Hello I would like to apply to be a part of the
Justice League. As you can see, I have such great super powers
as saving cats from trees (like this one), and I can read good books and make good words. I also, uh…ok… (cat meows angrily) I also got this thing where I can [laser beam sound] Yea, the lasers of the eyes… [heavy drums and strings play] This is the DC Comics Deck Building game. Also known as just DC Deck builder, which
is what I’ll be referring to it from this point forward. This is a game for 2 to 5 players where you
are trying to build the best deck with the most victory points, to outplay your other foes. To set up this game, you will shuffle the
main deck and lay out five cards for the playing field. Then, you will get to setup the super villain
deck by selecting 7 random cards and putting them underneath Ra’s Al Ghul. To finish setting up the board, you lay out
kicks and weaknesses, and then give each player seven… I forget…the… seven punches and three vulnerabilities! Deal each player a Hero card and pick who
goes first. It could be anybody, unless someone’s got
The Flash. Then The Flash always goes first. That guy’s kind of fast, ya know. On your turn, you will… wait… Wait.. wait… Wait… Uh, you got given seven punches and three
vunelerabilities. Shuffle those together to create your starter
deck and then draw five of them. That will be your starting hand. Forgot… Yea… On your turn, you will play cards from your
hand and resolve each of them for their affects. As you play cards, you will accrue power points
that will allow you to gain cards from the line up. The most common cards in the line up will
be heroes, villains, as well as equipment cards and… The other one…. ummmm…. [Mark off screen whispers: Super Power!] Super Powers! Every card will have victory point value,
a purchase value, and an ability. Some cards will have an attack ability that
will allow you to attack other players. When a player is attacked, if a player has
a card with a defend ability, they can discard that card to defend against the attack. Periodically, you will see locations come
up in the line up. There are very few of these in the main deck,
and they are VERY powerful. When you gain them, they will go into your
discard pile, but the next time you see them, when you play them they will provide a permanent
affect to your playing space. If you have enough power, you can recruit
a Super Villain. Recruit? Is that what we are doing here? I guess that’s what’ we are doing. You will gain the Super Villain just like
any other card, but you can only acquire one Super Villain per turn. After you’ve spent all of your power, and
you are done playing cards. You will discard all cards on the playing
field, as well as all cards in your hand, and draw a new hand of five cards. You will then refill the line up, and if a
Super Villain was purchased this turn you will flip the top card of the Super Villain
deck and deal with their first appearance attack. Game will continue until the Super Villain
deck has been depleted or you can no longer refill the line up. Once the game has ended, everyone will separate
out their deck, tally up their victory points and the person with the most victory points
wins! If you’re going to rule this DC Universe,
you are going to need my Top Three Tips. Number 1 Get vulnerabilities and weaknesses out of
your hand as soon as you can. They don’t provide any value to your deck,
and if anything, just slow it down and keep you from getting to the fun cards. Number 2 In general, Villains work with Villains, Super
Powers are stand alone, but Heroes work best with Equipment. Before you start playing this game, if you
take a moment to look a the location cards in your main deck, you can get an idea of
what recommended for different strategies. Those location cards will help boost the strategy
you decide to go with. Number 3 Have a good supply of defense cards in your
deck. Even if you’re going with a mostly attack
deck, you will still need defense cards to defend at least from the Super Villain. Defense cards can save you from ruining your
next turn, so make sure you have a good supply in there with everything else you’re building. So, that’s the game of DC Deck Builder. I really like this game cause it’s easy to
play and simple to setup. It’s super easy to get people up and running
with this game, and in general it’s pretty fun. I think my biggest gripe with DC deck builder
is the fact that, one, the rules could be written a lot better. I had a hard time deciphering them, and even
re-reading it for this video, I…I had a rough time, and I knew how to play the game. If you are a DC fan, I highly recommend you
check out this game. Also, let me know down below any other DC
games that you love. I am finally getting caught up with Supergirl,
and..oh oh my god oh my gah It’s so good! It soo good! Uh, let me know down below what DC shows you
are most excited about watching this season. Haaa! It’s good! It’s gonna be good! It’s gonna be good… It’s gonna be good. And I need to watch Gotham. I’ve heard…I’ve heard good things. I don’t…I mean…I just… It’s gonna be good. I really appreciate what DC is doing with
their cross over episodes. I really feel like they’re owning the cross
over episode business. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. Remember to comment down below of all the
things I ask about. Ya know, board games, DC Universe stuff…do
it! Do it now! I will see you next week Weirdlings. Bye!

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