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welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. Happy
Birthday capricorns I’m a psychic medium and energy healer these are your
messages from spirit for December 2019 please keep in mind Capricorn this is a
general reading so if you have personal questions you can check out my awesome
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how you like it okay now we’re going to start analyzing the card so I’m going to
give you Toro cards and I’m going to give you oracle messages from my own
oracle deck that you can purchase on my website angel double letters okay and
you can preview the companion book on my website I bring this reading to you with
care and the knowledge that your spirit guides and your guardian angels love you
and care about you and the reading is handled with care okay
happy birthday nice ten of Pentacles interesting four of Wands reversed nine of Pentacles
reversed interesting nine of Wands reversed okay and the page of cups reversed okay so
let’s go ahead and get started Capricorn so we have for you in the month of
December the nine of Wands reversed the nine of Wands reversed here indicates
that in the month of December for you Capricorn there may be some excitement
or something that you just feel very compelled to do you something makes you
get up on your feet and go forward it could even be something attractive I
feel like this might be a pull maybe this is a magnetic pole a gravitational
pull you’re moving forward for some of you the nine of Wands in Reverse can
indicate also excitement motivation right you’re not afraid anymore there’s
you’re letting go of caution letting go of hesitation letting go of fears you’re
jumping in you’re getting involved you’re going towards someone or
something impulsivity impatience that’s also possible impulse and carpe diem not
living in fear in some situation or actually maybe you get the green light
or something is so good it might even be too good to be true that you just have
to not stand on the sidelines and instead you should move forward you
should go forward with it you judge you should jump on the opportunity so this
is nothing going to be an energy that’s going to be playing out maybe now you’re
allowed to do something that’s possible you got the green light or now it’s time
for you to transition maybe before you are waiting and watching on something
wondering if it’s gonna happen or not happen but now it’s time to go and move
forward on something okay so see how this theme plays out very interesting
you also have another 9 card the nine of Pentacles reversed so now the nine of
Pentacles reversed here indicates Capricorn that in the month of December
and you’re in the store for the start of your birthday season there could be
something you feel like you have more work to do on it’s not complete yet it’s
there’s not a resolution in some area of your life but there’s more work to do
maybe it’s working hard for the holidays or through the holidays maybe you
realize you like you can’t take a break you can’t
enjoy the way other people are may be enjoying or you can’t take time off it’s
time to keep working keep working on something keep remaining involved keep
active at the end of this year for some of you this is going to be about again
something’s incomplete you remain motivated about it you remain involved
in some way shape or form for others this may indicate it still isn’t like
you’re working toward a solution or towards some liberation or freedom or
final result or independency but in Reverse it indicates that you may still
be dependent to someone or something you may still have a link in some ways and
so there’s a form of dependency with the card in reverse some of you may feel
some financial lack or strain or maybe you feel like you can’t spend as much or
you can’t be super luxurious and maybe you have to you know penny pinch maybe
you have to be thrifty miserly possibly at the end of this year or you have to
look for savings bargains budgeting all of that at the end of this year and
maybe you just can’t you know spend freely you’re you know living this kind
of a way instead maybe you have to contain it you have to contain that
energy so and then there for others it could indicate some financial or
material loss or negative event or maybe you don’t get something you want it or
maybe you don’t get a contract or maybe that job offer doesn’t come through or
maybe this person who you wanted to who you wished would have done some real
estate work for you or renovation work it decides not to whatever it might be
or something is delayed so there could be some material financial practical
matter delays obstacles challenges for you okay capricorns at the end of this
year in in this in these kinds of areas of life in practical material matters
mundane matters the routine okay now keep in mind capricorns there are no
hard starts and stops – energy flows life is very fluid some people actually
believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a
major major astral chuckle energy body transitions into a
whole new zodiac sign so some of you will start to feel these energies in the
last you know 9 or 10 days 10 days of November and then you’re gonna feel
these energies in major or minor and subtle or more visibly apparent concrete
ways throughout to December 2019 it’s gonna be very different for each one of
you capricorns okay life is very fluid energy is fluid and everything this is a
general reading okay the four of Wands and reverse er indicates that in the
month of December late November maybe there’s some hiccups here when it comes
to traveling or or there’s a sense of like entering into it under a new
gateway like I feel for some of you this is like airport terminal gates you know
like like the terminal gate boarding the boarding gate for some of you this is
going to be about you know maybe you’re not able to make it somewhere on time
