We got it! 500.000 subscribers! And on the occasion of this For the first time, for the first time, for the first time, seriously… for the first time I’ll reveal you my biggest secret On the beginning I want to thank You a lot for 500.000 subscribes 500.000 subscribes, 500.000 subscribes Do You know how much is this? Let’s count !!!! 1 2 3 4 499.999 500.000 I counted it !!!!! I relally thank for 500.000 subscribes, and I have to say when I had been beginning on YT i was hoping to get 20.000 subscribes Than I would be in higher class of Enormous, Enormous, Enormous dreams to have 100.000 subscribes But what happend?! 500.000 subscribes! 500.000 people, but listen, I really know that it isn’t numbers, that are people For example, I don’t know that You realize… On National Stadium, that biggest number of people was 62.000 That is…. So my channel is big like 8 National Stadiums Do You get it? 8 National Stadiums… Who was on National Stadium enytime? Write in the comment. How many people were there? Very much people Like in Warsaw is event on NS and later people came back to home, there is traffic jam everywhere, because there is no exit… You aren’t able to order a TAXI. I know, because I was few times Enormous number of people, 500.000 people It’s horrible Yeah…But.. We don’t finish… We accelerates… We will do something Before I reveal my biggest secret, I say what will be on 1.000.000 subscribes On 1.000.000 subscribes I’m going to make a party… Hmmm..It will be magical party On 1.000.000 subscribes…. Yeah.. But why You should listen that? Why should You be intrested with that? Maybe, because I want to invite You Exactly, In number of most active users on My channel, of course I can verify it Because I see who comment regulary, I see who help and share From most active users on my channel I’ll choose 10 of age people Which will be able to come to Warsaw for a party from the occasion of 1.000.000 subscribes Party will be probably in 4 years But… I don’t care about it… Because if somebody haven’t got 18 years yet So He should comment, because maybe He’ll reach 18 You ask me about various things, to reveal You a secret To explain You illusion, reveal a magic So here you are, here you are You ask me questions… abstract questions For example: “Can You walk on the water?” Yeah… Obviously I can walk on the water That was a joke Naturally You have to begin from something easy For example puddle Yeah.. But.. but I guarantee You If it’ll be 1.000.000 subscriptions… Or wait, let’s do something else If it’ll be 1.000.000 subscriptions I’ll walk on the water, here You are. That’s all. Except party and…. Walking on water I have got an idea, We’ll make such good party that everyone will walk on the water But i promised, so I keep my word and I’ll reveal -in my opinion- the biggest secret, My biggest secret… Commercial Break!!! Subscribe the channel and click a bel to get notifications. Thanks I’ll reveal -in my opinion- the biggest secret, My biggest secret… And if You want to reveal it you have to go to magicofy.com/secret Link is in the first line of film description And if You’ll follow instructions on site, You’ll reveal MY biggest secret All right me Dears! Thanks for watching the video, and thank you again for 500.000 subscribes That is the beginning. Write in the comments that that is the beginning Necessarily click and subscribe and click the bell, watch previous videos. Thanks a lot and until next time 🙂

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