Clash Royale 🎃 SEASON 4: SHOCKTOBER 👻 TV Royale Halloween Update

Seth, what’s up? Nothing is scarier
than a maxed Royal Giant. Welcome back to TV Royale! We are here
with a special Shocktober edition – for the start of Season 4.
– Yes! Shocktober is the Halloween celebration
in the Clash Royale world, which is why me and Seth
are in these cool costumes. We hope you are amused,
because there is hot glue on my face. TV ROYALE SHOCKTOBER UPDATE Season 4 kicks off when a meteor
crashes into the Legendary Arena. This meteor contains so much elixir, it begins to overflow the river,
overflow the legendary cups… Elixir everywhere! This is the brand new Shocktober Arena
coming to Season 4. It’s our spookiest Arena yet. Elixir Golem is the newest card that’ll be available to unlock
at the start of Season 4. Elixir Golem is a three-cost Rare that you can unlock in Spooky Town. When the Elixir Golem is defeated,
it turns into two Elixir Golemites. And when each of those Golemites die,
they leave behind Elixir Blobs. When the Blobs are defeated, your opponent will get
1 Elixir for each one. That’s four Elixir for the opponent.
It’s a bit of a tradeoff. You’re getting a lot of stats upfront
for a low Elixir cost, but your opponent might counterattack
with all that extra Elixir. You could say it’s a trick… or treat. – Don’t clone that. Terrible idea.
– Don’t clone it! As always, a new Season brings
new Pass Royale rewards. If you love Halloween as much as us, you’ll love the new Tower Skin. It is a giant jack-o’-lantern
pumpkin Skin. You get a new emote that is definitely
not Poco from Brawl Stars. To make Shocktober special, we’ll release
a lot of Shocktober emotes. Including a Frankenstein Goblin
that’s so good! And all the usual Pass Royale rewards. Introducing,
for the first time in Season 4… Crown Quests and Bonus Bank. Crown Quests are special Quests
that appear in your Quest tab. Alongside Crown Rush,
Crown Quests will make it much easier to earn your Pass Royale rewards. Jump in at any point in the season
and finish your Pass Royale. We have a new feature
called the Bonus Bank. Once you have completed
Tier 35 of Pass Royale, every 10 additional Crowns
will add Gold into your Bonus Bank. At the start of the next season,
you can claim all of that Gold. A Pass Royale improvement
for all players is a new Pass Royale Clan gift. Whenever any player in your Clan
activates their Pass Royale, a gold gift
will be placed into Clan Chat. You can claim
up to 10 of these per season. We hope you enjoy that boost of gold
to help you upgrade your cards. As always, we’ve got new game modes,
coming for the season. – We have Ghost Parade.
– With Royal Ghost. The Elixir will ramp up,
more Ghosts will spawn and you’ve got a good chance
to three-crown your opponent, if you go along with their spooky parade. Grave Guards is the other game mode
coming to Shocktober. This mode is interesting because the Guards provide
defense for your towers, as well as attacking. Both of these game modes
will be available on the Party button and in the Challenge page. So give them a play
and let us know what you think. As always, with each new season
we bring new balance changes. The biggest change is
a complete rework to the Witch. She will start spawning
four skeletons at a time, but she will not spawn any skeletons
when she is destroyed. Her attack has also been changed: shrinking the splash dramatically
but greatly increasing the damage. She’s more like a Musketeer
with a tiny bit of Splash Damage. She’s less like a Wizard
and more like an upgraded Musketeer. We’ve had a great reaction
from our play-testing sessions. We hope you like the new Witch,
whether you liked or hated her before. What better season to buff
the Night Witch than Shocktober? When destroyed, Night Witch
will spawn four bats instead of two. Last month, we reduced
the cost of Fisherman to three elixir. This month we are reducing
his health and damage and also he will no longer
one-hit stab Goblins, making cards like Goblin Gang
a more effective counter to Fisherman. Wall Breakers
is getting a balance as well. They’re going down to two elixir cost
with a slight damage decrease. Hunter is getting a small damage buff and Snowball is getting
a small knock-back nerf. If you haven’t already, don’t forget
to connect your account to Supercell ID. This helps us recover your account
if you ever lose your device. More importantly
you’ll get a super cool free Emote. Season 4 of Clash Royale, Shocktober,
is starting on October 7th. Don’t forget to shock
that Subscribe button and zap the little bell so you can see the future TV Royales
as soon as they come out. We can’t wait to celebrate Shocktober
and we’ll see you in the Arena. – Can I take this costume off?
– Yes. I feel like you should have been
the bald character. I mean to be honest I wanted to know
what it was like to have hair. It’s hot!

