NARRATOR:Previously on
Escape The Night… Calling all maidens,
the Emperor
is in need of a wife. NARRATOR:Rosanna talks her way
into becoming
the Emperor’s bride.[SPEAKING CHINESE] NARRATOR:While DeStorm
settles his debt.
History is repeating itself. -This is for Lauren.
-Whoa. That’s cheating. NARRATOR:The wedding
ends in a bloodbath.
a new path.
-I just saw a lot of evil…
-Uh-huh. …and I don’t want to
Death is coming for you. Summon my Gorgon once you have the sword
for my collection. [GRUNTING] BLACK KNIGHT: Arthur… Camelot has fallen,
and so have your knights. -[GRUNTING]
-[ARTHUR GROANS] You think I’ve come all this way
to lose now. Excalibur belongs to me. [GROANS] Ah! I’m hurt. No! You will never claim the sword. [SCREAMS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] You guys, we have
a couple of hours until we turn into
setting powders. The Armageddon clock is
already at 1:30, and time is ticking. -[GLASS BREAKING]
-What was that? We hear this
shattering glass sound,so, like the logical people
we are, we follow
the broken glass sound.Because, obviously,
you follow the danger. ALEX: Whoa! JOEY:As we entered
the round room,
we see a lot has changed.There’s goblets on the table
and an arrow
shot into the chair. -Oh!
-Alex! Remember? Oh! So that’s where
Alex’s arrows went. Guys, there’s a note.
It says “Camelot has fallen, “The Black Knight has
plundered the land “and murdered King Arthur. “He now guards
the next Jeweled Key. “To defeat him you must pull
Excalibur from the stone, “for it is the only blade
he fears.” To defeat him, we need
the power of Excalibur. Who needs a magic sword
when you’ve got these guns? “The most holy among you
must kneel before the cross “to know Arthur’s will.” -The most holy?
Tana, you’re out, babe.
-That means I won’t be kneeling. Gabbie, shut up. You are
literally just as unholy as me. Holy typically means
a good-natured… -Do we have any virgins
in the room?
-GABBIE: Holy… -ALEX: No?
-BRETMAN: Oh, my God.
This is how we’re going to die, ’cause we’re all unholy bitches. I would say… Colleen,
you’re probably the most holy. I have the most holes, I just gave birth to a child,
so, there’s a lot happening. Colleen claims to have
the most holes, so that’s what we’re going for. -[ALL GASPING]
-ALEX: Oh, my God! It turns out I am the most holy. I was kind of joking about
all of my holes, but I guess, yay for me? -ALEX: Yes!
-Alcohol? GABBIE: Inside is
a bottle of wine and a note, and if there’s anything you got to know
about a Hollywood Star, we love our wine. “To find the pathway
to Excalibur, “fill each of the seven chalices
with wine. “Once they are filled,
all must touch the cross to hear the story
of the Knights of Camelot. “After the story, each of you
must take a seat “before a chalice
and drink together like knights. -“However, listen carefully…”
-Uh-oh. -“As two of the chalices
are cursed.”
-[GASPING] “The names of those
who drink from them
will go into the voting pile.” COLLEEN:So, we fill them all
with wine, and we have to
pick our poison.
Two of us are
going to get screwed. So you are more than
just a pretty face. It will be lonely
ruling this museum on my own. I could use someone like you
by my side. ROSANNA:I’m part Italian,
I love wine.
I would just be so sad,
if like,
when we’re drinking wine
that’s when I get cursed. JOEY: Now we all have to
touch the cross. MAN: [OVER RADIO]
The knights of Camelot
drank together in glory,
each from one of
the seven chalices.
Sir Lamorak drank from
the chalice of the king’s army.
Sir Lancelot drank from
the chalice of
the talking forest.
I’m pretty sure
we should be listening, ’cause, like, our life
depend on it, but it’s long. MAN: [OVER RADIO]When they
drank together as knights,
the path was revealed,
though not without cost.
All I could think about was,I’m ready to drink. Hello?and I’m trying to put
two and two togetherand figure out
which one of these goblets
is cursed,
I’m trying to follow,
I’m trying to remember… MAN: [OVER RADIO]
So choose your chalices wisely.
