Dowsing for water or water witching (what mystery behind it)

Good afternoon Today in this video I am explaining a very interesting topic, which is finding or groundwater exploration by different tools by using traditional method had been used in USA, EU, Asia as well then in the recent years become familiar in Iraq and Kurdistan especially this method will perform by using (woody, Iron) sticks or eggs and stone has been used for several decades ago it has a different name which called Dowsing for water or Diving for water and water witching we can find more about on internet I am gonna to show you the tools now and then I will try to do different test by different tools and visiting the water well To know how it is work or is this method true or not? and what is the mystery behind from the scientific point of view how they prove lets see the tools the are the tools here as you see this is a piece of v-shape stick from pomegranate tree and also we have two piece from Aluminum L-shape stick or by using pendulum made from stone or metal By these tools today I will show you how it is work As you see I am holding the Aluminum L-shape sticks in my hand in the short side and not tightly to let them move in my hand both sticks should be parallel to each other and the direction straight forward now easily I am going forward if you see the sticks turn to my right side then I will change my direction same as the direction of the moved sticks I will continue in the new direction you see here both are moving toward each other until they are crossing each other, going back a bit if you see same happened as I went first time and then using the tree’s v-shape stick or rod I will try in the same place see how I held them in my hand like this I am going forward you see the stick try to move up but not completely then I am changing my direction because the force was not quite enough to move up them see in the same previous place it moved up and turned around in my hand once more again you see same it happened before this was the second tool The third one is pendulum like this, I am trying to do test in the same place I am standing at this point holding the pendulum first fix with your hand the let it be free, you see it moved in one direction and I am trying to it here you see the movement direction of the pendulum is chaining to the circle shape of movement, it means here more forces this tool also used to find water well location when it moved as a circle shape it means here is water bellow here you see there is a small pipe, there is flow of water inside, just to check whether is it true or not? by the same tool like this hold and going forward you see when I reached near to the pipe they start to move but at the point right over the pipe they cross each other I change my place and change the sticks between my hands you see same they crossed right over the pipe it means there flow of water in the pipe you can use this method to find underground pipe as well now we are in the field, there is a covered water well but there is water inside, I am trying same by this method holding the sticks you see it turns directly over the well head, I am trying in a different direction like this you same in different direction, now I will show you the simple scientific explanation on paper which mentioned in different references however in the scientific point of view and according to USGS (united state geological survey) they did not publish any scientific evidence behind it but in some references mentioned this method related to magnetic field as we know and see in my drawing , we have two different direction of the magnetic field as you see it start from one pole to another pole like this it means if we have four points you see, between point number two and three, it turns the sticks it means there is water beneath the surface however they did not prove this method scientifically but as we are geologist and hydrogeologists we use instruments to find groundwater but this method except groundwater some times used to find metal beneath the surface if in different places they used in a right way and they said it is true, this is because in some places there are much amount or possibility of groundwater or groundwater is near to the surface at shallow depth, the when they use it will be true then they can locate to drill a well but some times they failed by this method when they drilled after that they realized it is just a dry well, so it means there is no guarantee to find water exactly but our advice you should contact experts, geologist or groundwater engineers to use instruments and locate your borehole location exactly and it will be less risk.

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