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Hello, my Name is Jannik. Today I want to talk about one of the hottest
innovation trends for businesses: Robotic Process Automation, short RPA. Suddenly, there are RPA providers popping
up everywhere. Recent studies, however, have shown that more
than 50% of all RPA implementations fail. Leaving companies with nothing but empty hands. You might ask why? What are they doing wrong? Well, it’s because most RPA providers have
the wrong methodology. This eventually results in them misunderstanding
the process and suddenly having all the cards stacked against them. But there’s a solution:
In order to become a real game changer, it’s essential to understand the process in detail. This will enable you to play your cards right. So, how do you make sure, you choose the right
RPA provider? A common mistake, which is often made, is
to believe focusing primarily on your tools will have you end up holding all the aces. But tools alone are not enough. This will leave you lost in the shuffle. You see, it’s not easy to succeed. Success in any field is based on 80% methodology
and 20% technology. Here at Another Monday we always stick to
this 80/20 formula of success. We don’t need to hide anything up our sleeves
in order to play our cards right. In fact, we don’t even have sleeves! It doesn’t matter which processes we have
to deal with, we always end up producing the best results for you. Cheers! Working with Another Monday means having the
whole situation handled by truly professionals. This is because we have all our assets in-house,
meaning we have our own platform, our own developers, and business analysists, fueled
by creativity and expertise. Because the only way to seal the deal is a
full house. That’s why we are not afraid to put our cards
on the table. Because we’ll guarantee you, we’ll accept
any challenge, and always win. So come a little bit closer, and let me show
you, how we can mark your card at

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