CGRundertow TAK AND THE POWER OF JUJU for Nintendo GameCube Video Game Review

There have been loads of video games based
on popular Nickelodeon cartoons over the years. From Spongebob to Jimmy Neutron and the Fairly
Odd Parents, it seems that the games must be selling well, as they continue to get made,
but on the reverse side of this, there was once a Nicktoon that was based on a video
game that came first. Today I have that game. It’s a quirky mix of platforming and action
that offers a solid, if familiar title to kids. This is Tak and the Power of Juju for
the GameCube. Tak and the Power of Juju follows Tak, a young
boy who is initially called upon as a messenger of sorts to deliver a staff to a member of
his village that’s supposed to be a chosen warrior, but after he manages to hold the
staff, it becomes clear that Tak is actually the chosen warrior. The story involves several
villagers being turned into sheep as Tak sets off on his adventure, and although the storyline
is kind of similar to other games in the genre, the writing and characters help to make it
pretty funny, with the notable exception of Tak himself. Gameplay in Tak and the Power of Juju is fairly
straightforward for this type of game. Tak can jump, attack, use his staff to vault,
and a few other abilities, but the thing that really interested me about this game is how
animals are used. Across the levels, several different types of animals can be used to
get across a gap or clear an obstacle. Orangutans, for instance, can bend down trees to fling
Tak to a new area, while Rhinos let Tak ride on them as they break walls in Tak’s way.
It’s a really cool mechanic that helps to separate the game from other titles like it,
although it’s not something that you’ll really remember the specifics of after you’ve
been away from the game for a while. The one thing that really surprised me about
this game was how forgiving its difficulty was. Boss fights and some enemy encounters
can get a little bit tough, but even if you die, you just respawn five feet away and the
enemy has the same health it did right before you died. Looking at this as a kids’ game,
that might not be such a bad thing, but I have a feeling some of the intended audience
might be surprised just how easy it is. I also really liked how a color-changing feather
on his head represented Tak’s health. It’s a really subtle feature that keeps the screen
from getting cluttered. Tak and the Power of Juju uses exaggerated
facial features to give the game a really nice visual style. Environments and enemies
are also really colorful, but the frame-rate can start to chug for seemingly no reason. Now, with all of the things I enjoyed about
the game, it still seems way too similar to other games in the genre for me to really
say it’s a must-play for adults, or even kids. I like my games to have a lasting impression
on me because of features or story elements I really liked, but Tak and the Power of Juju
is the type of game that you’ll forget you even own because it’s just not that out
of the ordinary. Everything works pretty well, and the game does have a pretty good sense
of humor, but it doesn’t feel like it even attempts to take the risks necessary to make
a memorable game.

  1. This game is amazing. I really enjoyed it. Please also review the third game "Tak and the Great Juju Challenge." I've never seen reviews of that game anywhere, and I would like to know your opinion on it. 🙂

  2. I remember when this game came out, it was really aggresivley marketed in all the game. Stores at the time, which is weird for a kids game but they sure hammered it hard.

  3. not really and ppl leave me be i dont want to read your insipid comments why do you reply? Whats the use to waste my time just leave me be

  4. Yea… the onl thing i remember about this game was that i had owned it once… i dont remember any gameplay at all

  5. I loved this game when I played it years ago. But the sequel was, no doubt, way better. It was funnier, had more originality than the first, and was just an all around fun game to play. I still need to get my hands on The Great Juju Challenge, though. And as for the cartoon… yeah… not getting into that. The cartoon just tried way too hard and failed miserably. Hell, even the game that was based off of the cartoon was apparently half assed. They need to make another good Tak game.

  6. yea. this was my first ps2 game i ever owned and played. i thought it was awesome. but the games started to get worse and worse. after the sequel i kinda lost intrest in the series and dont get me started about the show and crappy game based on it -__-

  7. Where did I say that the games were based off the show? I said GAME! As in one game. There was a game that was made that was based off of the show and no one liked it. The other 3 that were made before the TV show were well received, whereas that one that was based off of the show was poorly received.

  8. Oh. There were two? I thought there was only one. If only we were so lucky… I wish they'd make more Tak games, but make them like the first 3. With absolutely no references to the TV show. Maybe make it take place shortly after the Great Juju Challenge.

