Captive Modern! Top 5 New Cards From Ravnica Allegiance For Modern – Magic: The Gathering

  1. You missed a huge difference between Deputy and D sphere, that Deputy of Detention can exile other Deputies. Detention Sphere cannot target other Detention Spheres.

  2. A new aristocrats style deck with Judith the possibilities are endless plus a few artifacts to give her deathtouch and suddenly you’ve sacrificed reassembling skeleton 2 or 3 times and basically whipped there strongest creatures or there are plenty of infinite mana combos that would straight up end the game she gives you a way to deal direct damage and before you say anything yes deathtouch applies because the card says Judith deals damage. I think it’s sees play

  3. You got your wish on KCI is officially banned starting 1/25/19

  4. I don't know about Modern, but Spear Spewer is going to see play in Commander, specifically in Neheb the Eternal decks.

  5. I am just curious as to which cards can actually compete in modern from new sets. There is always cards that can be brewed with and though that is fun.. we want the cards that will make it. This is part of the reason I started investing in Legacy because I never get it right about cards going from standard to modern. Once I invest in legacy cards its a win. I do agree with his number 1 pick however I do not think skewer is better than lava spike. I can see it alongside it, but I wont replace lava spike with skewer

  6. Hey, I know that most people who watch might know obscure MTG terminology but it would be nice not have to pause the video and google what you mean to understand your opening joke. Please and thank you.

  7. I feel like light up the stage will see some modern play. First of all, it's essentially a 1 mana draw 2 in RED with 2 minor downsides:
    1. You have to have dealt damage this turn (You're in red if you're not doing damage like every turn anyway you're probably losing)
    2. You have until the end of your NEXT turn to play those cards (This is burn, almost every card is just 1 mana and the entire goal of the deck is to slam your entire hand into the yard for metric butt tons of damage.)

    While skewer the critics is now and will forever be yet another bolt for mono red burn until the end of time, I feel like light up the stage really helps reload your hand with bolts for when you run out of gas which happens a lot when playing burn.

  8. Now that they banned KCI dredge essentially now dominates the meta and there's no way it going to drop. KCI was a way to level the playing field against control, dredge, and mid-range. Now the modern format is nothing but digging into the graveyard.

  9. I personally think Captive Audience is the best card, and I am running it in my modern rakdos deck. I feel bad that it didnt make it into the top 5, but it's still an amazing card.

  10. Two months later, Ben Friedman and myself have to be the only two people on planet Earth actually playing Sphinx in Modern Death's Shadow. It's actually really good so long as you dig for lands instead of answers on your scry 3. Dig for answers after turn 4 or 5 when you actually have Sphinx out there.
    Last night, I would have lost to humans and mantis rider in particular if not for my 4/4 flyer. And would have lost to Phoenix if not for my 4/4 flyer (and my sideboarded damping spheres — that card has gone from hot to underrated. Besides Tron and Storm, it's pretty good against Phoenix and Burn too). 4 power also enables ferocious. In slower grindy matchups against chalice of the void, sideboarding out Death's Shadow is a real option. I'm telling you this card is great in the deck even though it doesn't look it. Just remember to dig for lands

  11. I will never tire seeing that Fallen Empires box behind him…. My friends and I just bought boxes of Empires and of Homelands for the greatest, craziest draft ever, cannot wait!

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