Chord Electronics Poly – Wireless Micro SD Card Network Streamer for Mojo

  1. How soon will an owners manual be online? Will there be a dedicated app? Is the Mojo MQA enabled or will it be in the future?

  2. how can i dac work thou wifi thew dac has components right ? sorry i don't own a dac so i dont really know ,, oh so you change it put ya headphones in and use you mobile as a song selector i think i get it lol

  3. Hi, query – I'm currently using a mobile phone playing Spotify (extreme) that is connected to an Audeze LCD-X. If I get the Mojo/Poly, I understand that spotify data will be transferred from the phone to the Mojo/Poly before being transferred back (processed through the Mojo's DAC/Amp). On that assumption, I have 2 queries: (a) does the phone's internal DAC process the data before its sent to the Mojo/Poly or is it 'raw' data that is sent? (b) does the fact that the phone and Poly are connected via Wifi mean that I cannot use the streaming on spotify at the same time and only listen to downloaded Spotify songs?

  4. the most valuable thing is the processor that processes the music integrates with the new generation phones and laptops for a truly music revolution

  5. I’ve had the Poly for the best part of a year and it’s got to be the most confusing and awkward devices I’ve ever owned. To start the instructions are pretty hopeless and there is not anything more detailed online either (take note Chord!). Things were supposed to improve with the GoFigure App, but sadly it’s just as confusing and poorly implemented (icons that don’t do anything for starters). Every time I came to use my Poly it seems a complete lottery whether I could get the device working and would have to go through the whole procedure setting up every time. Often it would not connect or drop the network even though the phone nearby registered a good signal. Other times Roon or my playback apps don’t see the poly. To be honest I’ve probably spent more time trying to get this dam thing to work than actually listening to music. Firmware version 2 was supposed to improve things (it has a little) but installing it was a nightmare and did not go as chord said it would. I still have problems with Roon not seeing the Poly.

    Chord is a very techy company, and so is this device. They really should have had a third party design the user interface and methods for those of us who are many levels down the techy scale. Chord make brilliant DAC’s and are undoubtedly one of the market leaders, but this streamer is a marmite device and just too temperamental. I’m still in two minds whether to send mine to eBay or give it another chance. When it works it’s brilliant, it’s just the “when” bit that really bothers!

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