And then I realize
none of my friends are
remembering anything. There’s no way for us to know
which two are cursed. If you were paying attention,
you might have an idea, -but, honestly, I wasn’t really
paying attention.
-I was paying attention! -Yeah, there was a lot of words.
-Y’all, this is life or death! -Pay attention to the clues!
-Okay, pick one. Fun. It’s not like our lives are
on the line or anything. So we just pick cups
based on our personality. ALEX: The wine tasted
pretty good. My palate was, uh,
how do you say… Quenched. It was a very sweet red,
perhaps a Pinot Noir. SORCERESS: Ooh!
She has a rusty cup. -Oh, my God!
-GABBIE: What, what, what? -BRETMAN: It’s red.
It’s lighting up…
-[GASPING] Oh, God! …it’s lighting up,
it’s lighting up. And, of course, Gabbie and Tana
get the cursed ones. Like I said, our personalities. I mean, it tasted good though. You’re still drinking?
That’s cursed. -It’s too late now.
-Yeah, and it’s good. -BRETMAN: Relive it, honey.
-Might as well. ROSANNA:If I was her
I’d probably do the same.
Bottoms up, just…
Gonna need it. ALEX:The box opens,and inside is a map. And that map is gonna lead us
to Excalibur. GABBIE: “Speak the chant
before the stones.” -We didn’t get to
chant yet, right?
-What chant? -Yeah, we got to go to
the stones, use the map…
-I don’t even see a map. I’m going to actually see
the real Excalibur in real life? This is crazy. ROSANNA:I’m really hoping that
Merlin’s there.
I am a huge fan. I love Merlin. Do you see a sword in the stone? -I don’t see anything.
-King Arthur
or Merlin, anything? COLLEEN:We followed the path
and go down this pathway
-and we hear a horse.
-[HORSE WHINNIES] GABBIE: Oh, my god! -Is that Arthur?
-No, that’s the Black Knight. TANA:This Black Knight is
so scary.
It’s like, is he gonna
run us over right now?
JOEY:If the tales are true,and this Black Knight
killed King Arthur,we’ve got to
get the hell out of here.
seek the sword Excalibur? -Us.
-I just want peace, I don’t want beef with you
and your horse.I just…
I just want the sword.
I just want to live.
Leave my kingdom or die! If you were to show us the exit,
I’ll gladly leave, kid. Is there a third option? BLACK KNIGHT:
Did you not hear me? I shall have your head! [ALL SCREAMING] Guys, he caught me! The Black Knight captures Gabbie
and takes her away. Well, Gabbie was
slowing us down anyways. And you can’t miss
a bitch with ostrich feathers. COLLEEN:Once the Black Knight
is gone,
we all come out and findthis old man chained up.
This is weird. MERLIN: I remember you taking
much longer to get here. ROSANNA: Merlin?
ALEX: Merlin, is that you? -I am indeed Merlin, yes.
-Ah! I’m a big fan. I am fangirling. This is not the time to fangirl. MERLIN: I live backwards, so all my memories are
of the future. However, ever since
the Collector, who didn’t like my meddling, locked me up here. -[MERLIN MUMBLING]
-Oh. I’m so sorry. SORCERESS:
So use your spells, wizard. Oh, you, I remember! Yes, you lost your magic too,
didn’t you? Say it again, wizard,
and I’ll dig your eyes out! MERLIN: Well,
what the eye doesn’t see
the heart won’t grieve over. [CHUCKLES] JOEY:I’m sensing
a lot of tension between
Merlin and the Sorceress. Now, I don’t know
if this tension is sexual,she’s been kind of
locked up for a while,
but she’s thirsty
for some magic. Do you know how to get the sword
out of there? Well, it… It’s easier said than done. -What?
-MERLIN: Sorry about that. COLLEEN:
We’re running out of time,
let’s just take it out. This is way harder
than I thought. Who… Who knew
pulling a sword out of a stone
would be rough? JOEY: Let me try, I got it. [GRUNTING AND STRAINING] Honestly, I used all my strength in the last challenge
where I had to do the pull-ups, so I think that’s probably why
I couldn’t pull the sword out. -What’s the note say?
