Busker Life & Magic!

(jovial pop music) – Hello, I am out today
at Leicester Square. I have actually not done shows for quite a while
at Leicester Square. So I’m really
excited to be here. I’ve got some friends around
I’ve not seen for a while. So I’m going to have a nice
happy day of doing shows. Yeah, I’m in a good mood. Today should be good. It’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be really
good, really, really good. Really, rea– Ah, it’s too many really’s,
it’s not gonna be that good. Alright, here we go. Hello, my little
Scottish friends. – Good morning.
– [Steven] How are you? I feel like whenever I see you it’s like weeks and weeks apart. – I know. – [Steven] We used to
see each other every day. – But it’s just the same. – [Steven] Oh, I know right? Where’s Hiroshi? – I’ve not seen him. – [Steven] He’s in
Leicester Square. – Is he? – [Steven] Yeah he
said he was in prep. Oh! And I’ve just been Morf’d. I’m literally seven
seconds ahead of you. Oh, look at that. Your hair looks
sharp, look at you. Someone went for an expensive hair cut.
– Hi my name is Steven Fridges. – [Steven] Stephen Fridges? – I do magic. – [Steven] That’s my new brand. That’s my new brand. – [Murdo] Look what I’ve got.
– What’ve you got? – [Murdo] Oh, are you
ready for madness? – [Steven] What is
it? Yeah, I’m ready. I’m ready. – [Murdo] People of YouTube… – [Steven] I’m all about this. – [Friend] Two mice. – [Steven] Oh my god, what
are you doing with mice? (laughing) – [Friend] Deobo gave them. – [Steven] For real? – [Friend] Yeah. – [Stephen] Oh my
God, they’re so cute. – [Friend] I know,
they are so cute. – [Stephen] Of all the things
I expected, that was the last. Look at this! He’s actually so cute. I didn’t know I
liked mice this much. Feel the love off that. – It’s the weasel circus! – Oh, hello, hello. – We got a new busker. – It’s really
important to encourage your busking friends,
when they’re getting ready for a show. Hey, Morf! Get a real job! – No! Ready?
– [Stephen] Yeah. Go for it. Oh my gosh. What? No. Just calm down. We can’t handle this. We can’t handle… Hey Morf, give everyone
musician advice, you’re a really great musician, you’ve been viral
on the Facebooks, give us some musician advice. (laughing) Come on. Come on. – Stop.
– [Stephen] Many people are waiting. – If possible, make… Make your fingers
more lucrative. – [Stephen] I was touching
the mouse with this hand. – Oh god. (acoustic guitar music) Hey if you like that… If you like anything
you’re hearing, there is an album available for… See the sign, help yourself… If you wanna come up
afterwards and get me to sign it for whatever reasons, some people like that, I’m here with a pen. Alright we’re gonna
break it down… Thank you. Into five parts, starting
with the thing on the floor which is a stomp box. It’s basically a
microphone in a metal box. (microphone thumping) (stomp box thumping) Like that. So we wanna stamp on it, gives me a bit of a kick drum. And the second part,
the drums, comes from being a lonely teenage
male with a right hand and realising it’s
somewhat rhythmatic at a quiet young age. Don’t ask me how I figured that
out, it’s perfectly natural. (skilled acoustic
guitar playing) (♪) ♪ Want your windows down ♪ Listen to the sound ♪ Control… – Morf is so good. I don’t know if you guys have
seen lap guitar before, but… It’s impressive. Most of the time, but then
when Morf does it, it’s like, next level impressive. (imitating lap guitar sounds) That… I don’t
know what that was. That was me trying
to do… never mind. (pop music) (distant acoustic guitar) Murdo is having a
bit of a rough show, his voice is just totally gone. Normally he absolutely kills it but right now he just got
out there and started singing and he’s just not doing as
well as he normally would, so I just went over and
filmed it just to, like… Make him feel bad about himself. It’s all fun. It’s
all fun and banter. Don’t you worry. (street and city sounds) Yeah! What’s going on? – You cannot toast the… – [Stephen] I don’t
need to toast it! So I just had the weirdest
experience in Pratt. I’ve only just sort of started
to clock what happened. I thought that when I got
there and I put the food on the till to pay for
it, she was like… “Nope, can’t have
this” in like a joking “No, I’m not gonna sell
you this food” kind of way, but retrospectively, then
she started telling me to go get a ham and cheese
toastie, and I was like “What?” Retrospectively I think I
must have said something when she thought I said
“Can I get this toasted?” And then she was like
“No, I can’t toast that, but you can get this toasted.” And we went through this
whole weird conversation where I was like, “I
don’t want it toasted!” She was like, “Que?” That was retrospectively quite an embarrassing
awkward moment. Alright, now it’s my
time to do a show. I’m gonna pass the camera
to Murdo, so he’s gonna film some lovely shots of the show. Here you go. Great job. Please don’t drop it.
– I look good, don’t I? – [Stephen] Please
don’t drop it. – Oh I look good.
– Really? You sound awful though, so… (laughing) (jovial pop music) What happened to
your YouTube channel, is that still a
thing that exists? – Eh, yeah probably
yeah, it does exist, it’s going to be a… I’m gonna be onboard…
– Yeah? – As soon as summer comes, yeah. – He’s a very good
musician, but not today. He’s kind of lost
his voice a bit… – Not today man, not today. – Filmed a tiny bit of you
just playing to no audience, – Please don’t do that. – I know. So I took to walk
to get a good coffee and I just fancy a
really good coffee. – Yeah, if you
want a good coffee I would say not to
go to the EasyCoffee. – Yeah. – But a cheap coffee,
go to EasyCoffee. – Yeah. So in that show I just did, I… That’s never happened
to me before. Knocking the cup off the
table and the lemon appearing just a tiny bit to
early for the impact, so it just looked
like a mistake… – Then you dropped
the lemon again… – But it was a mistake. Then I dropped it again. But made the second one
appear more on time. But… the trick to deal
with those moments is just to downplay it. I was like, hey more! And move on to the
next thing real fast… – What? – Oh my god is it closed down? No. No! This doesn’t look good. They are in. – It’s a bit disappointing. – [Stephen] This is my
favourite coffee place! That’s… Yeah, there’s no sign. That’s horrifying. Luckily for you, Murdo, I have another coffee shop
that’s just from the… Yeah. (upbeat music) Murdo, we’re just
gonna use a few cards. Point to one. Nice. Look at it, remember it. – [Murdo] Okay. – Got it?
– [Murdo] Yeah. – Take those. And can you spring them to me?
– [Murdo] I can, yeah. – Alright Murdo, I want
you to spring the cards right in the middle of
the headphones, on three. Ready? One, two, three. – [Murdo] Oh that’s sick! – Seven of diamonds? – [Murdo] Yeah, that’s cool. – Yeah! Someone famous is here and
none of us know who he is. – [Murdo] Might go
ask him for a photo. – [Man] Neighbours!
– [Stephen] Neighbours! – [Man] Let’s give
it to Neighbours! (laughing) – [Man] Or if you do this one… (rapping and mumbling) – What’s going on? I don’t understand. Alright so, I don’t know. Apparently the guy
from Neighbours, the guy from the
TV show Neighbours? He looks famous, I
don’t know who he is. And then, Steve was just… Having a great time
singing the Neighbours rap. I’m gonna end this
video with that. What is going on with today? What’s going on? I mean, we can’t peak from… We hit Neighbours. We gotta end it now. Alright. Cheers for watching. Oh yeah, one last thing, one
last thing before you go. Oh you’ve left already. Drums. Yeah, so one last thing. A lot of people have been
asking me about busking advice and people want to
start street performing. I’ve put together
a tiny little… Just a tiny little
thing on busking amps and the best amp to get, because I think you need an
amp when you start busking. If you’re interested
in that at all, check the link in the
description and click on that. You can see the amps I recommend especially when
you’re starting out. One of the amps is only
less than thirty dollars, so that’s pretty cool. Because people ask me about,
“What amp do you use?” “What amp should I
use when I busk?” So link in the
description if you’re interested in that at all, and that is literally
the end now. Thank you! (upbeat acoustic guitar) ♪ So give me one
good reason why I…

