Card Games : How to Play Rummoli

Hi my name is Windy and this is how to play
Rumoli. Rumoli is a popular game in Canada. They sell special poker boards to play Rumoli
which is an eight sided board. In America this game is known as Michigan Rummie or as
Tripoley, that’s the brand name for it. It is a combination of poker hands and Rummie.
You play it like this. The chips are divided evenly amongst the players. There are two
to six players. Everyone must have the same number of yellow, red, and blue chips. Yellow
is worth one point, red two, and blue three. Every player must place one yellow chip on
each of the eight spaces on the Rummie board plus one for the pot. I will explain what
these spaces are later. The dealer then deals out all the cards to the players until the
deck is out. It doesn’t matter if people have different numbers of cards in their hands
or not but the dealer deals out one more hand than there are players and this is the unknown
hand that is called the widow. After all the cards have been evenly dealt out amongst the
players plus the widow the dealer may look at his cards and decide that he wants the
widow instead of his cards. He is not allowed to look at the widow but he may discard his
hand and take the widow. However, if he likes his hand he may instead auction off the widow
to anyone else who would like to exchange their hand for the widow sight unseen. This
is done with chips paid to the dealer so someone bids two chips, someone bids three tips and
the highest bidder, they get to change their hand for the widow. The discarded hand is
discarded from play, removed from play but it is not shown which cards are removed from
play, they have to stay hidden. The player from the left of the dealer starts playing.
He looks at his hand and must play the lowest valued card that is black. It could be either
a spade or a club. He places that low card in the center of the table next to the pot.
The person to his left must play the following card and in this case six I have played the
six of spades he must play the seven of spades. Now when they’re done playing their cards
then the player goes to the left and that person must play in the sequence and if he
cannot he must place a chip in the kitty starting with yellow. If he has run out of yellow chips
for one point he must go to red which are two chips and if he runs out of red he has
got to put blue into the kitty so if the player to the left doesn’t have a card that follows
the sequence of the suit he puts a chip into the kitty and the play goes to the left and
follows until that suit is finished. The next person after the finish can start again with
red. Once somebody has run out of cards or everyone has had to pass and put a coin into
the kitty the game is over. If the game ended by someone running out of their hand then
they get to take the points out of the kitty as well as the pot and also one chip from
every player for each card that was left in their hand. If they run out of yellow chips
they must go to red or if they’ve run out of red they can go to blue. Once all the chips
are collected they are added up one point for yellow, two points for red, and three
points for blue. Whoever has the most points wins. In Canada before the Rummie phase of
the board is played the cards are actually sorted through by the players and they pick
five cards that they think makes the best poker hand. Everyone does a round of digging
and playing into the pot until all the players have been forced out or called and then they
play and whoever wins the poker hand wins the pot and people ante up again and pick
up the cards that they had set aside during the poker round and they play the Rummie round
and that’s how you play Rumoli.

  1. the fuck.. you dont even know how to play the game … your clearly supposed to play poker before so everyone doesnt know what you have.

  2. They play this once a year at our cousin's holiday party and I have to be re-taught how to play every year.  I love card and board games, but just can't get the hang of this.  You did a good job demonstrating – I think I'm getting it.  But aren't there three rounds, poker, rummy and hearts?

  3. I always remember the pots growing at times. You explained it good, though. I forgot how to play…so this vid is handy for my Rummoli night.

  4. what a boring lame way to play rummoli the american way, when the canadian version is much better, this is american rummoli..yawn.

  5. Your forgot the poker part of the game, which is the whole point in choosing to keep cards or swapping for widow hand.

  6. In America? lolEither way the title of this video needs to be changed, she is not demonstrating the actual Rumoli game!!!So aside from not using the correct board for the game, I also agree with others, the poker part is the strategy part, you ONLY play this at the end of the game, otherwise people know what you have in your hand before the game is over.

  7. Canadians play the differently..
    You can also buy the dealers hand or the second hand if you don't think I your hand is good.
    We use to pay for pennies on the large on white vinal board. And you do need to poker hand first by calling out your best porker hand..whilst being honest with out needing to show your hand.
    The pots grow until someone wins them.The last hand..all the left over pennies on the board are pushed into the middle and a face up poker hand is played. for those people left in the game.

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