maybe you’re not able to make it to a wedding or an engagement or some reunion
or collaboration or whatever group situation maybe you’re not able to make
it on time or you’re delayed or you’re just not able to make it at all for some
of you there could be maybe there was some recent challenge or difficulty in a
group situation or in a family maybe a recent passing away of someone special
that you know it’s maybe not as very much a celebratory time at the end of
this year it might be more of a quiet somber solemn time maybe the joy or the
happiness in some ways may have been taken out of your life or for some of
you again I don’t mean to say that for everybody but this is a general reading
and everybody is going through different things right and we have to keep that in
mind there are people around the world there are certainly capricorns who have
gone who are going through natural disaster tragedies catastrophes so you
can imagine that this card could play out in that way where someone’s really
the joy in their life is taken away from them for others though this could be
just a you know feeling of instability maybe you’re just all over the place
schedule priority mismanagement and you’re getting all discombobulated or
there’s instability there might be family issue
our concerns with getting along well with someone else there may be a
transition out of a of a location or a workplace or maybe transition away from
a group there could be a move that is delayed or it doesn’t have been orders
maybe problems related to real estate or residents or location or establishment
and I also get landings that’s actually a word that reminds me of traveling by
planes right or landings right landings of a plane or drawn landing ok um so
yeah so just watch out because there there is some potential here for
capricorns to come across mishaps and irritable like irritable events or
occurrences okay maybe you don’t come together with someone else maybe there’s
a relationship a breakdown or breakdowns in communication or you’re just not
feeling the support or there may be a parting pa rt ing could be as simple as
you know you’re you’re leaving your mom and dad back in the homeland and you’re
traveling back to where you’ve come from and or it could be a relationship like a
love relationship you know it doesn’t happen doesn’t work out isn’t easy you
could play out in all different ways okay in a general reading now for some
of you capricorns before of one’s inner verse can also be again as I mentioned
delays and feeling unsettled your energies your emotions maybe feeling
unsettled maybe a hard time paying the bills or just getting organized okay
that’s also possible alright you can always reach out to me for coaching I’m
a very successful personal coach and also predictions as well okay now
Capricorn you also have the ten of Pentacles up right the ten of Pentacles
up right indicates in some area of your life there is definitely going to be
closure resolutions Ellucian some of you it’s very
interesting I see you in dialog are coming across an interesting female in
your life I feel like some of you get access to something from due to a female
or maybe she allows you into her life or or there’s like a win or a gain or she’s
like she says yes to you so I a female this is for both male and
female capricorns watching there may be a very interesting female figure who
gives you access to something or she supports you or she gives you a yes
maybe you got a gift from her for the holidays I don’t know what this but
there’s something very there’s a very interesting dynamic between capricorns
and a female one particular female in their lives could be your mom it could
be a grandmother and I do feel like some of these but
it’s like a blessing or it’s a good thing or it’s you you’re given an
advantage or you’re giving key access to something and you like it you know it’s
like maybe a bit of a windfall for some of you this is going to be about I do
get happiness for some of you in relation to that female I see happy
emotions for capricorns for others the ten of Pentacles upright it also
indicates victory celebration being around family of course gatherings
material gain and benefit or closure of a material situation could even be that
immigrant or immigration or government or visa concerns or matters tourist
visas whatever visas there are these days in this world passport you know
issues all those government matters related to homeland and related to the
home and settlement in countries and nations that may get settled for you or
concluded or you got some insights or maybe finally you get your green card
you know random examples like that could come up for some of you this is going to
be about inheritance debt real estate matters conclusion for some of you I
feel like you’re at this moment in this in December late November you are
literally concluding some debt maybe you’re consolidating the debt or
literally paying it off like this is final for you it’s very very good very
nice capricorns very happy to hear that for you for others you know if you need
financial coaching predictions motivation you can always reach out to
me okay for that very nice card conclusions resolution solutions gift
giving sharing sharing is caring the holidays you know the the the kind of
maybe even the commercial aspect of the holidays the shopping being around all
of that that’s also very much present with this time of pentacles here um
there may be a resolution conclusion to family matters maybe you are an L maybe
you’re older and now you feel like everything settled in the family you’re
looking at your family proudly or some some news or result comes in that makes
it something feel very whole and complete very wholesome okay so that’s
gonna play out for capricorns very nice you also have capricorns the page of
caps reverse now the page of cups in the month of December indicates for some of
you this is this may be a downer this may be something that’s taken away from
