Absolutely. When would you like it? Got it. Tomorrow. I want it. Before Christmas, yeah. Spoil them rotten. Ah, well– and they deserve it. That’s really cute. And you had– so
congratulations, The Titan Games got renewed
for the second season, right? Thank you very much. Yeah, that’s great. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Thank you. [CHEERING] We sent Andy through the– Thank you. Yeah, Andy was there. He went, and Andy participated
in The Titan Games. Would you call it participating? I would call it he tried before
he had cardiac arrest and– but he tried. He really tried hard. Yeah. Well, those are really tough– He was exhausted and
completely– watch this. Go, Andy. OK. So– [LAUGHTER] I’m surprised he
was able to do– those are really hard. It was very, very hard. Yeah, so the course
is extremely hard. So we’re going to
come back this season. This season is going to
be even harder, but yes. New games. New game. We have new games coming up. And I think our competitors–
they may compete a little better than Andy. He is trying. He’s really trying. Poor guy. God bless his soul. Even getting to the end. Yeah. All right. We’ll take a break. More with Dwayne after this. Thank you.

  1. I am indian!
    In india, every one still says the rock"s movie!
    I say dwayne Johnson!
    They like who is dwayne Johnson !😂😂
    If they know what is his real name is…but they still gonna say the rock😆😆

  2. He keeps respect to he’s wife if someone flirts on him I can see ,
    My god she so lucky with this man ,, all around ,
    Than he didn’t mentioned Simone , we all know and expecting to heard it . Oh god

  3. Thank you dear Ellen
    I am so happy from your hard work you are doing for whole humanity
    Merry Christmas,,😊😊😀
    Love all of you from pakistan ….

  4. These ppl think it's such a big deal to get up for your wedding at 5am while our Sri Lankan brides get up at 4am to do the hair and make up for a wedding that starts at 10am😂

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