Card Trick Tutorial – TENACIOUS Card Steal

(suspenseful music) (funky music) – Can you hear that? There’s some mother swear
word outside with a chainsaw. (chainsaw revving) And he doesn’t even have
any trees in his garden. What an idiot.
(chill music) I am Manuel Dadison, welcome back. What’s my name, Charlie? Hold on a second. Shut up! (yells) (beep) He’s not listening. I am Daniel Madison, welcome back. Thanks for being here. Thank for choosing to spend some more time with me and Charlie Madison today. This is pretty cool
video, a neat little idea, a way of stealing a playing
card from the top of a deck in a kind of modified 10-card steal, call this one Tenacious. I’ve included a few little tricks that you can do with this idea too, but essentially I just wanted
to share the actual slide, the actual technique. Found it quite interesting. Found myself doing it quite a few times, especially now that I’ve started
wearing extra tight jeans, I’m always having to take all
my things out of my pockets. In the last video, I
announced that I’m gonna be giving away this very
deck of playing cards. It’s got a few signatures
in here from Suzan Sausage– – What?
– (sighs) Nothing! So stay tuned to the end of the video. I’ll announce a winner. My good friend Bill Kalush from the Expert Playing Card Company sent me a wonderful gift. I’ve seen these going
around on the internet. He sent ’em out to quite
a few different people. These are reprints of the
Jerry’s Nuggets Playing Cards. Now I have done a few deck
reviews on this channel, and I was gonna do a deck review of these, however, so many people, again, so many people have
started reviewing them, that I wanna leave that to those guys. I’ve just watched an
incredible deck review from our friend Chris Ramsay. I know Xavior Spade’s got
a deck review of these too. I’m not gonna review
them other than saying, these are incredible, and I’m so happy that people of our generation
are gonna get to experience this incredible piece of history. The Kickstarter goes live
on the first of July. Make sure you’re there. I know that Bill’s gonna
make these very affordable so that everybody has a chance
of picking some of these up. I know the originals go for an extremely extortionate amount of money. I did have some, I have had some, I have good friends such
as Bill, a few other guys, who’ve sent me original,
first-edition decks, but I don’t keep decks. I’m not a collector, I don’t
like to own too many things. When I get gifts, when
people give me things, I find the most rewarding thing to do is re-gift and give them on, so I’m gonna do the same thing with this very box set as well. Not in this video, a few videos to come, because I wanna use these playing cards. That’s what playing cards are for. Even the first edition,
even the collector’s ones, I think, what’s the
point, what’s the point? Just open ’em up and use ’em. They’re playing cards,
that’s what they’re for. Suzan Sausage has already signed this–
– What? – Nothing, can you just–
– Stop calling my name! – Can you just leave us
alone, please, Suzan? Suzan has signed the six
of spades in this deck. I’m sure she’s gonna sign
a few more playing cards in these decks.
(box snaps) Grab yourself a deck of cards. You might need a Sharpie, too. Let’s get to it, I’m Daniel
Madison, and this is Tenacious! Are my ears deceiving me, or are you talking about chicken nuggets? Jerry Nuggets, more like
stupid nuggets! (laughs) Who do you think you are,
making me break character? Who do you think you are? (laughs) So we’re at the exposed angle, the perfect angle to see
exactly what’s going on. Now this is fairly easy. This should be a quick
video, but you know me, I like to go in deep and I
like to cover every angle. Right now though, let’s take a close look at exactly how this is done. We need a motivation for this steal to look natural, because on its own, (chuckles)
you can see what’s going on. Basically, that’s what’s happening. We’re gonna go for kind of
a modified 10-card steal, maybe a direct 10-card steal. It kind of depends on the situation every time you’re gonna perform this. I like to have an object right here, because this allows me to have my hand in kind of a modified 10-card steal, where I can steal this top playing card or top playing cards in a
very, very natural manner. So I usually take
something out of my pocket, or things out of my pocket
that are on the table, usually the pen is a good idea, because a lot of magicians use pens. Obviously, Suzan has just signed, wow, that’s a good magic trick. Suzan’s just signed her
six of spades, there we go. So the pen’s already on the table, so I’ll explain why I
use this in a second, why I use my AirPods in a second. But a pen is a great idea, if you put the pen just here like this, and make sure the deck goes
down next to it about here. Now, this is the perfect object to use to put on top of the deck. So here’s what’s gonna happen, we’ve got Suzan’s card
is controlled to the top, excuse me, I’ve got a hair in my mouth. That’s disgusting. In the demonstration video, I’m pretty sure the one I showed you was just showing the top card, a simple goose-necking second deal, put it in the middle,
keeping the card on top, and when you put the
deck down, it goes here. So the pen, or the object
that you’re gonna use, is to the side of the deck. Now, you could use the box if you want. Obviously that’s not the box. You could use the box if you want. Again, I’ll explain why I’m
not gonna use that in a second. The pen goes here, now
all that’s left to do is pick the pen up and
put it on top of the deck. We have to ask ourselves, what does that look like
