CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic |Episode 1| Lemon Bars

[Carmen]Pilar is that you?
[Pilar]Yeah I’m late sorry I
tried to get out there but Tio wouldn’t shut up
give me five I’m gonna go change.
[Carmen] Change? [Pilar] Yeah for Kiki’s concert I’ll be out in a
minute we’re already late are you are you wearing that? [Carmen] Should I change? [Pilar] Yeah, well you have sugar all over your shirt what is it even from? [Carmen] From the lemon bars
you made I had one…okay I had a few [Pilar] Carmen those were for tonight holy shit
you eat half the pan are you okay? [Carmen] Yeah why? [Pilar] well because those were edibles I’m trying a new recipe there’s like two cups of canna butter in those. [Carmen] I feel fine
[Pilar] Really? I thought it was some good stuff shit we gotta go come on
go change [Carmen] How was work? [Pilar]I don’t even wanna talk about
it, how about you? Carmen hello how was your day you okay?
Carmen bitch answer me you’re scaring me [Carmen] Yeah stop
yelling, I’m fine, sorry I just feel a little weird. Do you see that? [Pilar]see what? [Carmen]I think– I think it was a fairy [Pilar] what? you’ve spend too much time with abuela. Those damn fairies did you know she wanted me to crochet a hammock for them
she’s ridiculous where are you going? this this isn’t the way to the concert
Carmen, Carmen just pull over okay you were clearly high as hell right now and
I guess I’m driving pull over [Carmen] But you don’t like to drive just give me a minute I’ll be fine there it is again did you see it this
time hey fairy friend what’s your name? did abuela send you? is she in trouble? [Pilar] There is no fairy and we’re gonna be so
late we’re not even able to get a seat and
that is Ramona hey Ramona yeah we we ran into a little problem but
we’re on our way [Carmen]Can I come with you? did you hear that Pilar? I can come with her
she is so cute [Pilar] Yeah Carmen she’s just really high right
now it was accidental yeah she nevermind she’s not talking to my Abuela’s fairy
I made her pull over and I’m on my way yes why does everyone think I can’t
drive I can drive I just don’t like to we’ll be there in a bit we’ll probably
just hang on back right okay see you soon
Carmen how you feeling you okay? [Carmen] Yeah I’m fine
I’m fine fine you know abuela said something crazy last week [Pilar] That’s because
she’s crazy why do you listen anything [Carmen]Why don’t you? I don’t see why you’re so mean
to her all the time [Pilar] I’m not mean I just never mind
what did she say? [Carmen] never mind [Pilar] I’m sorry I will try to be nicer okay [Carmen] She said we
have powers like magical powers [Pilar]oh yeah what’s my magical power attracting fuck boys? [Carmen] Probably but do
you think she could be right about us having powers [Pilar] Well on one hand I mean I
think all women are magical but on the other no I mean do you think I’d be
working for Tio baking only conchas every day if I had powers hell no
[Carmen] Ithink we do well I do anyway you’re too bitchy as it is you don’t need powers
[Pilar] Yeah I definitely would become a villain oh my god can you imagine the
poison apple tartlet I could make Hey look at this shit we’re gonna be so late
uh it’s a green light pendejo go hey Carmen how about you use some of
your magical powers to get us out of here [Carmen ] That would be nice just one pinche
car get us to the concert or some shit [Pilar] What’s happening? Carmen?
[Carmen] P, I don’t feel so good [Pilar] this this is impossible holy shit we’re here how? [Carmen] I think –I think I’m gonna be sick [Pilar] What the fuck just happened? [groans] Abuelita–hi
yeah yeah it’s it’s Pilar can we talk? CovenCast: a disaster’s guide to magic
coming soon

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