-It says “Only the true King of Britannia “may retrieve the sword, “and there will not be another
for a thousand years.” -We need to…
-MERLIN: A thousand years? -JOEY: Yes.
-MERLIN: Well, that’s
a bit of a downer, isn’t it? That time frame
doesn’t really work for us, we don’t have a thousand years, we have a few hours
before we all turn to dust. If you can free me, I can get my magic back. There’s a spell that can turn one of you
into a king. I mean, I want to be
turned into a king. We need it by tonight. They do say that the light of the fae can reveal secrets the eye cannot. -The light of the fae?
-JOEY: Let’s go look for it.We head into this cave
and there’s this magical light
that reveals some sort of… Saying on the back of the map. BRETMAN: “The light of the fae
awakens the day. “Abolish the stain,
dispel the chain.” -COLLEEN: So this is the chant
we have to say.
-JOEY: Speak the chant. -We have to speak this chant…
-Before the sun… TANA: The light of the fae
will awaken the day. [ALL JOINING IN]
Abolish the stain, dispel the chain. Why does this chant
sound like a rap song? Like, who wrote this, Lil Wayne? -JOEY: Okay, let’s go.
-So, how many years have you been chained up here? Years and years
and years and years. But since it’s backwards,
at least… At least I get younger. I like that you’ve
kept your whole look going and your wizard spells. MERLIN: Look! Look! We found the spell,
we’re gonna speak it. -We got this.
-All right, guys, come on. -[BLACK KNIGHT ROARING]
-[ALL SCREAMING] TANA: Go to the back
ROSANNA: What? -What?
-COLLEEN: Uh-uh. Where are they, old man? Hey, enough with the old!
I’m actually getting younger. In a hundred years or so
I’ll be a youth. [CHUCKLES] Whereas you won’t be
even a twinkle
in your father’s eye. [LAUGHS] I tire of your tongue. Come on, cut it out,
by all means. I’m sure the Collector will
thank you for… For messing up her exhibit. [BLACK KNIGHT GRUNTS] Merlin lied to the Black Knight
for us. -JOEY: Okay, let’s all
stand around the sword.
-COLLEEN: Let’s go pull it out -right now.
-JOEY: Let’s start this. ALL: The light of the day… Awakens the day. Abolish the stain,
dispel the chain… -JOEY: Oh, it’s open!
Who’s gonna be king though? JOEY: Ooh, this is a wand
and a crown. Oh, my gosh. Am I being crowned for Miss Purgatory
in 1940 or something? COLLEEN: That looks like
it’s gonna fit me. You found my wand! And now, Merlin has got his magic back. MERLIN: Now, stand -right in front of me.
-ALEX: Okay. -TANA: Okay.
-Turn around twice. Wave… Wave the wand
around a bit, point it at my face and chant these words. Seyor. “Seyor.” “Seyor.” -“Sey…”
one of my proudest moments.
I never thoughtthat I would help save Merlin. My, I can’t believe
that the fairies stole Arthur’s crown. It belongs in the center
of his table. The spell that can turn
one of you into a king for an hour or so, -is in my spell book.
-[ROSANNA GASPS] Which is hidden… -Which is hidden
in the Egyptian Exhibit.
-ALEX: Which is hidden… The Collector thought it’d be
really, really funny, but it’s not. It isn’t. We find out that
we’re gonna have to split up. One group is gonna have to
go find Merlin’s spell book,and other’s gonna have to
take that crown to the table
and figure out
what to do there.
GABBIE:So I’m just chilling,
getting comfy,
and the Black Knight brings
a straight-up
caveman into the room. Stay here and stop middling. Don’t know how
you got out of your exhibit. [CAVEMAN PANTING] -Who are you?
-[CAVEMAN GASPS] Oh, God…I can just tell that
this caveman isn’t here
to hurt me,
he’s in the same position
that I’m in. Listen, it’s gonna be okay.
