Alright so I’m going to hand you this. First off do me a favor touch one with your
finger. This one right here. Which one this one? She’s going to take one too. Okay, you’re going to write something on the front
of it and you’re gonna show Omar. Right something…Yep Like what? Whatever you want. What? Okay! You got it? Yeah Alright. I don’t know why I just blew it. I had to make sure it’s dry , but it was the
wrong side Anyhow
You guys got the card right? You can see it? Omar you got it? Do me a favor put your back in. You are going to need both hands for this
o Okay! So I’m trying to think of how I want to do
this really quick. You going to do me a favor you’re going to
stand up. Okay. Do me a favor you’re going to spread the cards
on the window in like a big ol Circle. Hold on! We’re going to open this and walk on the other
side. So spread the cards on the window. Right here? Yeah, just spread them in a big circle. So get them nice and spread out. I’m a step behind you here. oops! That’s all right. That’s all right. I have tiny hands for this. Spread them out a little more. So like. There? Keep going do a circle. Use both hands. There you go. There you go. This is all I can do. That’s alright just let them fall if they
fall. So. I kind of suck at this. You got them. Yep. Okay so they’re spread out. Yep. That’s good enough. Okay here. Ready? Watch. Omar come over the glass A little bit. Look. What the hell? Oh my God I have to drop all these. I don’t want to. Just dropped them really quick. That’s cool.

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