  9. i dont know. maybe it was just age getting to me. I loved the first game to death. i was probably 5 or 6 when i played it but after i beat tak 2( i was maybe 9 or 10) i didn't think it was as fun as the first game. I thought the second game was really linear compared to the first game. Then after that when the other games started coming out i just stopped caring about series all together.

  10. wow well when i got this game this was a game when i use to own a ps2 i played so much but i couldnt to get far enough to beat the game but i gone through alot of fun

  11. Because it didn't represent the video games very well. Instead of leaving Tak as the mighty warrior of the Pupununu people, the producers turned him into a rotten troublemaker. It just didn't have the same positive feel as all of the games did.

  12. They used to have this game at my local McDonalds, remember back when McDonalds had those GameCubes. Whatever happened to them? They locked 'em up or some shit like that

  13. I think wether or not a game is memorable is subjective point of view. I personally remember having a lot of fun with this game back in the day and with it's sequel, hell I even remember watching the cartoon as well. Even still, if a game is "generic", that really shouldn't matter as long as what it does do it does it well. I don't mind slamming down a some cola brand cola, now and again, even if I'd prefer a Pepsi, it's still satisfying all the same.

  14. I actually really loved this game, and still do! I don't know how many times I played it! You said about it being "Not memorable" But that game was a huge part of my childhood. You also said that it was quite like other games, but I suppose it kind of is, it may have the same sort of goals as other games do but I thought the style of the game was really unique. :3

  15. I miss games like this. I miss 3d platformer kid's games like jak and daxter, Tak, crash bandicoot, ect. They don't really make games like that anymore for modern consoles….

  16. Ah so much memories I remember playing this on ps2 and wouldn't mind playing on a gamecube though it's sequel I wasn't as happy with as the first which got my childhood

  17. This was my childhood even though I had it on the Xbox me and my dad would play this for hours probably the best memories I have of him.

  18. OH GOD! I remember this! when i was a kid i played this with my father it was so damn funny, i still have the game and the playstation 2 so… time to get old school xD

  19. I won't lie, this was the weirdest looking game I ever fuckin' had the honor of seeing. 

    But that didn't stop me from adoring it as a kid.

  20. This game was so fun might be nostalgia but man how I remember playing this game all the time I had the first and second one and I loved them both!

  21. I personally thought this game was awesome! You didn't even mention the chicken suit, the awesome juju powers that made Tak a beast, or the hard chicken temple. I feel like you played up to where you go in to the death valley with the birds and said, "well that summed it up". Either way, nice review, people give it a try at least.

  22. Nah, It was completely memorable, because i just remembered it recently after not playing it for 10 years and wanted to play it again so I looked it up. But we are all entitled to our own opinion.

  23. I remember myself at Gamestop when I was 4 years old and crying because I wanted to get this game.

    And yes, I got the game XD

  24. Tak was one of many best PS2 games I've played as a kid, the game is awesome to play for all ages and it stood out than any other game I've played so much that I can't think of a similar game. Tak is one of hundreds most memorable classic video games that I haven't played in the last 13 years (because I lost it), but yet a year never went by forgetting it.

  25. Right I've just recently got sick of playing the ps4 as games are limited, so I naught myself a ps2 off the internet, and am stuck between playing Tak the power of juju or Tak the staff of dreams ? Which on is better ?? 1 or 2

  26. This game has a sequel

    Great juju challenge

    Each level has a time limit before you would get the worst score, which is needed to rank above the other teams in the game who never actually do anything in the levels from my experience

    It's a big tournament that YOU (and the duo you control/Tak and that voice actor named Patrick's character) NEED TO WIN and the only chance you got is getting the best time on those levels, not only that but you can replay levels to change your previous score so you can still have a chance to rank higher by replaying levels and getting better times

  27. Did he even play the game? There are all kinds of secret powers that spice up the game. Shooting flaming nuts, a chicken suit that lays exploding eggs, snowboarding and sandboarding levels. This is a garbage review.

  28. I think the thing that makes the sequel just a little worse than this one, was that it was more linear and didn't have a hub world. I felt like I had more freedom in this game.

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