Deadtime Stories S01E02 The Witching Game

[ insects chirping ] aaah!
Aaah! [ laughing ]
guys, you scared me! All right, are you ready
for a “Deadtime Story”? Yeah. so, what do you have
for us this time? Oh, it’s a good one.
This one’s really, really scary. it’s called “The Witching Game,”
and it’s one of my favorites. Boy: what’s it about?
Well, it’s about
Lindsey Jordan and her friends,
who play a silly little wishing game
on an antique mirror. What they don’t know is,
is that it’s not just a game — at least not
with this mirror. So, what happens
to them? Ugh, something they never
would have wished for. Are you guys ready to be scared?
Okay. Chapter one. “Lindsey Jordan was dead. Dead, dead, dead!
And she knew it.” [ Lindsey gasps ] “there was no place to run
and no place to hide.” My parents are going to
kill me for this. Alyssa, you little beast,
get down here right this minute and bring your sticky,
little friend with you! Alyssa: drop dead!
[ scoffs ] that’s it!
i’m gonna kill her! [ stomping ] only one person
gets to make a wish, so i’ll do it. Ready? Both:
Bloody Mary is your name. Please appear
and play this game. For the wish we ask of you, you must make it
now come true. They’re playing Bloody Mary
in there. Let’s scare the boogers
out of them. Can’t turn back.
its fate is sealed. in return for what you give,
we will let you — three. aaaah!
Aaaah! [ shrieking ] aah! Let us out! [ both laugh ] Mrs. Jordan: where is everybody,
and what in the world happened to my living room?! Mr. Jordan: so, you’re gonna
take a left on jane. i thought i told you
to watch them. We tried to, mom.
But they just wouldn’t listen. Did not!
They spent the whole afternoon practicing for Lindsey’s
stupid cheerleading tryouts! Enough.
We’ll talk about this later. Yes, make the left
at your second stop sign. Okay, wait until you see what
we got for your room, Lindsey. You are going to love it. i can’t believe no one else
even bid on this piece. That’s because
it’s old and dirty. And really, really ugly. it’s perfect
for Lindsey’s room, mom. i’ll have you know,
young lady, that this is
a very valuable antique. So, what’s that
supposed to mean? That it’s old, dirty,
and really, really expensive. When it’s all cleaned up,
you’re gonna love it. Lindsey: ready? Okay. ♪ Two bits, four bits,
six bits, a dollar ♪ ♪ All for the cobras,
stand up and holler ♪ Looks like you’re ready
for those tryouts today. Sorry.
Didn’t mean to scare you. Do i really look okay?
You look better than okay. in fact,
you look so good, i think you can
stop practicing now and clean up this disaster area
before breakfast. Mom. i’ll call you
when it’s on the table. Lindsey, breakfast! [ ominous music plays ] [ eerie music plays ] ♪ When you hear the scream ♪ Aah! ♪ Hide under the blanket ♪ ♪ Don’t come out ♪ ♪ it’s not a dream ♪ ♪ Don’t you sleep ♪ ♪ This is your nightmare now ♪ Two bit, four bit, six bit,
a dollar! All for the cobras,
stand up and holler! ♪ These kicks are in vogue
anytime and anywhere ♪ ♪ These kicks make a statement
just like billy idol’s hair ♪ ♪ These kicks stay on my body,
day out and day in ♪ ♪ i take them to the pool,
but they wouldn’t let me in ♪ ♪ So i put them on the edge
right where i could see them ♪ ♪ These kicks
got so much style ♪ Look who’s trying to kiss up
to Miss Kreeger again. And why is Nancy Patanski
staring at you? ’cause i told her we were gonna
kick Carolyn’s butt today. Just what i need —
more pressure. i don’t even know
why i’m bothering to
try out for captain. Carolyn’s gonna get it
no matter what.
i hope not. Otherwise we’ll never hear
the end of it from Nancy. Look at her down there. She’s already foaming
at the lips like a mad dog. ♪ My kicks disappeared,
much to my aggravation ♪ Kreeger: okay, Herbie,
thank you. that was fantastic. Great.
