Card Tricks

its better to listen with headphones hi hi hahaha savage super dad cards mixes cards chooses card 4 spears stares at card fails putting card in the pile splits cards really they can see that put it down a bit shuffles lost card LOL finds card yay shuffles savage next trick moves camera puts down 1 card puts card upside down puts 2nd card down puts 3rd card down puts 4rth card down/last card picks card shows card mixes other cards puts cards down picks my card up chooses other card on the left/right for you shows Jack shows both puts both together flicks cards fails to flick cards flicks again fails to flick again swaps cards around flicks cards pauses unpauses pauses unpauses thank for watching guys lets hit 100 likes and I’m sick so yeah and if your new please subscribe and to RapidOfFriends777

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