They’re gonna help me and they’re gonna help you,
and then we’ll get out of this,
all right? -[CAVEMAN GRUNTING]
-I am single again. The mummy’s dead, so I think
we’re clear on that department. MERLIN: I’m sure it’s just
a matter of tapping the right thing… ROSANNA: Tapping?
JOEY: Tapping? Maybe a nose.
Who knows if it’s a nose? -BRETMAN: Wait, what are these?
-[SCREAMING] Are we locked in here? Who slammed that door? -[VASE BREAKING]
-[SCREAMING] -TANA: Oh, my God.
-Something’s happening. -Oh, my gosh.
-[VASES BREAKING] Look at the candles! There’s dark magic at work. Oh, my God, this is too much. JOEY:Then, a vase
falls off the wall
and reveals a clue. Listen, the Collector
built a trap in case Merlin tried to
recover his spell book. Of course, there would be a trap. “When the last candle goes out, “everything in the room
will be incinerated.” Everything in the room
was gonna be incinerated, including us. Let’s just look for
the spell book, quick! -Colleen!
-Whoa! -Who’s that?
-He’s okay. No. The Black Knight
brought him too, he’s not bad. We walked into the round room
and Gabbie is tied up,and there’s also
a very terrifying,
very dirty man tied up as well. This is the medieval exhibit. What is a caveman
even doing here? -He’s okay.
-I think he’s just an exhibit
that was captured. COLLEEN: He has
the same vocabulary as my son. -Okay, we have to hurry up.
-Okay. Okay, okay. You’re supposed to -place the crown in the middle?
-Yes. COLLEEN:The chest opens up,
and inside we find
a bunch of mirrors
and some sort of weird map. “Arthur kept a secret
from all the other knights. “Only by reflecting light
to form the four points “of the tree of life
ending at the crown
will it appear. “Each of you lay a hand
on the crown “to summon
the light of Annwn.” -(HISSING)
-Okay, guys, we got it. Don’t touch it.
Don’t touch it! We are racing against time
before we’re all done for. -JOEY: There’s another one.
-Another one came out. -Time is running out.
-ROSANNA: I found
a clue right here. It’s backwards. “I feel the pull and…” -Wait, these are backwards?
-Yeah. “In the trees,
I take what I want.” Wait, how can you read that
so easily? I can always read things
backwards really easily. -Okay, this is your challenge.
-What is this? “I look up at
what I have built.” This is one of her hidden skills
that no one knew she had and it’s coming in handy
so much right now. “I feel the pull
and I’m bound to follow.” And now I’m kind of
running around being
everyone’s translator. Like, ha ha, bitches,
you need me. We’ve to bounce the light
off these mirrors. COLLEEN: So we have to
make the shapes. We realized that
if we used the mirrors, we can make the light reflect
off the mirrorsand create the shape
that’s on this little map.
So here’s the starting point. Somebody needs
to stand right here. [BLACK KNIGHT GRUNTING] The Black Knight comes in,
and he’s trying to kills us. CAVEMAN: Ooh, ooh, ooh. BLACK KNIGHT: That’s it.
I’ve had it with you. The caveman distracts
the black knight.
I knew he was a good guy. I had my doubts,
but I trust this guy now.So I open the vase,
and all these tarot cards
were in there.
And I think we match up
the tarot cards with whatever
the words were saying. MERLIN: Another one’s got out!
TANA: Oh, my God. -This one says…
-“I sit with… “I sit with friends
and enemies alike. And I feel like a fool
would sit with friends
and enemies alike. -Or a blind man.
-BRETMAN: Or the gambler. -ROSANNA: Gambler?
-Yeah, the gambler would hang out with them to play poker or whatever. JOEY: Put it there for now.
We can always change it later. Bretman and I are
killing this challenge. “I leave the comfort
of a warm home.” But this one
also says “the pull.” Yeah, this is a blind man
being pulled, I think. This one also looks
like he’s being pulled. So there were six cards, but there were
only five plaques in there.So there would be one
that would be left out.
