Card Games : How to Play Four Kings in a Corner

Hi my name is Charles and this is how you
play Kings in a Corner. Now Kings in a Corner is a really great card game, it was invented
by a family on a ship in the early nineteen hundreds and what happens is you take a regular
deck of cards and you deal seven cards to each player. At that point you set up a board
with the remaining cards. And if you want to take a look here, this is how you are going
to start. Originally the board when you first start to play, is going to have four cards.
The north, south, east and west. And what you are trying to do during plays, during
each players turn is you draw a card and then you try and play a card descending in opposite
color in each of the spaces. So as you can see, this particular game is been going on
for a little while now. Now one of the, the game takes it’s name from the fact that if
any player has a king in their hand, they are going to put it in one of the four corners.
As you can see there’s a king right here in this corner. That has then, now that it’s
down, become a valid place for you to play cards. The idea of course is to get rid of
all of your cards. Now one of the interesting things in the game that happens is in one
of these four main slots becomes vacant. And the way this happens is somebody for example
and this represents my hand. Plays a card that allows them to move an entire stack down.
Now this creates a vacancy here. Now once that’s done it allows somebody to go ahead
and as a bonus play cards from their hand in ascending order underneath one of the other
piles. And what I mean by that is take a look at the rest of my hand here. I’ve got a nine,
ten, jack. Which fits very neatly under here. And at that point I would be out of cards
and I’d win the game. So this is a really interesting you know sort of way to keep the
stacks moving around. Now of course if I hadn’t won the game, lets say I had one card left,
we would take one of the unplayed cards and put here as a new starter. Kings in a corner
is a very popular family game, it’s really easy to learn and it’s really fun to play.
And that’s how you play kings in a corner.

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