when it’s done for real, what does the natural action look like? And it looks just like that. Finger one and the
thumb, picks the pen up, puts it on top, notice a discrepancy, my fingers are all open. That’s the way that
I’m doing it naturally, that’s my nature to just
pick it up and do this. You kinda move your fingers out of the way to allow finger one and the thumb to do all the work for you. In this case, we have to adapt, we have to change that slightly. So we’re gonna look slightly unnatural. And a very simple way that
it’s gonna go unnoticed then is simply keeping your fingers together, and this is just gonna hide everything from the front point of view, no one’s gonna see through
those big open windows and see a card hanging around in there where it shouldn’t be. So when we pick the pen up, our hand is in a natural
position, not a natural position, a perfect position, to the
edge of the thumb here, I believe they call this bit the fish, so the fish part of the thumb, and then we’re gonna go into the clunge with the back of the card, so the back of the card
goes into the clunge, and the fish picks the edge
of the card up like this. You’ll find when you
practise just doing this, it is very, very easy,
you need very little grip. In fact, the more grip you get, the more cards you’re gonna pick up, and the more you’re gonna mess up. You need a very gentle grip. Sometimes in practise
you might find it helps just to give the card a little bend. I wouldn’t advise this though,
you don’t need to do this, and also, adds this discrepancy
that you don’t need, adding unnecessary air
underneath that card. But it does help during practise. So because that’s what it looks like when we’re stealing the card like this, our hand goes like this,
so we need a motivation, we need a reason for our
hand to be doing that, that will make sense to the
audience, to the participant. The easier idea for me
is putting a pen here, putting an object here. So I wouldn’t specifically
position the pen there, I would let the pen land where it does, and then when I put the deck
down, I put it in position. So obviously, if the deck’s already down and then I take a pen
and do this, (laughs) then that’s just silly,
and it’s unnecessary. So the pen goes down,
the pen’s already there, and make sure that that
goes down in a good position that allows me to come over
the deck from this side and pick the pen up with
my finger and thumb, meanwhile stealing that
playing card with the thumb. (chuckles) Let me do that
without looking at the screen. So I pick the pen up, card
comes along for the ride, I put the pen on top, my
hand curls inwards now, so my fingers can press
the card up into my hand, as I do my little pointy-point-point, Captain Point Fingers. (chuckles) I found myself doing
that so much, pointing, but pointing is a really good way to hide a playing card in your hand, so from here, pick the pen
up, put it on top, point. I actually took two cards
then, but it doesn’t matter. Right, so the pen is a perfect idea because Suzan’s just
signed her playing card, pen’s on the table. I like to use an object that’s this big. You’ll find that it
makes it so much easier because you have the
depth where there’s no way that you can miss picking
that up, it’s very easy, and it allows the gap between
finger one and the thumb to be quite separate. Now, this is important for the
grip that you’re gonna have between the clunge and the
fish on that top playing card. When you do this with a pen, it compromises that hand a little bit. Watch with the weird
shape of my hand there. There’s kind of a weird
shape going on there that I don’t like, but
I don’t mind it too much because it’s only for a
moment from picking the pen up and putting it on top
and then coming away. This is a bad thing, if the deck slides, if cards slide off like this,
you’ve compromised everything and you’re probably gonna be found out. Now, why the hell would
you have this on the table? Well, we’ll get past this in a second, but when I’m taking my
pen out of my pocket, I come back with a few different things, so maybe I’ll come back with a coin, maybe I’ll come back,
so I come back first, I have this, I come back with my pen, so it’s a very kind of
natural, normal thing, where I’ve just taken these
things out of my pocket. Oh, by the way, we’ll use this in fact. So that’s how you kinda
just fatten the performance, oh, by the way, we’re
gonna use this in a second, and we’re gonna put the AirPods on top just so that I can’t get
to the playing cards. So even though it seems like
such a random, strange object, you do have a perfect
justification for it, because you want something to go on the back of the playing
cards to protect them from your deceptive ways. Now, the box itself, using the box, you’ll find that this is a very
very easy object to pick up, because it allows this gap to increase, makes the hand look more natural, and it makes gripping this
playing card so much easier. The reason I don’t like it though, the box is too big and it covers up too much information here. It covers up too much,
and it looks like there’s, if there are too many things
hidden from the point of view from the perspective of the participant, then you’re kind of inviting them to burn the deck with their eyes, you’re kind of showing them
that you’re hiding something. We’ve got nothing to hide, so it shouldn’t be such a big object. That being said, I don’t
mind the idea of this when it’s done as kind of a
trick of penetration trick, where Suzan’s playing card’s
here, we pick the box up, it goes on top, and we can