So we had to really
match these up.We’re having a really hard time
trying to figure out
how to get
these six points together. One, two, three, four. Wait, it has to be one,
this has to be two.I feel like all we need to dois put these mirrors
in front of the light but something’s
not adding up. We can’t figure out
which way it starts. Oh, do you have to look
at the reflection of it? I realized that there’s no way
we could form this map in the way that it is,
so we have to either
look in the reflection, Or, look through the paper
to see the opposite of what the map
is actually saying. COLLEEN: Wow, okay. So wait,
what’s the new starting point? -[BUZZING]
-I’m not sure I can hold
onto this much longer! Two candles left. You guys, two candles left. We double checked the cards,
and we realized that two of them could
possibly be switchedso let’s just try it.-[GASPING]
-JOEY: Yes! The box opens up
and reveals the spell book -MERLIN: Follow me!
-Okay, let’s go. And we are saved
from the trap. -Don’t shake, girl.
-You’re close. You’re close. -It’s really hard.
-ALEX: Oh, I see it. And… We make the diagram,
and bam! A bag drops down from the sky. COLLEEN: Ooh, girl.
My brain is exploding.
That was real hard. GABBIE: It’s really
heavy, guys. -It’s a huge…
is a crystal.
We don’t know what it’s for,
but I know
we need to get to the others
as soon as possible. -You guys.
-Guys! Wait, it Merlin good? ALEX: Yeah, he’s good.
He’s good. You guys, be careful.
The Black Knight is so…
everywhere. -He came in
and tried to kill us.
-MERLIN: He did? Luckily, Gabbie has been freed, and meet up with Colleen,
Alex and Mortimer who have found a crystal. This is the guardian
angel stone. Oh! Save this
for your rainiest days. Tonight is cloudy
with a 100% chance of rain. It’s like a guardian
angel stone. Not a diamond, but valuable I guess. -Place this…
-I’ll hold that on the pendragon symbol
to activate it when the time is right. (CLAMORING) I see you’ve
left your exhibit, Merlin. Out of nowhere,
the Black Knight appears and Merlin decides
that he’s gonna take him down. [MERLIN YELLING] Be careful! JOEY: Shut the gate.
Shut the gate! I’m not sure if Merlin
made it out of there alive. -Did Merlin just die!
-Not Merlin! I didn’t even
get his autograph. You guys, we have the book.
“The tears of the Lady
of the Lake have the power “to transform a person
into a king. “Two must be selected
by vote of a group “to return to standing stones
and cast a spell.” We need the tears
of the Lady of the Lake to transform one of us
into a kingto save the day.Once again, we gotta
go vote who’s gonna
battle this one out. Does anybody have their names
on the voting pile already? -I do.
-So do I. Gabbie and Tana
already have their names
on the voting pile because they chose
the cursed chalices. It doesn’t mean
that we’re going in. It’s just that we
already have one. I’d like to talk to you
separately to hear
your point of view -of what happened in the group,
if you don’t mind.
-Okay. Sure. Just talk amongst yourselves
as to who you wanna vote for,
I guess. You’re saying that because
you’re going off with Joey. What is that supposed to mean? -You guys are alliance.
-Alliance? You’ve been planning
to vote against us. What are you talking about? I just wanna hear
what she has to say about
what happened in their group. We’re just trying to get
all the facts. And in that group setting
sometimes, that can’t happen. It’s not easy, but
it’s a conversation
we need to have. Okay. Joey’s all about
all of us teaming togetheruntil he wants
to run away with Colleen.
It’s like this is
just Joey’s afterworld and we’re all living in it. Why don’t we just vote
for both of them? You and I already have a vote. We can’t afford
to get another one. COLLEEN:I might wanna
vote for Ro.
The last time I saw her
in Everlock she was shoving me
into a box of spikes. You’ve apologized,
she hasn’t. I can’t do that to Ro. Ro is just the sweetest
little cinnamon roll. And I can’t have Colleen
voting for her. I know she feels so much pain
for what she did to you as much as I do. Joey did bring us here
and he hasn’t even
been in a challenge yet. I think that we have females
go in the competition. The scroll said
that we needed a king. And it sounded like
they wanted Colleen to go in, but I’m like, what if it
only worked with a boy? So, we’re thinking,
Joey’s our leader, he should be king.
