Clash Royale: Introducing the BATTLE HEALER! ✨ NEW CARD! TV Royale

Hello and welcome back!
I’m Seth. I’m Drew. We’re here to tell you all about the new card
coming in Season 6: Battle Healer. This video is a first look
at Battle Healer’s design, development, gameplay,
mechanics and more. Let’s get right into it! Some of you may recall
on reddit, a long time ago, we talked about a Paladin card. People said: “Cool!
When is it coming to the game?” – The answer is…
– Very soon. The idea of a Paladin
is a really cool concept in most RPGs and games:
you’ve got a strong character that wields the power of light
and heals other troops. It sounded like a really cool idea
that we wanted in Clash Royale. We started thinking about
how we could get it in, playing around with some ideas of troops that healed themselves
and other troops around them. We initially started off with a knight that cast Heal whenever he attacked. We started with that, and it felt
really fun right off the bat. It felt like it provided
an interesting role, different from all the other
mini tanks in the game. We started with that idea and… – Ran with it.
– Yeah, kept working on it. Looking at the Clash of Clans Healer
who doesn’t get involved in combat, and just heals from the sidelines, we wanted to develop that a bit,
so that if they were in the arena, they would be fighting and attacking, almost like a Valkyrie
that you’ve seen in folklore and stuff, with these wings, the big presence,
and the breast plate. Cuirass or whatever they call it. We’re definitely not putting that name
in the game. Way too nerdy! The Battle Healer is, in a way,
half a support troop, and half a mini tank. She’s tough! She’s around a Knight
or Valkyrie’s level of toughness for a similar cost, four elixir. She’ll heal other troops in combat. When she does an attack, she emits
a healing aura, like the Heal spell. Outside of combat,
she’ll passively heal herself. She has the ability to become quite a tanky, formidable unit
if left unchecked. If you don’t worry about her, she’ll reach a tower
and keep chipping away, healing herself the whole time
that she’s attacking. She’s a great offensive choice
in a lot of ways. We did talk about a lot of different name ideas:
Seraphim or Battle Angel. – Celestial.
– Celestial. Ultimately, they were a bit too nerdy.
I think the Clash universe tries to keep things to the point. Fisherman. What does he do?
He fishes. The Fisherman. – Battle Healer, what does she do?
– She’s a healer and likes to fight. Exactly. She heals in battle. That’s kind of how we settled
on the development of the character, and as you can see
from this wonderful concept art, this is how we built up
this Healer from Clash of Clans, that gets more stuck in,
and can hold her own in a fight. We’re very pleased
with how the card turned out. I think she’s so cool, so strong.
I’m excited to have her in the game. Cards that change the status of the arena as the battle goes on
are really exciting. Like Witch and Night Witch
who produce more troops the longer they live.
Like Lumberjack who affects the battle after he’s left the arena. All these things are so cool
and create highlight moments, and Battle Healer does that all the time. Even just putting down Skeletons
or Goblins can go a long way to adding damage onto her
and taking her down. If you ignore her, she’ll do more damage to your tower
than even a Knight? She’s also a new type of troop
that’s a hovering troop, not quite air, not quite ground. She crosses the river.
She has wings. Why not? She floats across the river,
but ground troops can attack her. To summarize, Battle Healer is
the newest card coming to Clash Royale. She is a four-cost Rare that heals
herself when she’s not attacking, and heals everyone when she’s attacking. Also, once you unlock her,
you can use her in your main deck. Find out more about that
in our next video next week. Battle Healer will be released
in Season 6, which starts on Dec 2nd. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel.
See you next time to talk about Season 6
and the December update. Thanks for watching.

  1. Here's my theory on this, the Battle Healer is going to be OP if you use her twice with mirror, plus using her with Elixir Golem or Lava Hound and any other troops to wipe the rival's deck. There might be some huge controversial issues with her attacking and healing herself so ladies and gentlemen abuse this card before she gets nerfed.

  2. From Korea. On season 6 all do I have to do is just to buy more packs to get angel. And a month later, she becomes nerfed at least two times. Your balance patch is suck.

  3. As you know maybe you can copy something from clash of clans and make them as a cards but that was a good idea to make them different.

  4. I think its a bad idea right ? Like if you use sparky deck and you put battlehealer there, that will be a unfair deck. Why ? Because sparky will still attack and the battlehealer can heal him. I hope battlehealer can be nerfs and just 1 heal / 2 second. I think its will be fair for us 😉 So, not healing / attacking but just 1 healing / 2 second

  5. Battle Healer, if heals your tower could you imagine?it is the end of the world jajajajja or if when you beat her, drops heal spell jajajjaja my gosh broken for suure

  6. Holy fvck this is make clash royale a nightmare more than it already is:
    – undying xbow? Even WORSE A DAMN ROYALE GIANT?
    -undying pekka? Golem?
    – giant skeleton?
    – sparky?
    Know what? I’m gonna nope the fvck out

  7. People: omg new card will be OP
    Me: dont worry its gonna be something squishy that dies to arrows or fireball at most
    Supercell: it will be tanky like a knight or a valkiyrie

  8. Notice how he said that the lumberjack “leaves the arena” rather than die. Really shows the range of players they are looking for.

  9. Clash royal deverian hacer que la carta sea de una mejor calidad que especial por minimo epica o mejor legendaria es una buena idea y ademas es un buen diseño, buena abilidad y les tomo mucho tiempo en sacarla y desarrollarla y se ve increible

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