D&D Cards Comparison – Cardamajigs Deck of Many vs. Gale Force 9 Spellbook

  1. 46 hours left in the kickstarter for the deck of many animated spell cards, looks like all spells up to and including level 4 will be unlocked before the campaign finishes! Go and show your support for the amazing project while you still can! 🙂

  2. I also struggled to find a use for the deck of weapons. What I ended up doing was writing "+1" and handing them as magical +1 weapons to my players.

  3. Very informative video, although I'm still not sure which one to get. The animated bling is nice, but I have a few newcomers to DnD at my table who could use the more elaborate cards (and the complete set).

  4. Really well done video. A very thorough analysis. Your attention to detail shows in your video editing, like the closeups of the cards with each element highlighted as you discuss it. I also appreciate that you took the time to enter your own closed captions instead of relying on the auto-translation. Thanks.

  5. "It's the 1960's and I'm Walter Kronkite" That made me laugh my coffee out of my nose! Haha! At least this video wasn't in black and white! I don't see myself buying the Deck of Many Monsters, mostly because the art looks amateurish and too cartoony. Same with the NPC, and that is too bad because a DM can always use more pre-made NPCs. Another top notch review once again!

  6. Without a full spell list, I fail to see the point in this. "Wow these 24 cantrips are really neat. Where's the other half of the spell list?"

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