He is king material. I wanna survive this. And I don’t wanna pick
the wrong person to go die. So, Joey and Colleen. What? COLLEEN:All of sudden I hear
my name being talked about
by everyone else
and I am pissed!I’ve been
pulling my weight all night,
I’ve been working my ass off,and now all my friends
wanna vote me in to die? Listen, all we said was let’s get Joey and Colleen so that we can all vote. -Okay.
-BRETMAN: Already. Okay, fine, let’s do it. Since Tana and Gabbie
were cursed, their names are already
gonna be in the pile. GABBIE: It was nice
knowing you guys. I need the strongest people here
to help me survive.I haven’t seen Tana
solve any puzzles,
so I’m putting her name in.ALEX:I vote for Joey.Bretman, Rosanna,
and I’m pretty sure Gabbie,
voted for Joey.So, he’s probably
gonna be in there.I get up to the table,
and I see that
my pile is so low
and has been disheveled, who the hell is voting for me?Someone or someonesvoted for me and I’m gonna
get to the bottom of this. All right, guys. First is Gabbie
the Hollywood star. I really wish
I didn’t get cursed. You can do this. We’ll see. Second is Tana. [GASPING] I just read all of these
backwards anagrams, I got this spell book, no one should be voting for me. I’m having flashbacks. We’ve been here before. Who won the last one? I did, but Tana didn’t die. Jesse died, we both lived. Well, we both lived last time. Yeah, but I just have a feeling
it’s not gonna happen this time. The last thing I’m gonna see
before I die might be Tana? -Good luck, you guys.
-Come on. It’s gonna be the battle
of who wore pink best, ’cause only one girl
can wear pink. Well, I wanna say something. I saw that my pile was moved. Someone here voted for me. I saw that too. We talked about
voting a male in, because we thought
the scripture said “King.” Why does the king
have to be a man? -That’s what the scripture said.
-That’s true. -Did you vote for me?
-Yeah. But it’s because I thought
you could take the sword
out of the stone. -Rosanna!
-You voted for Joey? Here I am defending Ro
five seconds ago, to find out that she and others
were conspiring against me. It doesn’t feel good. I honestly always had your back even when I was talking
to Colleen I made sure that she was not
gonna vote for you. -I said I could never…
-Joey… I could never vote for Ro.I think Bretman and Alexmay have also been a part
of this conspiracy. It’s kind of wild that Tana
and I are doing this togetherbecause we’ve been here before.TANA:But last time Gabbie
and I competed,
both of us did
end up surviving.
So, maybe we have
a little bit of a chance. [TOGETHER] “From beneath
the moon and above the earth, “we summon the stone
of King Arthur’s birth.” “Holy light repel the knight “protect us from
the Black Knight.” What? So we read the spell
from the book, and this green light
shines onto Excalibur. “You must work together to build
the four symbols of power “before the protective
fairy light dies. “If you do, you’ll receive
the tears of the Lady
of the Lake, “and retrieve Excalibur.” “You are safe within the light,
but outside of it, “the Black Knight
might capture you.” “You are each responsible
for two symbols, “but may help the other
if you finish
before time is up.” So we can work together? The snowcard says
that we can help each other. So maybe there is a chance
we both can survive. But listen, if we don’t
and something happens, and I know that we’ve had
a lot of differences, but I just want to you know it was because
I was jealous of you
because you’re pretty. “I’m sorry I’ve been mean
to you this entire time “because I’m jealous of you”? I’m sorry, and I love you. I love you, too.Everything is repeating itselflike we literally might get
out of this challenge together. Again.We each have to solve a puzzle,and then we have to solve
the last one together.
And the green light will
protect us when the Black
Knight tries to get us.
So, as long as
our green light is on,
we’re okay. Tana, just pick
the big shapes first. Okay. That’s not right.
This is exactly
how I died last time. Yeah, I don’t love this. -What are you two doing here?
-Oh! TANA: What are you doing here?
GABBIE: Get in the circle! Oh, my God. We really need to hurry. -Gotta go.
-If you see him, shout. I’m so bad at geometry.
