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– Yo, guys, what is going on? Alex Pandrea here and we are
here back with another video. In today’s video we are
going to be talking about what to do with a double
backed, that’s not it a double backed card that
comes in certain decks, in this case, a NOC Sport. Ever since I got the NOC Sports, they come in green and pink, I’ve been doing this trick and people have been messaging me asking what do I do with this double
backer that comes with it? If you don’t have a double backer, don’t worry, I got you, ready? You take two cards with
different color backs let’s say this and this,
and you stick them together. And guess what? Now you have a double back. You have double stick tape,
glue stick, crazy glue dots spread on the corners
will work just fine. You can use spit. It’s not going to work that great. Gum doesn’t even work that great, I’ve found, or other lubricants. Good, so get your double backer and get your matching deck,
obviously to one of the colors, and you’re ready to go. So let’s come on down
and see the effect first and then learn how to do it. Okay so here is the effect. You have a deck of cards, a green deck of cards, just like that. And you have a card selected. So one card out of the
whole pack gets selected. In this case the nine of
hearts will be selected and placed back into the
middle of the deck somewhere. Now you say, “you notice
the cards are green, right?” And the spectator goes, “yes
that’s a lovely shade of green. What are those?” And you say, “you know,
they’re NOC Sports. The link’s down below.” And they go, “what?” And you go “nevermind.” I’m gonna actually turn your card pink. You see, these cards are actually green but there’s one pink
card inside the center. They go, “What the hell?” And I go, “Yeah, I know, link down below for
the pink ones as well.” They go, “What?” Don’t worry about it. Actually what was your card? And they say, “Nine of hearts.” And you turn it over and
it’s the damn nine of hearts. They start screaming and running
and crying at this point. And you go, “No, look there’s a problem. The nine of hearts is the only
pink card in the green deck. So I just gotta do this, do that, and now your card is green
along with the rest.” And you can go about your day doing any other trick you that want. Good, all right, so let’s explain this. You’re gonna need your double decker to go on the top of the deck. Now in the previous video
we did learn the Top Shot so using that in combination
with the double backer is very nice because remember, the Top Shot goes like this
and it comes out face up. So again if you do not know this, go back to the first video. I taught it in very small detail. If you want it in more detail, go visit Green Magic Volume 1. That’s where I learned it from but I’m sure you could learn
it in other places as well. It’s from Lennart Green. The card is on top so now
with the double backer, it looks like that random card, the color of the other card comes out of the center of the deck but it really just comes
out of the top of the deck. All right so this card is on top, and you have a card selected, and now you’re going to
have to control this. Second from top, okay? So the top card is here and you have to control the selected
card right there, all right? And the way you do this
is a number of ways. I did a Tilt Move which looks like that, and now you control it
second from the top. You can, so to tell it very simply is you’re going to create the illusion that it’s going into the middle but its actually going this
skip a break just like that. It’s a depth illusion, okay? It’s going to look like
it going into the center. From here you don’t want that showing. You can split like that and actually just put it in second from the top. You can do a bluff pass
where you riffle down and say, “go ahead and
place your card back.” And they actually place
it in second from top because you’re only lifting up one. Cover pass, anything would do where it looks like their
card is lost in the center but it’s actually second
from top, all right? Now that we know that the rest of the effect is
pretty straight-forward. You just gotta snap your
fingers, do a Top Shot, show the card as you do
that you get a break. Ask what the card was, as they say the card, you re-square along at the break and turn both of them over. At this point their card has been revealed as the only pink card in the pack. Now to fix it, I take here, I do this, I do that, I give it back to them
and they can turn it over. It’s now green like the rest of them, and now because they are
holding this in their hand, you just have to palm off this from the top of the pack,
and you are good to go. So as long as you palm that off, you can hand everything
out for examination and you can have a nice little
effect to start off with. It’s visual and it gives
a nice little reaction. So enjoy that one there. Okay, guys, so that one
is a version of this trick that I honestly, I do
like to do sometimes, but it depends on the situation. What I would rather do,