wave our hands over the deck, and the card seems to penetrate
up through the box on top. And that does look
good, on top of the box, but I also like the way that that looks on top of an object like this, because of the amount of air, the amount of space that you can see between the deck and the
AirPods box from here to here, this amount of space in
this entire situation looks quite impossible to me, especially because it looks
a bit like a balancing act, the card balancing on top of here. So the basic mechanics are already done, they’re already explained. Now, I do like to use two objects, and I did this in a video and it’ll make sense once you hear me out. So I have two objects,
taken two objects out. One of them goes where I need it, the other one goes a bit further out, because I want to use two hands, I want to divide their
attention on this situation. I don’t want it all to be completely here. I want it to be separated. Now this, that division, that separation, allows them to view this situation as a whole, not as a single thing. We don’t single out the
deck in that situation, we make an event of the whole table. Now, this obviously takes a huge percentage of
attention away from the deck because I have something
else moving, this hand. All of a sudden, this isn’t
100% important anymore, it’s only 50% important,
because at this point now, I have two objects going
to the back of the deck, so I divide, almost completely equally, divide their attention, so first of all, I go for the AirPods, and
just as my hand gets there, this hand, the left hand, makes
the journey to get the pen. So it goes like this, and then this. Now, what that does is, the
beginning, the first point, where I’m coming over to get this, their attention is fully here,
right on the dirty situation, they’re completely watching this situation because that’s all that
I’m giving them to watch. That’s all I’m providing for them, so they’re not gonna look anywhere else. And at this point, just as I’m going down, I give them something else to look at, which is this hand picking up the pen. This is enough for them to get distracted for that moment when you pick this up, and then these two go on top. Now all of a sudden it looks like the pen has something to do with it, and you’re no longer
thinking about the AirPods, so you’re no longer thinking
about what this hand was doing, because I have two hands in play, and then as soon as you’ve taken that card and put these on top, if you can handle your
hands very freely, pointy, then it looks like all that’s happened is you’ve picked two items up and put them on the back of the deck. Meanwhile, you’ve stolen
Suzan Sausage’s playing card. So let’s put this idea into a trick. We’re gonna use a coin. I got a very rare artefact, this is a very rare Peppa Pig golden coin. So what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna lose Suzan’s
signed card in the deck. Do this however you want, and make sure you control that to the top. In the video, one thing
that I like doing a lot, which is the worst second
deal you will ever see, the card is on top, I take that card, and put it into the middle. (chuckles) I take that card and
put it into the middle. You can control that however you like. There’s so many different
ways that I like doing, one of my favourites in fact is I think, who do I credit for this, before I do it? Bill Malone showed me this. So it goes here, you
cut it into the middle, (cards slapping)
You drop the queen of spades all the way, that’s still on top, you cut it into the
middle, oop, still on top. Still getting used to these Jerry’s. Cut it into the middle, it’s still on top, So I won’t expose that. I’m sure you can see
how I’m doing that now. So we’re gonna take this
coin, this rare artefact, we’re gonna lose Suzan’s
card into the deck. If you wanna take this
a few steps further, we can ask Suzan to
shuffle the playing cards. So we’ll ask her to shuffle, and we just executed
the DPS, modified DPS. What did I call that? I can’t remember what I called it. But we steal the card from the deck, she shuffles, we take the deck back, load that card back to the bottom, I’m gonna do a few cuts
to get it back to the top. It’s now in position, so we’ve controlled
Suzan’s card to the top, the coin is here, and I say, “Look, we’re gonna use this coin.” Now I’m gonna steal the top
card as I pick the coin up. That was very, very awkward,
let me do that again. I’m going to steal the
coin as we… (laughs) We’re not gonna steal the
coin, you idiot. (laughs) We’re not gonna steal it,
we’re gonna take the coin as we steal Suzan’s playing card. Now, notice I did something
a little bit different then, and we’ll get to that in a second. The coin goes on top of the deck. And now I’ll wave my hands
over the top of the deck, drop Suzan’s card on top, and
now the coin has vanished. I take the deck quite carefully, pressing down with finger one, I say, “Look, the coin didn’t vanish.” I’m now gonna do a Madison Shift. “Look, the coin didn’t vanish.” So I steal the bottom half of the deck. There’s an explanation
video, there’s a tutorial, on the Madison Shift, on this, on my channel, I’ll leave a link. So we do a Madison Shift, I steal these, “Look, the coin didn’t vanish, “it went halfway down into the deck.” And if we spread through, we can find that it landed underneath
the six of spades. So, adapting the idea, adapting
that move into a trick. Let me run over that a few times, because I want to show
