1. @TheMovingBones >>Isn't it Shotgun Ace?

    –Yea, maybe. I just watched it on TV long time ago and I just figure it out as most of the tricks I performed.


  2. I always wanted to learn this. That kind of card control was presented by david copperfield in his grandpas card trick 🙂

  3. Dude thank you sooooo much i loveeeee your videos they are amazing , and u have unparallleled slight of hands its insane i loveee you rvideos…..

    request: can you PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEe do a tutorial for david copperfield's Grandpa's aces trick ?! i want to know how does he do that slight when he puts his empty hand above the card and the card changes ?! just that slight id realllyyyy appreciate it cuz i havent founy any effiecient tutorials on youtube 🙁 ….

  4. Thanks for your comment. That tutorial is here:

    youtube. com


  5. no puedo largar con facilidad la carta…creo estar dandole bastante impulso y soltando bien el dedo, pero no sale, como que se me traba…hay algun consejo mas que puedas darme?

  6. Hola vomo estas,,, ya en contre mas videos de mas rango,, y tambien vives en chicago todavia,, yo vivo a qui en los angeles ca,,,

  7. Dude. I just don't get it. How are you gripping the cards, because when I relax my thumb, the card doesn't go anywhere

  8. The slight wrist shake will throw the card out at the moment you let go. So you must let go just right at the time you shake the deck out.

  9. it is all about timing and getting the pivot on your middle finger perfect. once you get that right it is about letting go of the card thren catching it when it has spun 90 degrees.

  10. As noted earlier, the first of these productions was published by Piet Forton as his Pop-Out Move (c. 1975).  One of the later productions is the J.C. Pop-Out by Jack Carpenter.  Can we assume this is yet another unauthorized exposure by Mr. Fernando?

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