Can YOU Handle This NEW Asian Drinking Game? (ASIAN FLUSH GUARANTEED)

  1. [POLL] DO YOU GET ASIAN FLUSH? Which of these cards do you relate to?
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  2. 那些钱说着长大后给你,其实她都花了。比如其他长辈给你的压岁钱,妈妈收走,再重新包个红包,给别家的小孩,就这么来回利用。

  3. Just saw the news that Godfrey Gao passed away. I watched one of ur video that Edward mentioned Godfrey was one of his role model. He’s also my favorite celebrity all time and I still can’t believe his no longer w us💔

  4. When it asked for Asian Youtubers, I was legit expecting one of them to mention Nigahiga

    .. yet they don’t even mention Jimmy or Esa Fung 😓

  5. Next time there's another drinking game/ challenge, would you be able to test out whether the "Glowless" Asian flush patches work?

  6. This doesn’t seem like how it’s supposed to work… I mean shouldn’t only the person playing the car be drinking lol

  7. Everytime I see Tiff, she looks pretty. Lucky Mike. Ed always makes my eyes full and Sheldon bring a smile on my face. Love you guys from Nagaland (India) ❤️😘❤️😘

  8. Yall really bullied mike into drinking more 😭 that was my first time really seeing a solid asian flush tiff scared me for a second lol

  9. Y'all don't even understand English? Featured on Catfish doesn't mean you're the catfish, but that you're getting catfished.

  10. Parents holding ur money for u be like:
    btw catfish is 鲶鱼 not 🐱🐟哈哈哈哈哈哈 nice imagination

  11. Finally she’s not saved, sorry but she played the game that has drinking as a punishment and he just took the whole shots for her. She didn’t even do anything

  12. You guys really need to watch this!!
    It's better to watch it with stereo headphones.

  13. I really recommend that you guys can record a challenge is about Find a Chinese photographer for taking a group of photos .It gonna be really fun

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