you or it’s not given to you or it’s held back from you on purpose maybe you
feel you have to work harder from for it and there may be some lack of peace
making lack of kind gestures there may be some emotional immaturity maybe it’s
from someone else you know it’s a general reading maybe some of you might
be a bit more emotionally reactive than you should be it could be yeah immature
emotions or emotions that aren’t well-developed our ego gets in the way
for some of you this could be a rejection or a denial for others a page
of cops universe could be a Scorpio cancer or Pisces male or female energy
relevant in your life somebody are thinking about intrigued by interested
in or your son single or you may be disapproving of them or you are feeling
a lack of their presence or their kindness or their kind or positive
attention toward you so there’s some lacking
some way shape or form in this person it does not have to be a water sign but it
could be it could be really anybody of any sunshine best personified by the
page of cups reversed for you capricorns in the month of December 2019 mid to
late ish you know Nitish to late November 2019 okay last ten days of
November the page of cups in Reverse can also be sorrow crying maybe being overly
emotional or a little bit more emotional than you need to be are a little bit of
a hard time getting yourself emotionally together for some of you the page of
cups is immaturity right lack of joy somebody maybe it makes you feel
pessimistic or dampens your hopes or your emotions in some ways pessimism
this can also be about somebody who’s you know not acting with finesse not no
finesse in their emotions they are they’re somehow
throwing their weight around or behaving in a way that you would want to
discipline you wouldn’t really approve of this could even be challenges with a
child or a youngster or could even be with a pet or an animal who’s there
there may be some problems there with either discipline or just the way
they’re acting maybe some psychological problems or issues or I’m also getting
something about psychoanalysis maybe not the kindest message or maybe something
degrading like a degrading message somebody may be trying to hurt you with
their words so you do want to watch out for this page of cups in Reverse energy
you really don’t want at the end of the year this to you know take the joy out
of your life right um but everybody goes through different things and time
doesn’t care right that it’s the holidays for us humans on earth you know
that’s just time is time so again you can always you talk to me for coaching
and predictions now capricorns your angel double letters message for the
month of December 2019 from my own angel Oracle daca that I have developed and
published is this and it is held by the angel double letter
tt it’s about becoming a stronger and smarter you so in the month of December
there is something here about you know there may be challenges there’s hardship
there struggle or there’s something that feels stubborn or you just need to be
very obstinate about it and you have to keep persevere and at times you may feel
like you want to give up but the Mangel message is it’s all happening to you
because it’s about becoming a stronger and smarter you so you must persevere
this is a message from the Angels this is about becoming a stronger and smarter
you there’s also combination here between
brawn and brains right stronger but also strength apart you know it doesn’t have
to be physical strength but it’s strength of heart too stronger as in
your character in your individuality but also smarter as well increasing your
intelligence so education systems education schooling exams will be
relevant here you have to keep persevering some of you this might be
you passing tests or taking exams key exams important exams for your next
chapter in life for you to move into the next cycle of your life or to enter into
a course or whatever it might be and notice it’s about becoming so it’s a
process this is what the angels are saying you know God and the angels could
have easily told me in my communication – indicates the message on this card –
BB you have become a stronger and smarter you but it’s not that the
message is becoming so it’s a process that you’re going through it’s a journey
and you have to be ok with that ok some of this also involves techniques
techniques to learn that helped you learn how to persevere helped you can
always reach out to me for coaching techniques of course predictions and
helping you understand the right approaches to becoming a stronger and
smarter you for emotional and mental discipline now in the companion book
that I developed for the Oracle cards the message is this for this particular
or angel double letter and it is this you will grow stronger and wiser dear
one wisdom is to be discovered Capricorn by not giving up and surrendering in a
situation please do not doubt compromise yourself and sell out press on and be
persistent you will come out winner okay so that’s very interesting
you will come out a winner we have both coaching and a prediction and that the
angels are saying whatever shape that when means for you whatever it will be
for you right whatever shape that win will take for you it will be a win okay
and and you have that coaching with that prediction essentially in that message
that’s very good okay so Capricorn is very happy birthday to you please share
these videos with family and friends and lighten them share the knowledge the
wisdom the foresight the insights the coaching you can also use me to connect
with or reconnect with any pasta pasta over family member or friend or pet you
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with me you can ask me all kinds of unique questions for every area of life
in your personal readings check out my awesome two pages of real testimonials
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