  1. You can make your game fancier but if you don't fix the basics, then it's a worthless game. I am telling again, take some steps to match suitable opponent. All maxed cards against all level 11 cards, that's unfair and shows the failure in your matchmaking ability. It's like buying cards makes someone better player than good gameplay or may be that' your tactic.

  2. hey guys, i was wondering if you guys would ever make a new air unit.

    i was kind of thinking like a blimp. you know, cost 8 elixir and has archers on eahc side shooting arrows or something like that. i think this would be pretty nice as a new air unit.

  3. The witch is look over power and unstoppable , you broke the game , please leave clash Royale both and let another people how have experience on this game decide it fate .

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  5. Re Messire xhafi-xhaf,

    J'espère que vous allez bien !

    Il est vrai que cela pourrait être une bonne idée de rajouter un badge pour les 200 victoires et ainsi de suite. Je vous laisse donc vous exprimer sur les réseaux sociaux officiels afin que les développeurs vous lisent.

    Très bon week-end. Rayane, Assistant Supercell

  6. Clash Royale uma pergunta: vcs acham que só quem jogam este jogo, todos sabe inglês?
    Que merda. Todo video, eu falo a mesma coisa.
    Acho que vcs deveriam atender todos os públicos. Sugiro colocar os vídeos tbm em português.

  7. The fisherman is nerfed even though it is a rather weak card, the idiocy of this company is worth it.

  8. "Nothing is scarier than a max level Royal Giant"

    You're ABSOLUTELY right.


  9. I'm pretty sure it's not just me that is a free to play wont get the tier 35 chest because I'm already on teir 35 but I have to wait a day bc I dont have pass royale

  10. How dare you make the whitch the strongest card of the entire game its so frustrating every match i play against her with 1 hp she destroys my tower did you lose your mind? You have 1 month to test play and make cards balanced what did you do with the witch did you play her 5 seconds yeah shes perfect ? I really dont understand how you can make her so oberpowerd when you have such a time if i was you i would think about quitting my job because of this really dont get something like this i play and play for fun but its just not playable because of whtich and i may not begin with the wallbreakers.

  11. I play in clash royale. Trophies: 789 (MAX) Cards unlocked: 29/94 Supercell ID: no. Level: 5 (275/400) my love card: Giant. Arena: 3. Clan: no.

  12. Suggestion for the next update :
    Princess' projectile speed should be the same as before the increase of speed by 33%. Now the arrows don't look realistic (they're falling too quick and aren't as cool as when the projectile speed was 33% slower) PLEASE @Clash Royale decrease the Princess' projectile speed with 33%)

  13. I update in this season 3 cards for Max lvl: exe, mega knight and skeleton army. Pass royale is great for earning Gold.

  14. Рукожопы разрабы, баланса в игре вообще нет, задолбало играть 10 уровнем против 13 уровней, башня короля выше на два уровня и прокачка карт у меня на 11 максимум а соперника дают у него все карты на 13! Ужасно всё устроено в игре!!!

  15. Join my clan at North Warriors the clan is growing please we need active players the clan logo is a red background with yellow crown the leaders name is Smoke5

  16. vreti sa prostit altii jucatorii sa bage banii an jocul asta de cacat si carei satisfactia jocului atunci cand bagii banii an joc

  17. This season was rubbish, just 2 reactions on the challenges and the others to buy a pity that Clash Royale stole for a couple of stupid reactions

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