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(rhythmic tapping) ♪ If you’ve got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s Life
Hacks for Kids ♪ Hi, I’m Gillian. Oh, bubbles! They make me so happy,
and today I’ll show you how to make three awesome
super sudsy soap hacks. (bubbles popping) Hm, does something
seem fishy around here? Maybe it’s my first hack, the perfect gift for
the laziest pet owner. Here’s how to make my
soap fish in a dish. For this hack you’ll
need clear glycerin soap, a measuring cup, string,
a clear plastic bag, a marker, card stock, a knife, and a picture of a fish or
any plastic fishy friend. First, use the knife to
chop the glycerin soap into small pieces and put
it in your measuring cup. (ding) Ask an adult for help. And now that we have
our melted soap, pour it into your
clear plastic bag. The most important thing is to not hit the sides of
the bag with your soap. Aim towards the center. Work with the bag
to shape the soap so it looks like
a fish in a bag. Use the card stock and a marker
to write a little message. Instructions: no need
to feed this fish, but use it every day to
keep the smells away. Now to put your
fishy in the bag. You can put any fishy
friend you want inside, but I’m using a picture and I
put some packaging tape on it. You can find a picture
of fish to print out in the description box below. (upbeat music) Now add your tag and
string to the bag. (upbeat music) Aw, isn’t my fish so cute? So many people would
love this as a gift. My next hack is a gift that
nobody would ever wanna return. Why, it’s a gift to
buy your own gift. It’s my clean cold cash soap. For this hack you’ll
need clear glycerin soap, a measuring cup, foil
cupcake liners, a spoon, money in both dollars and
coins, and plastic wrap. First step, ask an
adult to help you microwave your chopped
up glycerin soap for about a minute and a half. If you’re using real dollar
bills, make sure to fold them up and to protect them
with your plastic wrap. There, protected. Pour a little of the soap
inside your cupcake wrapper. Be careful when you’re
working with hot soap. Add the bills or coins
any way you like. Try to keep the bills and coins in the center of
your cupcake foil. (upbeat music) Now let it harden
for about an hour. Once the soap has
hardened, pop it out of your cupcake foil to
reveal your money soap! Now if you give this as a gift, your friends will not only get
clean, they’ll also get rich. And now if you wanna give
a gift that will ensure your friends are covered in
suds, my next hack is perfect. Here’s how to make my
soapy straw bubbles. For this hack you’ll need
corn syrup, dish soap, a small jar, a measuring
cup, straws, washi tape, a glue gun, scissors,
and a spoon. First cut the bendy
part of the straw off and then the remainder in half. (upbeat music) Cut as many straws as you want and remember, the more straws
the bigger the bubble blower. Glue one straw to the other. Be careful when you’re
working with hot glue. (upbeat music) Now, glue the next
straw to the first two. (upbeat music) Keep adding straws
until you have the bubble blower you want. Now this isn’t quite
even, let’s trim it. Trimming this will
make sure that the bubbles get
on all the straws. It’s like confetti, yay! Now use the washi tape to
decorate your bubble blower. Now that my bubble
blower is made, I just need one thing,
my bubble solution. Pour one and a half cups of
water into your measuring cup, and then add a quarter
cup of dish soap. (ding) Add spoonful of corn
syrup into your mixture and stir slowly, you don’t
want many bubbles in there. (whirring) Now take your shallow
jar and it can be any container that you have
lying around the house. The most important thing is that the wide straw bubble
blower can fit inside to dip to the solution. Now fill it up, pour the
bubble solution into the jar. Close it tight,
and add washi tape to decorate the jar just
like your bubble blower. (upbeat music) This the kind of gift that
will really blow someone away. (upbeat music) (blowing) (gasping) Maybe I’ll keep this. So that’s how you hack
soap, and the best part about soap is that
everyone needs it. (blowing) (giggling) (upbeat music)

  1. Bubbles are nice and floaty.🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️🗨️

  2. Heya Hackers! In this weeks episode I make three hacks that are sure to put the suds in your soap! Enjoy the video 😉

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