1. So I was watching the video on clickspring I make–the it's like he hates you because he's like in like a jealous way because he has all the tools to do that cuz I don't

  2. I watched the making of that card press and was trying to figure out how many zeroes/decimal places would be needed to quote the value of that masterpiece.

  3. the link awesome.. the end product just… one of a kind… beautiful and you should appreciate forever.. this stuff just does not happen

  4. Wow, Had to stop the Vid @ 3:07 so I could see how he made it & WOW!!!
    Chris. You are one very lucky person to have such a beautiful piece of workmanship & design. A 1 of a Kind. & Clickspring has my sub & will be watching his vids also from now on for Quality, Entertaining & Informative content. Thanks to you both.

  5. ClickSpring videos are absolutely amazing!! I actually just got done watching his first 9 or 11 month series making a pendulum clock all from scratch. All the tools and bolts and everything. The man is a absolute genius when it comes to engineering.

  6. This is definitely level 10 supreme master craftsmanship quality and putting over 200 hours into it comes out to about 30K for that card press. Cheers!

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