This puzzle is so hard. Keep an eye out too. I feel like I can’t concentrate
on the puzzle because there’s a literal
monster behind me. TANA: [SCREAMING]
He’s back! He’s back! -Oh, shoot!
-Oh, my God. That’s a big knife. Why are you running
at me with a knife?
Get away! That’s a sword, Tana.
The big knife is a sword, Tana. Yeah, okay. Big knife. Okay, he’s gone. Go! Go!
Tana, fast. -TANA: I think
I finished my puzzle.
-Are you kidding me? Realizing that two
of our friends are
outside right now fighting to the death,
it just didn’t sit with me. We have two friends out there
fighting for their lives. There’s five of us here. Altogether, we’re seven.
There’s only one Black Knight.We are five,
the Black Knight is one.
We don’t have to be
scared of him. You know, I’m sick
of just sitting here. Let’s go. Let’s save the girls.Alex suddenly has
this burst of energy
and wants to go and help
the girls in any way we can.So, let’s go do it.How am I beating Gabbie
right now? Like, come on. I know! I died
of geometry before. Okay, I finished
this puzzle too. -I’m gonna start on yours now.
-Okay, thank you. Oh, my God. Did I just finish
the second puzzle too? I think we’re both getting
out of this alive. -Gabbie!
-What? -I’m about to finish
your puzzle too.
-Oh, my God, no! The green light of protection
just disappears and now I have nowhere to hide. There’s nothing
protecting you now! -No, no!
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know what to do. No, no, no, no! [SCREAMING] -No, Tana!
-Oh, my God! I watch him kill Tana. And then he looks at me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! [SCREAMING] ALEX: Oh, my God,
they both just died. They both died.The Black Knight comes in
and kills Tana.
Then, he kills Gabbie too. This has never happened before. Two people losing
in one challenge. He’s gonna come over
and kill us too. [ALL SCREAMING] MERLIN: Hey!
You dark-hearted villain! I haven’t finished
with you yet. BLACK KNIGHT:
Bring it, old man. We don’t have the tears
of the Lady of the Lake. We’re screwed unless
we finish this puzzle ourselves. MERLIN: You must try
and set Excalibur free! If we don’t get that key,
they’re gonna die in vain. We quickly solved
this thing so fast… JOEY: There’s another puzzle.
Quick. ROSANNA: It’s here. We solved it! COLLEEN: Oh, my God,
it opened!All of a sudden
this rock opens up.
I run over to it,
and inside are the tears
of the Lady of the Lake.I drink that ish up.And I’m pretty sure that means
that I am the king. (MERLIN GRUNTING) -Oh no! Merlin!
-Merlin, no! No! JOEY: Pick it up! I pulled it out of that rock, and I have never felt
more powerful in my life. I’m the king, bitch. [ALL CHEERING] [YELLING] And I killed that mothertrucker
and then I stole that jewel key. Honey, I am the king. All hail king Colleen,
your Majesty. Come on. ALEX:The Black Knight
is pretty much dead now.
But with his last breath,he blows this horn. [HORN BLOWING] Seeing Gabbie and Tana
lifeless on the floor I’ve realized that
the message came true.Death was coming.It did come. That was crazy. How was it? It was good. I’m the king. -[CHUCKLES]
-We lost two
of our friends though. It’s never happened before.It just really honestly
wakes me up.
Like we literally could
all die any second now and we wouldn’t even know. We shouldn’t waste
any more time.
Should I put the key in? -Yeah.
-So, let’s just put this in and try to get out of here alive. -Yes.
-Agreed. COLLEEN: Wait a second. Once I put the key in, we still
have to get five more keys. There’s only five of us left,
which means we’re all gonna die. None of us are gonna
get out of here alive? We can’t stop.
What are we gonna do? -We either keep going…
-Let’s do this. Let’s do this together.
We got this. Next time, we unlock
something else
in this museum, -none of us are gonna die.
-JOEY: Deal.Everyone that’s left
voted for me
to be in that challenge
except for Colleen.I can’t trust anyone but her.[ROARING] Oh, my God. There’s a note here. -What does it say?
-Okay. “The Black Knight has called
the gorgon home
from her expedition. “None of you will ever leave.” -The gorgon.

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