Um, up next, Lindsey Jordan. Break a leg.
Good luck. You should have seen
Nancy’s face when
you did the splits. She definitely nailed it.
For real, Mrs. Jordan. Lindsey was
the best one there. What matters most is that you
felt good about what you did. The rest of it
is icing on the cake. Speaking of cake,
got any?
Sorry, pal. You’re gonna have to settle
for chips and dip today. And try not to spill any
this time. You got it, Mrs. J. Mmm-mmm-mmm! Whoa. That mirror is creepy.
Lindsey: told ya. That’s weird.
What? i taped a bunch of pictures
to this thing this morning. Now they’re
all gone. Maybe they just jumped off
and ran away. [ laughter ]
i’m bored. i want to play something,
and mom said that you have to. No way. we do not exist
to amuse you. now get out. What do you
want to play, lyss?
[ groans ] checkers.
Takes too long.
Pick something else. Hmm.
Bloody Mary. Pick again.
Tommy: what’s the matter,
Ralphie? is Bloody Mary
too scary for you? No.
it’s too stupid. Ralphie’s afraid of
heebie-jeebie stuff, lyss. it’s not heebie-jeebie stuff.
it’s just a game. Yeah, i know.
A dumb, stupid, moron game. But if that’s what you guys
want to play, fine by me. All:
Bloody Mary is your name. Please appear
and play this game. For the wish we ask of you,
you must make it now come true. Once the wish
has been revealed, can’t turn back;
its fate is sealed. in return for what you give,
we will let your spirit live! [ rumbling ] i wish i had a puppy! Look! Look!
There she is! There’s Bloody Mary!
[ gasps ] she already left.
Didn’t you guys see her? Nobody saw her, lyss.
it’s just your imagination. is not! i saw her.
i really did. Okay. game is over.
Get out of my room. There really is
a Bloody Mary!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ll be sorry
when i get my puppy! Uh-oh.
Oh, no. The uh-ohs
haven’t even started yet. There is something
seriously wrong with Lindsey’s mirror. Yeah. like,
it’s totally haunted. So, who’s living in it? Oh, somebody
you don’t want to meet. it’s Bloody Mary,
isn’t it? [ chuckles ] well,
should we read and find out? Fine. Well, all right, then. “the next day was anything
but an ordinary day.” Hey, mom.
What happened? i didn’t spill anything,
Mrs. J., i swear. i know, Ralphie. i’m just
cleaning pee out of the carpet. i didn’t do that, either.
[ laughter ] i didn’t think you did,
Ralphie. So, who peed
on our carpet? [ sighs ]
don’t ask. [ puppy barks ] no way. i knew we should have left that
puppy right where we found him. Where was that?
in our driveway. He was waiting for me
when i got home from school. He was not waiting
for you. The poor little guy
is just lost. He’s going right back
to his owner as soon
as she calls me back. By any chance,
is her name Mary? No, it’s someone named
millie Bishop. At least that’s the name
on his dog tags. He’s already got a home, Alyssa,
so don’t get too attached. Told you Bloody Mary’d
give me a puppy. Then Bloody Mary stole him
from millie Bishop. i have an idea. Forget it.
We’re not making another wish. Tommy: why not? it’s
the only way to prove to Alyssa that wish-granting spirits
don’t exist. Or that they do. This time,
Ralphie makes the wish. And we have to wish
for something that can’t
happen all by itself. Like $1,000.
Works for me, lyss. Let’s just get this
over with. All:
once the wish has been revealed, can’t turn back;
its fate is sealed. in return for what you give,
we will let your spirit live. i don’t see anything. [ gasps ] cackles ] i wish we didn’t have that
stupid history test tomorrow! Ha! i told you
she was real! isn’t she, Ralphie?! Something
was in that mirror. [ laughter ] then why didn’t you wish
for the money? Tommy: oh, please.
Did you hear what he wished for? There’s no way we’re
getting out of that
history test tomorrow. [ bell rings ] okay, quiet, everyone.
