Terrible warriors birthed by monstrous minds… When destructive villains and noble heroes clash, who will be left standing when the dust settles? Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Malicious Machinations! A scientist with a heart of gold makes her stand! Bulma! The will to challenge a god! The birth of a being beyond mortal comprehension! Assemble heroic might to lead SSG Goku to victory! Super Baby 2 is here, and he means business! Power down your opponent’s Leader Card and mount a devastating onslaught! A mad scientist’s maniacal resurrection! Dr. Uiro! Use the power of science to make Dr. Uiro’s terrifying schemes a reality! Androids are back, and stronger than ever! You asked for her, you got her: Android 21 is here! Create a clone token army to sate your sweet tooth! Hatchhyack makes his hateful debut! Lock down your opponent’s options and control the board! Series 8 introduces two all new keyword skills! OFFERING presents opponents with a painful choice. They can either lose a life, or let you draw two cards. Either way, you win! REVIVE brings a Battle Card back from the Drop Area immediately after being KO’d! When a card with Revive gets knocked out, place the specified cards in your Drop Area to put it back in action! Ignite the flames of a never before seen battle with these new skills! Series 8 introduces two spectacular new rarities! Noble Heroes! And Ignoble Villains! Ten heroic and villainous cards in all! Whose side are you on? Get ready… because Series 8 includes three secret rares—the most ever! Series 8 releases with two decks! The PARASITIC OVERLORD starter deck features 5 starter-exclusive foils, including two with a stunning foil-stamped treatment! With Super Baby 2 on your side, universal destruction is yours to command! The ANDROID DUALITY Expert Deck brings Android 21 into the fray! The deck includes 10 exclusive cards and a Series 8 booster pack! Even better, five of the exclusive cards and the deck’s Leader get a beautiful foil treatment! If you were waiting for a chance to build an Android 21 deck, there’s no better place to start! Series 8 pre-releases are coming too! Buy a Pre-Release set, and join the fun! Each set includes six series 8 boosters and two pre-release packs with foil-stamped commons, uncommons, and rares! And that’s not all! Purchase a box during the pre-release and get a pre-release dash pack for free! Each Dash Pack includes two cards! Head down to your local game store, and join the pre-release fun! Store Release events will be held in December to commemorate the set’s release! Store Championship Winners will be awarded a 1 Round Bye at Regionals! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Series 8!
Malicious Machinations! On sale November 2019!

Check the official site for details.

  1. Can you please narrate my life so it gets more exciting?

  2. 3 SCR…(plus more sr per set with the same rates than the olders,plus new rarity cards 3 per box,we need a case to have playsets!) XD
    you`re going to kill your own game ๐Ÿ™

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