Hi everybody! Malik the magic guy for expertvillage.com.
Now let’s build on some stuff we’ve learned already and we are going to show you another
spelling base trick. Mr. Hand, just touch a card, put your finger on one, one that you
like okay. Cut it. Go ahead. Take that card and look at it yourself and show it to the
camera. Okay. Put your card roughly in the middle. We are
going to give it a few basic cuts here and now I am going to spell to your card, we are
going to deal 1 card for each letter. Normally I would ask you what your card is but in this
case, I know you picked the 7 of Diamonds and you are not going to tell me that. You
would have told me that normally but sevenofdiamonds and the next card the 7 of Diamonds. Now I
am going to show you guys how to do that trick using some stuff we learned already.

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