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♪ If you got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s Life
Hacks for Kids ♪ – Hi, I’m Jordyn and today’s
episode is Cardboard Box Hacks. What to do with all these boxes? Practice karate, of course. Karate chop! Ow. Cardboard can be a lot
stronger than you think. Especially when you hack
it into my Stacked Stool. Ow. For this you’ll need a
plate, hot glue, a ruler, scissors, a black
marker, a big paintbrush, Mod Podge, cardboard
boxes, and a small cushion. First, cut a rectangle
shape out of the cardboard. Measure a one-inch notch
halfway up the middle. And cut it. Cut five in total. One, two, three, four, five. Now using Mod Podge,
sandwich them together and Mod Podge all
the sides as well. Make another set. Now put the notches together. This is the base of the stool. Trace the plate. And cut out five copies. Put them together with
the Mod Podge as well. Hot glue the circle to the base. And finish with a small pillow
or comfy cushion on top. See? It works. If my mom keeps
ordering toilet paper, I’ll be able to
finish my whole house. I’m thinking cardboard coach, cardboard cupboards,
cardboard bed! Okay, that actually
doesn’t sound comfortable, but you can stay comfy in
bed with this Boxed Bed Desk. For this you’ll need Mod
Podge, scissors, a marker, a paintbrush, washi
tape, four chip cans, and a cardboard box. Cut a large square of cardboard. Trace the top of the chip
can on all four corners. Now, cut out the circles. Make three total. Mod Podge them together
and on the outsides. Now, flip it over and
sandwich them together. Press it down on all sides. Repeat with the other layer
and Mod Podge on the outside. Cover the edge with washi tape. To make the table, fit the
chip cans into the holes. Not only do you
have a great table to use for your laptop
or to draw in bed, you can use these cans
to store rulers, pencils, whatever you need. (laughs) My mom may have ordered
a bunch of toilet paper, but look what I just
got in the mail, a bunch of washi tape, but I’ll need to find a way
to organize all of this stuff and cardboard to the rescue
with my Dynamite Dividers. For this you’ll need a
drawer you want to organize, a marker, scissors, a
ruler, and cardboard. Measure the length and
width of your drawer. This way and this way. Cut strips of cardboard to
fit each direction like this and like this. Now divide the
strip into thirds. And cut four inches
up each division. Put the length and width
strips together like this. And put it into your drawer. There, now your drawer
is perfectly set up to organize your stuff. See, with these great hacks, you can be just as excited about what’s on the outside
of your delivery as what’s on the inside. Oh, and don’t forget the boxes you don’t hack, please recycle!

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