Card Magic Tricks That Work By Themselves : Explanation of the Four Apartments Magic Card Trick

Hi! Malik the magic guy for
I am going to teach you the 4 Apartments Royal trick and really nothing takes place in it
that you didn’t see. You just want all of your Aces, Kings and Jacks separated from
the deck and then we are going to put our 4 apartments out in a row. I am doing the
trick upside down again so that you can see it. What you want to do is deal a King on
top of each one and if you want, you can match up the suits; you don’t have to. A Queen
on top of each one and the Jack on top of each one. Then we are going to gather up all
the piles, put them on top of each other and when we turn the pile all over, what is going
to happen is as we deal the cards, we are going to redistribute themselves into the
piles like this so that all the Aces are going to go together, all the Queens will go together
and all the Kings and the Jacks are going to go together. That is how you end up doing
the distribution. Now you can do this one another way just to add a little bit of mystery
to the trick. If you have the cards laid out like I showed you with the apartments having
one of each in them, after you gather up the cards, you can give the pile one cut like this. Just
cut it in half like that and then you can start dealing your cards again. The only thing
about this is you are not going to know which pile is where but they are still going to
end up all together. In this case, we got lucky here and they ended up the same way
but the piles could have been mixed around in a different order but the cards will still
end up all grouped together. So that is the basic 4 Apartments trick. Have fun with it,
practice it and you will come up with some other ideas of some things to do with this
principle and have a good time.

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