and this is something that would take more emphasis on if you feel like the situation is right instead of doing it very flashy, this is something that I would do. And I’ll go over the
explanation really quickly because I really want you
to put the effort into taking this to the next level. So this card right here
which is the double backer will actually start, now, you can have it start on top the other way
around like this, okay? Or you can have it start maybe, that’s blank card, third from top, fourth from, I’m sorry,
fourth from the bottom. And basically what’s going to happen is you’re going to get
it into a cull position. So as I spread, I’m going
to take this, and now gonna begin to cull the card underneath a spread, okay? Now if it’s third from top
I’m gonna tilt up like this so they don’t see and as I
cull I’m gonna come down. Now what is gonna happen
is instead of having them select a card, I’m
gonna have them name a card or name one that they see. Now this is very interesting
because let’s say they say ace of spades. You’re going to place the culled card underneath the ace of spades. Okay? So now what’s going on is
that now it’s a selected card that they saw without
having them to, you know, pick a card as every card trick starts. So now they name a card, ace of spades. I go ahead, I push this
underneath the ace of spades just like this and I close
the spread like that, okay? I turn over the pack and I say,
“oh that’s very interesting that you said ace of spades” or whatever card they say because if I go through the pack I put in before I started one card that’s a different color from the rest and now this is not a
fast visual Top Shot-y, boom, wow, in your face kind of thing, but it’s more a prediction effect. You spread to this and
this is a shock for them because you didn’t say that you put it in. This is the first time that
they see a contrast-y card. You cut it at this point
and now you’re going to do the exact same thing as if
you Top Shotted from here. You’re just literally
going to do a double lift at this point, show that
the ace of spades is the one that they said, and now from here, say again, “there’s a problem. This is the only pink
card in a green deck.” But if I just do this, go
ahead, take it out, look at it, and now you’ve turned it to green back, and it’s a nice little
different way to do it instead of doing the Top Shot which
is very flashy in your face. It’s more of a prediction
mentalism kind of thing so enjoy that version as well. All right, guys, so as the
sun sets here in my eyes I want to talk a little bit
about what I just taught you and not only about the trick itself but how to go from version A to version B. Now that’s a leap forward,
at least in my eyes, to taking something that’s very flashy and boom boom boom look at me to taking something down a
notch, taking it slower and making it more, I believe, powerful. When things are done slower
and in a non-flashy manner I think the illusion of magic is instilled much better into the spectator’s mind because for me, if you
do stuff that involves a lot of flashy stuff like
flourishes and springs, Top Shots and things like
that, I think that the magician gets away with having
fast hands and for me having fast hands is pretty much a fail. I don’t want them to
think that I’m doing this because I’m very quick with my hands or they didn’t catch something, okay? I tricked them. That’s a lot of the time where you see the explanation going
in the spectator’s mind, “oh you have very fast
hands, I didn’t see that.” So that’s the difference
between version A, that’s what you’re going to get, oh fast hands, quick, wow,
the visual with the Top Shot versus version B where
you can take things slow and have them name a card
and say, “are you sure?”, change your mind a few times
and get to the same result when a card changes back. It’s very reminiscent of,
like, the red hot mama plot but with a different feel,
like a prediction feel. So play around with the two versions and really feel the difference
in the spectator’s mind of going from version A to version B and I’d like you to take that leap forward into your own effect,
not only in this one. How to go from something
that could be considered a trick, tricky moves or a card trick to something more powerful and magical. So that’s what I want to
leave off the last note on. Sun is gone now so that means
it’s time for a beer for me after a long, hard day of shooting. I will see you guys next time and please subscribe to the channel. Like this video if you did indeed like it, and comment below. Let me know what you thought and I will see you guys next time.

  1. Why don't you put that gaff card to the green deck instead of the pink deck or both? Oh right,so we have to buy both 🙂

  2. Just a question alex…

    Have you ever played poker at mohegan sun in wilkes barre p.a. ?

    You look like someone I have played on the table with a few years back..

  3. Nice tut man! Alex can u make a tutorial for beginners about " escaping and joining" gaff and gimmiks off/into the deck? Cuz I can't figure out sometimes how i can remove some gaffs after the trick infront of people's faces staying around.

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