Coach’s Mixtape Music Video | A Juju and Pooks Production

Looks like you’re the first one here! Don’t worry! There’s more out there! There’s Paintball, Dodgeball, Paddleball and more! You can change your clothes in your dorm! Invite players and have some fun! listen here The experience has just begun! Go into the Rec Center to make some friends! Go into custom rooms to play peoples games! Try out our well-made quests, and try to be the very best! Listen to the CoC! So you don’t get banned from me! Attention! A new update has begun! Looks like you can have some more fun, but there is bugs bugs bugs and there is fixin fixin fixin but but hey! don’t worry! the devs are here to help! Let’s try that maker pen There is props, art, gadgets and more! Hey man, don’t be bored! If you don’t have VR that’s fine! There are different ways to play listen here There are different ways to play Mobile ps4 and PC. They are the screen modes in the family! treat each other equally so we can make a community And Have fun in rec room, baby! credit to amitdvir for making the subtitles


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