DIY Planner Charm from a GIFT CARD + Resin – by Jennifer Priest

Jennifer Priest here with a fun DIY planner
charm that you can make with resin. You’re going to need a gift card, a bezel,
scissors, a marker, and resin. You’ll trace the bezel onto the gift card,
cut it out with scissors, then you’re going to want to cut it on the inside of the line
that you made so that it fits right inside of the bezel. You’ll mix some resin, and pour it on, and
let it cure for 24 hours. That’s another video so click the link right
there to go see that. You’ll also need some supplies for making
the charm and the tassel. You’ll need scissors, a skein of embroidery
floss, the charm, some jump rings, lobster claw style clasps, and some pliers. Take the wrappers of the skein of embroidery
floss. You’re going to pull off about a yard. Cut that off and then you’ll also pull off
a piece that’s three times the length of the skein. Lay the skein across the middle of that piece
of thread, tie it really tight right in the middle, and it’s going to divide the skein
in half. This is actually going to be the size of your
tassel. It’s going to be half of the size of the skein. Once that’s tied off you’re going to take
a jump ring and put it around the middle of the skein. This is what’s going to actually make this
into a jewelry piece, so you’ll be able to attach your other jump rings and stuff to
this part of the tassel without it shredding the thread or causing any kind of unraveling. Once that’s done brush down the pieces of
the tassel to make them smooth and take that shorter piece, the piece that was three times
the length of the skein, take that and tie it off around the top of the tassel about
maybe half and inch to three quarters of an inch down from the jump ring. Now you’ll wrap the ends all the way around
the top of the tassel. This is what’s going to form it altogether
and once you have it wrapped as many times as you like, find an end of the thread that’s
inside of the skein or the tassel itself, find just a loose end, and then tie that to
the piece that’s wrapped around the top of the tassel. This is going to finish it off and make it
really strong. You’re going to want to brush down those pieces
altogether and make sure that these pieces are brushed in with it, so the two ends of
the string that we just tied off will be brushed into the tassel. Then you’ll use scissors to trim the end straight. There you can fluff it a little bit, trim
it a little more if there’s something that’s not quite right. Now you’re ready to create the charm part,
so you’re going to take some jump rings and attach the resin charm that has a bead on
the end and then you can add that if you want. Attach the resin charm to the lobster clasp
and attach the tassel to the lobster clasp as well using these pliers. You’ll want to grab both sides of the jump
ring and twist it to the side. You don’t want to open it like making it from
an O to a C shape. You want to open it like twist it. You can kind of see the way that that looks
there, so that one piece is just slightly away from the other. Attach it all to the lobster style clasp and
that’s what’s going to make it really easy to clip in and off of your planner, or your
purse, or your key ring, whatever. Just clip is right there onto the rings of
the planner, whatever style planner you have, and you have a fun and pretty customized charm
using a gift card. You can take all your favorite gift cards
and save them in the same way. I hope that you enjoy this video. Please click the link here at the end to subscribe
or click one of these videos to see one of our other fun DIYs. Bye.


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