You need to concentrate. Looks like you’re not gonna get
your stupid wish. [ wind whistling ] [ breathes deeply ] what’s the matter,
Mrs. Wickley? Well, uh…
Suddenly, i… i don’t feel so good. Mrs. Wickley is dead!
is she? Her stomach’s moving up
and down, so she must
still be breathing. Yeah, but she’s
not waking up.
Ralphie: no way. You killed Mrs. Wickley
with your stupid wish! What?
But i-i didn’t wish for anything bad to happen
to Mrs. Wickley. Man:
everybody, stay calm. Mrs. Wickley is a diabetic, and if she doesn’t eat properly,
she gets fainting spells. Hey, hey, hey.
You okay?
Wickley: [ groans ] oh. i don’t know. Looks like your blood sugar
went a little haywire again. W-we should probably
just get you home.
What about the test? No test today. just collect
all the papers, please, and put them
in Mrs. Wickley’s desk.
i’m okay. i expect you to be on
your best behavior until
i get back to this room. Bloody Mary —
the wish. [ sighs ] cackles ] Lindsey: i’m beginning to think
there really is a Bloody Mary. i told you i saw something
in that mirror. i say we try it again,
only this time, i’ll make the wish
’cause i’ll wish for the money. Fine, but we have to do it
all together. Here comes tweedle-dumb
and tweedle-dumber. Hi, Lindsey. You mean “loser,”
don’t you? The team list hasn’t
been posted yet, Nancy. Like it makes
a difference. We all know who’s gonna be
the captain and who’s not. That’s it.
i’ve had it with you! Don’t even think
about it. Come on, Nancy. there’s
no reason to be picking on Lindsey and her
pathetic friends right now. We might as well wait
until tomorrow. Yeah, when
they’re already crying. i hate her.
i hate her! Tell me about it. Somebody really needs
to put Nancy in her place. And Carolyn, too.
Yeah. Hey, guys. want to take a walk
with me and my puppy? What do you mean your puppy?
What about millie Bishop? She’s in the hospital.
Who told you that? Some old lady
called mom back and told her Mrs. Bishop fell
and broke her hip. The puppy tripped her. so she
can’t take care of him anymore. So mom told the old lady
we’d keep him. Told you Bloody Mary
would give me a puppy. Didn’t i, wishes? Maybe we should make
another wish… Just to see
what happens. No. no more wishes. What if somebody else
gets sick or hurt like Mrs. Wickley
or Mrs. Bishop? it was probably
just a coincidence. Maybe. i just don’t
want to take any more chances. Not even to make
captain of the team? Trust me. i’ve been wishing
for that all week, just not in front
of that mirror. And besides,
if i do make captain, i want to know
it’s because i deserved it, not because
i wished for it. And since Ralphie
didn’t wish for that history test
to go away forever, we should probably keep
studying. Babysitter:
“but Bloody Mary heard the wishes
the girls had made.” Boy: but they didn’t say
the chant. How can it come true
if they didn’t say the chant? Well, who said they needed
to say the chant? You mean… i don’t know.
i’m just asking. How come bad stuff always
happens when they make a wish? Well, you picked up
on that, huh? Why don’t we read
and find out? “Lindsey wanted to crawl
into a hole and hide the moment she saw
who made the team.” How is this possible? How can Carolyn
be captain? You were so much better
than she was. i can’t believe
Kreeger did this. Are you okay? i can’t believe she made me
Carolyn’s co-captain. That’s worse than not being
on the team at all. i’ll have to do everything
Carolyn wants me to do, and you know
she’s gonna torture me. i have to get out of here
before Carolyn sees me, or, worse yet, Nancy. Don’t worry about Nancy.
Ralphie will take care of her. Where are you going? [ telephone rings ] your temperature’s normal,
sweetie. But if you feel
really sick, i can call your mom
to come get you. i think
that would be best. [ sighs ] you really are a loser. cackles ] [ cellphone ringing ] You’re not gonna believe what
just happened after school. Carolyn berger collapsed. What? How did you know? i saw it in the mirror. Bloody Mary did this.
We’ve got to stop her. Lindsey? She hung up. [ siren wails ] i’m telling you, mom.
