Card Tricks: How to Use a Stripper Deck : Dribbling in Stripper Deck Card Selection

Alright everybody, now I’m going to show you
how to use a dribble selection and a couple of the reversals I showed you before. Dripping
the cards. I’ll give you a quick review. It’s the fingers on this end, the thumb on this
end, a little bit of downward pressure with the first finger, and you just drop the cards
like this. Now, this is a nice way to have somebody select a card because they can just
say stop. You can have them take that card, then we can use the square up that I showed
you or we can do the put down, do something else, regrip the deck, and then you can have
them return their card and it’ll be reversed just like this. The dribble, you take the
card, you can do any of the reversals that you like, have them return the card in the
deck. It’s reversed and you can access just like that. The dribble and you do the reversal
just like that, and there it is right back in the deck. That’s how you do a card selection
by dribbling the deck and combine with a reversal.


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