you a few subtleties that I did with that very trick. We’ve controlled the card to the top, the coin, this, the coin in this, (laughs) the coin at this moment goes here, more diagonally, away from the deck. This allows me to steal
this card at the very end. So my thumb’s actually gonna
connect with the card here. Now the reason I’m doing this is because this is a difficult object
to pick up from the table. Not for a normal person of course, but (chuckles) for somebody
who is trying to be deceptive. If you put it here, you have to really press down on the deck and really struggle to pick
it up, but if you put it here, it’s very easy to pick up like this. I like the idea of kind of standing it up, because it’s not normal, it’s kind of a weird thing for me to do, so it forces them to look
here rather than here. So I stand it up like this. Meanwhile, I’m taking the card, I did take too many cards there, ’cause I’m showing you the coin. So I stand it up like this,
I’ve stolen Suzan’s card, I put this on top very gently like so. Now, I wanna try and
make Suzan’s card land as square as possible,
as lined up as possible, and because it’s such a thin item, it just looks like it’s
vanished once a card covers it, so first of all, oh yeah, this
is a good point to show you a few different handing
techniques for the card here. There’s something I’ve really liked doing when the card’s in this position. If you use the pinkie from your left hand to press up against the
clunge of your right hand, you’ll pinch the index of
that card against your hand. This allows you to
completely open this hand. Maybe this is one of
those hand-washing moments where you can wash it, rub your hands, to kind of over-prove that they’re empty. I just like doing it on the
offbeat when I’m talking, kind of just a bit of a stretch. So exposed point of view. And also, another nice little
tip is that if you can curl pinkie and finger three in, you can pinch that card, allowing
this thumb to outstretch. I think the thumb’s the biggest thing that gives away a 10-card steal, because it’s always in that position, it’s always there, it
doesn’t have any freedom. So if you do this, you can give your thumb a little bit more freedom. Practise in front of the mirror to kind of think about
your good and bad angles. But when we’re in this position, we’re gonna come over the deck and this hand’s gonna go first, which means the left hand, the free hand, is gonna go onto the top. This allows us to
carefully line up this card while this hand is still moving. So we can afford to keep
this hand still for a moment as we drop that card on top. And I’m looking down on this now, and I know that the participant and the audience are looking here too, so I don’t have to worry
about staring at them or keeping my head up for too long. As soon as I know that
it’s landed in position, I’m gonna move my head up, my body language is gonna move back a bit, and I’m gonna be looking at
people, looking at everybody, to look what they’re looking at. So I’ve dropped the card here. Because this hand’s on top,
it gives me the freedom to, the dirty hand is now clean,
I can move it up to this hand, and it’s kind of an optical illusion where it always looks like
it’s been that high up. So it goes, goes from here,
and then I move away slowly. So when you move away slowly up here, it looks like your hands
have always been there, and you’re kind of
revealing this situation where the coin’s vanished. A very magical moment
if you do it correctly. So now I’m gonna pick the
cards up very carefully, front to back, finger one’s
gonna press down on top, keeping that coin in place, the deck’s gonna go
straight into this hand and click into a Madison Shift position, and I’m gonna say, “Look,
the coin didn’t vanish, “it just went further down into the deck.” So I say, “Your coin didn’t vanish, “it just moved down into the deck.” Now I’ve just cut that
coin and Suzan’s card all the way into the middle, all that’s left to do is spread, and hopefully you get this nice situation where it’s kind of open, and it’s a good idea at this point to invite them to find the coin, and say, “Look, the card that’s on top of it, “the coin went underneath
your playing card.” So that was Tenacious, a way of stealing one
or many playing cards, directly from the top of the deck in a modified 10-card
steal and the winner is, in the last video I announced
that I’m gonna be giving away this very deck of playing
cards to one of my subscribers. This very deck of playing
cards that’s been used over and over again, in quite
a few of my past videos, there’s a few signatures in here, a very special deck for me, a deck that I used to celebrate the landmark 50,000 subscribers, and the winner is Alex Leech! Alex Leech, you made me smile, man! “Accents are just mouth fonts.” It’s true.
– No it isn’t. – Yes it is, shut up, Suzan. Alex, I’ve already sent you a message, just let me know your address and these playing cards
will be on their way to you. I’m gonna sign a card in here
and personalise it to you. I’m also gonna send you a
nice little surprise too, so look out for that in post. For everybody else, keep watching, ’cause I’m gonna make
giveaways a regular thing. I’m gonna use these
playing cards for a bit, but somebody subscribed
to my channel is gonna win both these playing cards in
the not-too-distant future. Right now all that’s left to
say is thanks, thanks, thanks. I’m Daniel Madison, thanks for watching. See you next time. Danny, Danny, are you in here? It’s time to go to the Sausage Festival. What are you doing down there again? What are you up to, Ned? Derek, Copperfield’s waiting for us. Come on, Derek.

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