Bloody Mary is real! [ scoffs ]
Lindsey, kids have been playing
that game since i was a kid. We used to call it Mary, Mary,
not Bloody Mary. And your Aunt Maggie used to
call it Mary Billingsworth. i even think there’s a version
called hairy Mary. You’re getting yourself
all worked up over nothing. Nothing?! Call the school, mom.
They’ll tell you. Carolyn berger got rushed
to the hospital. Now she won’t be on the team,
and i’ll get to be captain! i thought you said you didn’t
ask Bloody Mary to be captain. i said i didn’t wish for it
in front of the mirror. But i’ve been wishing to be
captain all week, and Bloody Mary
must have heard me. Hey, what’s all this
shouting about? [ sighs ] Lindsey thinks
the mirror in her room is haunted
by Bloody Mary. [ chuckles ]
i see. So, why don’t we just move
the mirror out of her room? Because we have to get rid of it
completely, dad, before Bloody Mary
kills somebody. Lindsey,
you need to calm down. if you guys won’t help me,
i’ll do it myself! Lindsey, don’t you dare try
to move that mirror by yourself. [ click ] i’d rather have seven years’
bad luck than deal with you! Mr. Jordan: Lindsey,
what are you doing in there? Open this door. You better open
this door now. [ cackles ] open this door
right now. i wish you would
just leave me alone! [ wind whistling ] ugh! Aah! [ gasps ] mom! No! [ screaming ] mom! Dad! [ grunting ] no! No! [ shrieking ] wishes! Mom! Mom! Now you are alone. No! No! Once the wish
has been revealed, can’t turn back;
its fate is sealed. No! Tommy: are you sure you don’t
want to call the police? My father is the police.
Besides, they don’t believe us. You guys got anything yet? Yeah, a million different
Bloody Marys and a million different
Bloody Mary games. Check out
some of these names. Bloody Mary Abbington,
Bloody Mary Artlidge, Bloody Mary Babbington. Bloody Mary Benton,
Bloody Mary Billingsworth, Bloody Mary —
wait. Click on
Bloody Mary Billingsworth. That’s the name
my mother said my Aunt Maggie
used to call the game. That’s her. that’s
the Bloody Mary in this mirror. Great. she’s a witch. A witch that escaped
the salem witch trials. We read about that
in school. Check it out. She was supposed to burn
at the stake with 12 other witches,
but she got away. Whoa. Uh, guys, i think i just found
something here. The eye on this gargoyle —
i think you just press it in. Can this mirror get
any more creepier? Maybe something’s
in there. Be careful. Aah! Aah!
Aah! What’d you do that for?! i’m sorry.
i couldn’t resist. Did something happen
to Lindsey? Oh, yeah.
Something happened. She got bit? No. She got sucked
into the hole? No.
Then what happened? Come on. tell us!
Please? “the moment Lindsey’s fingers
touched the parchment paper, “she felt a chill —
the kind of chill “that ran up the back
of your spine and made the hairs on the back
of your neck stand up.” What did the paper say? “Lindsey had no idea
that 300 years before, “Mary Billingsworth stood
with the same parchment in hand “as she and her sister witch,
Mary wells, “acted on their plan
to escape death. “but the plan went awry “when Mary wells was captured
by the sheriff “and burned at the stake “for the crimes
she and Mary Billingsworth “committed against
the children of salem, “leaving
Mary Billingsworth trapped
behind the looking glass.” There’s no way
to even read this thing. it doesn’t even look
like a real language. Wait a minute. i’ve seen
this kind of writing before. Where?
Commander crunch! What?
What? Commander crunch
cereal. They used to put secret codes
in the box. [ scoffs ]
seriously? Watch. A two-way mirror spell. “sound the words
as you see.” Together: “in the glass,
trapped they’ll be. Say the words normally,
out they come, safe and free.” [ all gasp ] cackles ] is everybody all right? Yeah. i’m good.
i think so. [ wishes whines ] come on. Alyssa:
she gave me a kiss! Mr. Jordan:
yeah, there you go. You’re a natural, Alyssa.
Good job. Mom?
Down here, honey. Are you feeling better? it worked. Any final wishes? [ all screaming ] [ cackles ]


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