1. I'm a musician and when I listen to music I can hear stuff regular people can't. Not to say that I'm special, it's like that for every professional musician. Now I've been watching Chris videos for a month or so, and I casually got myself a deck of cards and started learning some basic stuff. Absolute beginner stuff. But now I see the trick he pulled on the guy in the car, I saw something, so I rewatched it. And boom, I was able to figure it out. It felt just like with music, a surprise at first, then a connection. I'm gonna enjoy this in my spare time.

  2. Hi Chris, just wanted to share my thoughts on this video and your work in general. I'm just getting started on magic and cardistry, but you have been such a big influence because I want to be able to do what you say about "inspiring adult people with magic to escape the lethargy of their existence and achieve a sense of surprise on their monotonous lives" (paraphrasing what you said about children not needing magic, but adults). For me, magic is being able to make the unreal a reality, and you do that with such a wonderful sense of friendliness and empathy with the people that you meet in your acts. I just wanted to say that and to thank you for sharing your knowledge, as well as inspiring others to recover the joy of surprise; I'm one of those.

  3. The silk scarves and coins from my ears still amaze me. It is the speed and precision and amazing skill ! !
    I can't do it and I can't see how it is done…………MAGIC !!!!!!!!!

  4. FLASH on the 4th card ace of spades trick 😉 awesome videos. watching your vids and iv got a card trick in the bank now so thanks a lot dude 🙂

  5. Wow do u honestly think you can fool everyone, u can fool the sleep sheep but a true Christian like myself who knows scripture and have studied the bible know exactly who u are and who u worship, you are a complete fake lying sorcerer nothing but satan's minion, do u not know that on judgement day when you stand before the all mighty God Jesus Christ himself u will be utterly ashamed and completely humiliated and sent straight to Hell forever and ever because u willingly sold your soul which actually belongs to God, he owns your soul and u are gonna be so sorry for this mere blink of an eye of a life on this earth for selling out and deceiving all who know and watch u, I actually feel so sorry for you, do u not know or have u never read the saints Gods true followers his children will inherit the entire earth and we will rule this earth forever not just a mere 80-90 years but eternity and unless u turn and repent Chris you will be in hell for eternity

  6. wait, why did i think she'd think of edward scissorhands as well????? this was before you started guessing towards her thought. Chris, help. im not trolling

  7. Brooklyn new York, the arm pit of all that is yuppieness … I thnk very few remember what it use to be … I have fond memories of heroin addicts kissing the sidewalk on way to second grade (no just kidding not fond, but nightmarish) … if you would have tried magic tricks on the corner back in the 70's you would of got jacked, but on the bright-side you don't have to worry walking down the street at night /// I guess the shame is that there are too few who remember the true history of Brooklyn, when liberty heights was red hook and dumbo was where the mob dropped bodies off

  8. That come to a saying," better than yesterday" Wich means everyday we have to be better than the day before, and that is how magic will never die

  9. So can anyone confirm if the headphone trick playing the guys favorite song is actually real or not? And how would that even work. He said it was that guys headphones. Not his. Sorry for being that guy but that looked like some straight up Chris angel fake ass shit.

  10. Ok so if that dude was really hearing his favorite song play through those headphones then Chris has definitely sold his soul to the devil.

  11. As a teacher, as a human, as someone who deals with people on a daily basis, I want you to know that I appreciate all you do. I recently started watching your videos, but I feel at home with your philosophies. Keep it up!👍

  12. Still can't figure out how you ripped the corner of a card and made it appear on the outside of the window. Well played.

  13. At least in one I think I saw part of how he did it, "when he says four and ace of spades" to the glasses guy with the hat (misdirecting his and others attention), you see him very quickly change the bottom cards to the top.

  14. Nahh bro! Magic isn't gonna die.
    It's evolving in every direction.
    We are in the times of TechnoCarnivals and it rocks.

  15. I loved this video man. This one is definitely one of my favorites. I watched it over, and over, to try and figure out at least one of these tricks. Congratulations, I could not in a million years. Keep pushing your limits and excel higher than ever my man. Much love

  16. I don't think magic will ever get old. People watch basketball night after night, and they've seen better players, better teams. Magic is the same way. Presentation, how fast and clean someone is, personality etc. It will never get old. Just look at Chris Ramsay and all of his friends challenging one another to greatness.

  17. Chris, what are some good books to read to step in the magic environment. I heard magic by misdirection is one of the book to grab

  18. My dad passed away and im ending my first year of highschool you inspired me to do magic and travel the world in honor of my father his name is nathan levi garrett he got in a bike accident 2 years ago look him up… The first line of this video helped me alot thank you so much i hope to meet you someday

  19. Really eye-opening and fun video! I couldn't stop smiling at people's reactions 😀 At the ending when you talked about magicians being afraid of these skills and tricks dying out due to exposure and explanations, actually I'm interested in delving into card tricks like this cause I want to know how it all works! On the contrary, the tricks are cool with or without the explanations.

  20. The camera man flashed in the taxi, great video though I watched the majority of your videos big fan 🙂

  21. Dude, how can that last magic happened?😂 that pieces literally not there at the window but suddently appeared, what the?

  22. Watching this makes me feel that I'm not weird because I like card magic and you can make a career with card magic

  23. "A time where magicians were thought to have powers when no spectator would challenge us.
    But let me ask you, Where's the fun in that ? ", Daymmmn!

  24. this trend of listening to baby shrieking voice music makes me want to bash my face with a hammer to make it stop

    that and rediculous facial expressions on thumbnails

    its like everyone is programmed to look like the biggest dumbass just for clicks

    but youd still get likes and clicks without looking like a dumbass

    yet you chose to anyway

    i still have to watch your magic and puzzles however because i enjoy them

  25. I wish I could do more of the card prediction stuff. I can do some of it but i love the subtle influencing aspect of it

  26. The intro to this is my favorite. I feel like you were just born to do magic. "You're a wizard Chris." Hagrid voice Hahaha. #harrypotterreferences #noteveryonegetsit #fuckem #theyllneverunderstand #arehashtagsevenathingonyoutube #ohwell #toolatenow #hashtags

  27. Your videos are a profound inspiration. I deal with schizoaffective disorder and suffer from mania and depression that comes from these hallucinations, and the harmful actions that they have caused. But your videos are a bright light to keep me reaching for my dreams, and so are you. Thank you Chris for your magic***

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