– So it’s the beginning of
week three for training camp, and I feel like I have a game plan. My strategy today is just
to own my mistakes, y’all. – Good evening. – [Cheerleaders] Hi! We’ve given all 43 ladies new costumes. They are all the same, so they’ll be on a totally equal playing field visually for tonight’s rehearsal. Tonight, the routine you’ll be learning is hip-hop style. And the choreographer you’re
going to be learning from has collaborated with Madonna, with Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar, let’s give a big welcome
for Charm Ladonna! – Hi, ladies! (cheerleaders cheer) How’s it been, how’s it been? – [Cheerleaders] Good. – Good, okay, you warm? – [Cheerleaders] Yes, yeah. – Yes, ma’am, we’re back into it. – Charm is running this
like a dance audition or a music video. – [Charm] Okay, so let’s go. – It’s also much like a job interview, you only get one shot. – So you start, swing one. Swing two. Up three. I’m teaching like a
little fusion of my style and the style I know that the DCC do. Bop, bop, up, bop. That make sense? This choreography literally
is about power, strength, and ability to be sassy and have attitude. Right, so it’s a little,
it’s not (grunts). Ba-da bop, exactly, ladies. – I don’t pick up choreography very fast, so I’m going to be so lost. (laughs) Oh, man. – [Charm] Ba-da boom, ba-da. Ba-da boom, ba, ba, ba. Exactly. – Tonight’s also a preview
of what we can expect at show group auditions next week. – Show group is a smaller
squad within our full team that performs on our USO
tours, television shows, travels the world. And some girls really shine
when they hit a stage. Okay, ladies! We’re going to dance it back for Charm, we’re going to do it in your groups. – Guys, make sure you have
some attitude, please. I’m looking for how sharp they are, and then at the same
time, how much personality and how they can groove
within the choreography. (upbeat electronic music) – Are these all vets? – Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ If our love is tragedy ♪ ♪ Why are you my remedy ♪ ♪ If our love is insanity ♪ ♪ Why are you my clarity ♪ (applause) – Good job, ladies! Cianna, Amy, Daphne, I would keep you all. Bridget, you’re a gem. (applause and cheers) Gina, Miss Gina. You are shining, honey.

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