Card Tricks: Shoplifter (Performance)

If you were right here in front of me right now, I’d ask you to pick any card, but, you see, I can’t ask you to touch anything ’cause you’re not here, SOOO… I’ll touch something for you. OH THIS ONE YOU SAY OK So, you could’ve chosen any card (if you were here), that’s normally what I would say. (indistinct) Ten of diamonds Good choice So, go ahead and put it in between these two fours right here And now, we have this pair of aces right here They’re absolutely normal (mutters) cards are fallin’ off put ’em right there So, what I’m gonna do with these aces, these LOVELY LOVELY ACES We are going to…we’re going to put them under something right here ’cause I don’t have any box at hand I have a TV remote, so we’ll just put it under the TV remote So, then, we should just have… The deck right here, along with these three cards. Correct? Correct. Then we still have the cards, we still have the cards right here under the TV remote So, I would ask you to shake the box here (I don’t have it) but I can shake the TV remote for you. CARD’S GONE. Honestly. I only have two cards here. I’ll put those right there. BECAUSE I now have 3 cards under here. We have the first card, the Ace of Clubs, The second card, the Ace of Spades, and the third card, which I believe is your selection, the Ten of Diamonds. No sleight of hand there. Trust me. Alright, thank you for watching!

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