DIY Easy Charm Ring Tutorial: Tip Tuesday

hey there Heather Boyd Wire here today
it’s tip Tuesday and today we have a really cool idea from Peggy in the Wire
Art & Jewelry Makers Club. She made a really cool little ring with a charm.
For this project you’re going to need your tools
I have 18 gauge wire 20 gauge wire your ring cone you’re gonna take a charm that
already has two loops on either end or you can make your own with a bead. To
make the ring with a little charm I have the 18 gauge wire and what I’m going to
do is just take the ring form bring it around to whatever size that you
need and you’re going to compare the charm to see where about you need to
bend the wires and then once you’ve figured that out you’re just going to
take your pliers and bend it up on a right angle so here and here and
then you also want to just clip them a little bit lower so we’re gonna clip
them to about half two or three quarters of an inch I’m gonna clip that
one and that one and you want these sticking straight up so then you’re just
going to take your charm this one’s a little cheap I just got it at the dollar
store but you could definitely get some nicer charms and we’re just going to
stick it on there and then we want to pull these ends back but I don’t want to
destroy the charm so I’m gonna give it a little bit of a head start by
holding this with the round pliers we’re gonna just hold it like that and
then we’re going to stick it back on the ring form and push this one down and
that one down and guys look how easy this is so we’re going to take this end
here and this end here and we’ll just straighten those up and you want to push
it in so it’s flush and it’s not going to be
scratching anything and then to finish it off you can just put it back on the
ring form and then you have your super easy charm ring. If you don’t have a
charm and you wanted to make your own little
charm bead so we’re just going to cut the end flush and then I’m using the 18
gauge wire you can use the 20 gauge wire if you like depending on the hole of
your bead like what size the hole is in your bead so we’re just going
to form a loop stick the bead on there and then you want to cut it to about
half an inch over here and then we want to form the other loop in the same
position as that one so parallel bring it around and
the key is to try to get that end as much in the bead as you can so it’s not
sticking out so there you have your little two loops on either side of the
bead and then we’re gonna go ahead and form our ring like we did in the first
one so bring that around and then figure out where you want these wires to go
straight up so they’re straight up so what you want
to do is because this is a little thicker than the charm we want to
actually bend these down a little bit because that way the bead won’t be
sticking into your finger and poking your finger so I’ve put those on a
little bit of an angle and then now we can take our ring piece like we did in
the first style and stick this on here so the bead is sticking out a little
more this is going to sit nicer on your finger
and then you can go ahead and bend these wires back help them with the pliers if
you need to and we’re going to cut those ends you can definitely make it
more ornate if you want to wind the wire around a bit make some spirals there’s
all kinds of things you can do with this design but for a very super simple ring
with either a charm or a single bead this is a great design and it’s similar
to my video Rings to Make and Sell which I’ll link up below to so there we go
super simple Thanks so much for watching the video
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  1. Hi Heather missed the live stream…but always watch after. I have a question on your simple rings to make and sell how much did you sell them for….thank you.

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