Daily Titan –CSUF Alumni Paul Vu the Magician

Hello My name is paul i am 22 Years old and i Graduated Class Of 2017 Spring Semester I’m a magician and a content creator for social media Magic so i would do Very Fast Visual Magic That Really Connects With for Millennia audience That’s Kind of the style i kind of have and i’ve created on this platform and It’s very Fast Very quick it’s like tricks or in like 10 seconds like 30 seconds yeah it’s different it’s different Because you know magic on video Has this sense of like oh It could Be Edited oh? It could Be Edited But When you perform Magic on livestream There’s no way you can Edit it right It Gives you the same Feeling as If You were performing Magic on in real life but you know because it’s life you Know it has This sense of Authenticity It livestreaming Perform Magic on live stream Beats Perform Magic on video Right Because People Know oh they know without a Shadow of Doubt This cannot Be Edited i Think before i Broadcasted When i first started out i was trying Really Hard to grow My following on an app and so i Started From Like a Dude i did like 20 minute broadcast i’d Broadcast about Random Things Like My Turtles My Tortoises right and Then i started Doing Magic and Then i wanted to grow my falling Really Quickly But i was it’s hard to go from zero to like 200 in the very beginning so i went from like One hour broadcast to like Seven hour Marathon 7 hour marathon non-Stop Magic Magic Magic and i Get like 10 20 40 followers of Broadcasts and That Was a Lot to me at the time now it’s a lot easier to get like a Thousand a Day but back in the day i had to do seven Hours Just to get 40 people Following me That’s Crazy But It Was the grind It Was a grind to build Up build the audience or the chaos and we’re Turning it reporter It’s different it’s a different different environment two different Beasts i Didn’t Expect Myself to be doing this out of after college but it’s slowly Becoming something i truly love and Passion about i only i realized i only took theater Because i wanted to be a Better magician i want it to be a better magician and So it Just it Just set me on the right path It said as soon as That Happened i said okay straight Straight Magic Let’s rest of my life I’ve only Worked one other Job Besides being a magician and i Was like in high school i worked in a factory and from That day onward I’ve Never Worked it different I’ve always Been a magician i’ve never done anything else i never want to do anything else Right My Mom’s like I’m not Working I’m not Working at This fast routine i’m not Working at This price happy to be a magician and you can’t take It i can’t do Any of That Stuff and It was hard though Because you Know sometimes i Make no Money sometimes i make a Lot of Money Right It Just Depends His freelance Right i Charge this Much Money For a Gig and Then One Week i’m on top of the World like i made so much Money and then The next Week humble i’m Grounded again Because It comes and Goes i Think Magic is amazing Because It can Give Everyone That sense of That Feeling of Wonderment That Feeling of disbelief That no other Artwork can Do It Because it’s physically impossible it’S logically impossible to do that What you’re doing We Got the King of Hearts You Said you wanted the second Part right You Said Jack Clubs Yeah And so It gives its different Kind of Sensation Right that no Other Art form can Do i Mean Every art form Gives like a Unique Kind of has a Unique quality that Is Able to Give to someone and That’s magics Magics Magic the quality magic is Able to give to someone is the quality of disbelief and Wonderment


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