Guys I’m so sorry for not uploading a guide for Cecilion. I literally had no time at all. I had to deal with some personal stuffs So anyways Cecilion He’s literally a broken a** hero and he’s not even that hard to play And he’s getting banned every single game in ranks I know most of you just probably regret buying him in the first place So anyway, if you bought him you tried him he has insane damage and everything The only issue he has is his Mana. His skill 1 consumes a lot of mana So today I’m gonna be teaching you how to efficiently use his skill one and how to never run out of mana early game So when you take a look at this part two of his skill one it says every time you use this skill it increases the mana cost of this skill by 1.8 times and it resets every six seconds So Here’s The mana chart for His skill one the phase one costs 75 mana and the phase two costs 1.8 times more than that and it goes on and after the fifth phase the mana cost remains the same The timer on the skill1 indicates the reset time after six second it goes back to the initial phase one Now, you know how this skill works so the trick here is, do not use this skill more than three times at level one Cecilion only has a total mana of 1150 so if you go ahead and use this skill more than three times. You’re definitely gonna run out of mana And you probably don’t even have enough mana to use other skills And also try to remember the colors of each phase Even if you forgot which pace you are on you can easily identify them with the colors So here are some of my gameplay examples as you can see here. I have already used my third phase So I just waited for my timer to reset before using my skill one again In this clip I use my skill three times, so I just waited for my skill one to reset before engaging back again So remember guys all these tips only applies to early game Once you reach late-game, you already have enough stacks so you can spam your skill one as much as you want So anyways, that’s it for this video guys, I hope this helps you and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Thanks for watching

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