Diwali Har Ghar Ki | Ashish Chanchlani

I love it! I love it! I’ve lit such a big cracker.
Can you? Try it. You can’t! I love it! Last year, I lit an incense.
This time, I’ve lit this sparkler. Next year,
I’ll light big crackers. I’ve progressed as
compared to last year. God! God! Boom! – No! Jashu. It’s afire! Jashu. Boom! Jashu. Is everything fine? Who’s playing fool, man? Boom! Who’s playing fool, man? Boom! It’s afire! Hey, you! Have you gone crazy? Throw it away. It’ll blast. You fool! It’ll blast. Why are you approaching me? Get away! I’ll sue you. Don’t come after me.
I’ll sue you. Brother, please. Please don’t do it. I’m scared! Please don’t do it. Keep quiet. Will you keep quiet for a while? The cracker has extinguished.
I was coming to give it to you. You fool! You idiot! You moron! Come on, light it. Let me light it. On the first day, I’ll light… …these small crackers.
Everyone will think… …that I don’t have crackers. Everyone will finish
their big crackers. Then I’ll light big crackers
in front of those guys. These crackers are for day two. Ashu! Look who is here. Who? It’s Simran, right? Eww! Him? I know him since childhood. What’s so special about him?
– Ashu. I mean,
he’s such an adorable kid. Mom, how can I help? Why did you bring him here? Share your crackers
with your brother. Wow! Come here, my dear! Come here, dear. Mom, don’t worry. I’ll… I’ll give him crackers. You moron! I mean, have some more. Let me sort some good
crackers for you. Here’s the matchbox.
Go, light what you want. Go! Ashu! – Take the matchbox
and light an incense stick. We have too many crackers, right? We’ll light one by one. Okay? Take it. Leave.
That’s enough for you. Ashu!
– Where are you going, brother? Will you leave me… …when you grow up
and divide our property? No. Don’t leave me alone. I feel like throwing
a bomb at you. Aren’t you ashamed?
– I pray for… …my mother for giving me… …such a lovely brother. You nine year old fool! Yes, Gita. Listen.
– Fountain cracker. Let’s light a fountain cracker. But why didn’t
you mop yesterday? You blue beggar! Ashu!
– Sparks… Let’s light the sparklers, Adi.
This one. There’s a also a
girl waiting for you. Hey, let’s dance! We’ll light the crackers now. You! – Ashu, I will hit you! Who hit my brother?
Who was that? Who’s the one who
hit my brother? It’s wrong to hit someone. So, are you coming or not? What are you laughing
at, you jinx? What’s going on? – Honestly. Tell me honestly,
which cracker do you want to light? But yesterday, you…
– Get lost! Do you want a tight slap?
– Go… …ahead.
I will get the crackers. Okay, Adi? Go on. Hello, Jadoo. Jadoo, you are near my
place, right? You are there, right? There a… …a cute child
standing there… …wearing a blue ‘kurta’
like white ‘rabri’ dessert. He’s a very cute kid.
Just kidnap him. Keep him locked up for three days. After Diwali, drop him at my place. Okay? Happy Diwali. Bye. It’s time to light crackers! No. This one’s too simple. No. Yes, this one is good. I’ll make this one. Simran, listen, mom’s calling me.
– No! What’s this? It’s a ‘rangoli’. You call that a ‘rangoli’? Right, it doesn’t have ears. If you call that a ‘rangoli’… …then I can call myself
Shahrukh Khan too. It seems like… …a crime investigation
by the CID. It seems, the cops left behind the
corpse having marked around it. What is that? Ashu, let’s go. Who excreted that? What is that? – Stop it! That’s enough! Last year’s ‘rangoli’
hasn’t been cleaned yet. First clean it and
then make a new one. It looks like vehicles
drove over it. What’s this? – Are you
done with your silly jokes? Wait a minute. Seeing the ‘rangoli’ something
important occurred to me. What are you doing? I’m playing a game on MPL. MPL is the IPL of gaming. You can earn money by
playing games on it. Look, I have earned money. Now, I will transfer this
money to Simran through Paytm. Why? She’s made such a
sloppy ‘rangoli’. Let me help her
recover her money. Oh God! It seems as if Doraemon… …ate four ‘vadapav’ and
suffers from constipation. And he has finally
excreted here. If I accidentally… …drop a couple of colors… …and a let a few
people walkover it… …for a few years even that
would be better than this. Was the elephant
suffering from an ulcer? What’s that red thing? This elephant is suffering
from pink diarrhea. The colors are all so awful. So funny. We will invite guests… …show them the ‘rangolis’… …and have a lot of fun. We will make them
buy tickets for entry. Okay. If that’s the case, why don’t… …the two of you
make ‘rangoli’? I challenge you. Yes, I’m coming, mom! Jadoo, you lit sparklers… …on the kid’s shorts, right?
– Oh! I just forgot about it! Let me get it off his shorts! How are you? Happy Diwali! What?
– I said… …happy Diwali!
– What did you say? Happy Diwali! You’re a rascal!
– I wasn’t abusing you! Oh, is that what you said?
Happy Diwali to you as well. Anyway, tell me how you’re doing. I don’t have any money.
Don’t call me up to ask for money. I asked you how you are! I don’t have any money! Stop calling me asking for money! Forget that. Tell me.
Has your sister gone home? Your wife’s dead?
– I’m not talking about my wife! Has your sister gone home?
– Your wife’s dead? That is not what I said! Has your sister gone home? How did she pass away? How did your wife die? You deaf man! Oh, she died an agonizing death. I didn’t say that!
– I called you a deaf person! Oh, she fell in a sewer canal! What a strange wife you have! She died an agonizing death
by falling in a sewer canal! You scoundrel!
– I don’t go to Dadar anymore. My workplace is now in Andheri. Why are you troubling me so much? I have called to wish you! What! You’ve called to kiss me! I didn’t say kiss!
I said I called to wish you! That’s what I said.
You have called to kiss me! You didn’t call to wish me.
– Forget it. Oh, okay! You’re gay. I never said that I was gay! It’s alright.
Come out and say… …that you’re gay.
– I didn’t say that! What? You unchained your zip!
– Zip? You hurt your foreskin!
– Dear God! It’s disgusting of you to talk
about your foreskin with me. Oh, dear! There’s a lot
of noise around you. Your dad and mom are thieves! Your entire family’s a thief,
you rascal! You heard me wrong!
– Your dad is horrible! Oh, forget it!
– You’re a fool! Just hear me out!
– You get lost! You have gone deaf! You are a moron!
– Just hang up the phone! You are ugly! I thought you called to wish me. That’s what I’m saying.
I had called to wish you… …a happy Diwali. Happy Diwali! Your father must be a goon!
Hang up the phone! Hello, guys! Thank you so much
for watching this video. If you loved this video,
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subscribe to my channel. I wish you and your family… …a very happy Diwali. And please don’t forget
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  1. Comment karo aapka favourite scene aur dialogue abhi ke abhi
    Aur aap sabko meri aur puri team ki taraf se HAPPY DIWALI❀️

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  3. HahahahπŸ˜‚ ur content is amazing man πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    With love from pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°
    #happydiwali ❇

  4. Ashish Chanchalani was one of my most favorite Indian Youtubers but unfortunately the content level has dropped in some of his recent videos. I enjoyed his previous videos the best.

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