Card Magic Tricks That Work By Themselves : The Four  Apartments Magic Card Trick

Hi! Malik the magic guy for
I am going to teach you another self-working trick now. This looks like a basic trick and
it actually is but I did this trick for a long time when I was first starting out in
magic to entertain people so here is what you need. You want to take all the Aces and
all the cork cards out of the deck. Now we tell a story of 4 Royal Apartments. I am actually
going to do the trick upside down so you guys can see it. Now each Royal Apartment had living
in it a King, Queen and a Jack. Well one day they all got together down in the royal ballroom
and they had a big party. Well the party got so confusing that when they all went home
at the end of the night, something strange happened. All of the royal Apartments ended
up empty. All the Kings ended up together in 1 apartment. The Queens ended up together
in another and the Jacks ended up together in another one of the Royal Apartments. Now
is the 4 apartment trick. This is an easy trick but one that you can do to entertain
people and as you practice it, you will come up with more ideas for it.

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