Clash Royale: BANDIT’S BATTLE SKILLS! (New Legendary Card!)

The Bandit Speed fast deploy time 1sec range melee targets ground Dash attack enemies To counter the bandit Cut with a sword ENVIRONMENT WITH SKELETARIES Club the crown Battle with the bandit Play now!

  1. This is what I hate they show an awesome card that’s amazing then tells players how to counter it it just ruins everything

  2. Thanks for the advice now nobody's going to use the bandit because of the smash her and swarm her

  3. Why is supercell so perverse? My huge big lance… Smash her… In tombstone reveal u can hear touch my balls except touch my bone ( i know that in this case i am perverse but whatever xd)

  4. 0:10 if only she were that op come on I've seen common cards more op than that cough cough ebarbs cough royal giant

  5. My first lengendary was the bandit and I was so happy when I got her and she is soo good still is one of my favorite lengendary to this day it’s such an amazing card for 3 elixir

  6. Who did they get rid of the deployment time are the ad because when we did this place doesn’t take one second to start attacking

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