  1. My busker friends Morf and Murdo are linked in the description. They both are annoyingly talent humans. If you could subscribe to their channels I'll be able to hold it over their heads that I am partially responsible for their success.

    Also, if you are interested in learning busking. Join my fun fun mailing list here. Something cool is coming, but probably won't mention it on Youtube much/if at all. http://stevenbridges.co.uk/best-amp/

  2. woahh. For some reason it didn't occur to me that you'd know Diobo. Consider bringing him onto the channel?

  3. I stopped watching cereal time. Thank you for this, it's an achievement to stop watching it on repeat even though I'm late to it but I love your videos so it's fine. Also you and your friends are amazing at street shows and everything

  4. Could you maybe film a full performance? or a few tricks of your street performance? I'm really curious what your shows are like!

  5. you've got some very talented friends Steven.
    we've all had an awkward conversation with someone.
    also, yes he plays Aaron in Neighbours.

  6. Steven I love your channel, and I've come to see you perform at Leicester Square a few times,
    But please, don't do click bait.

  7. To the people that are saying this is clickbait, copy and pasted from a previous reply I made:

    "Okay so this is how I feel about clickbait. If you call a video something like 'I'M PREGNANT!' and then the video is that you thought you might be pregnant but turns out you're not. That is clickbait. That is a title that DELIBERATELY misleads the viewer into clicking, thinking the video is one thing when it totally isn't.

    However, if you do a video called 'The SECOND trick in this video is unbelievable' it's not clickbait because…
    There are two tricks in the video. The one in the thumbnail is the VERY first thing you see. So if you clicked the video to watch that, you get that straight away. You can then click off if the rest of the video doesn't interest you. The second trick is in my opinion, much better than the first. So I'm letting people know their is a trick later in the video.

    There's nothing misleading about this in my opinion. Dramatic/intriguing titles and thumbnails are just good marketing. Some of my best tricks (imo) have low views because the title is dull."

    EDIT: First trick is at 00:00, second trick is at 07:57
    Just did a live stream talking about clickbait: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ZkKzyjnnDexv

    EDIT 2: I've read a LOT of comments on clickbait. I've changed the title. I stand by what I've said – it's not clickbait! However the title is definitely 'puffery' and as the second trick doesn't happen until later in the video, it is a bit misleading. I'll give more thought to future titles 🙂

  8. U would get more subs if u teach as how u do tricks (not just because I really wanna know how u f ing do it)😜

  9. Morf blew me away with that performance. Loved the effects as well always impressed by a trick you can do in like 10 seconds that still manages to blow peoples socks off and you deliver on those really consistently. Top job mate.

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  13. Loved the video, I cried about the coffee shop, how is the 40 minute set coming, and would love to see some mercy with that sb logo on it.

  14. Sir mr Steven McBridgesen may I ask you a question? Good. How often do you do your awesome lemony shows in Leicester Square?

  15. I do magic as well, at a house party is my first video, would love if you checked it out would mean a lot.

  16. Hi steven! after you finished the vlog in leicester square I came up to you and asked for your channel name cause I thought you were really cool!
    really loved the videos I saw! would definitely keep on watching

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  18. The second trick is actually unbelievable and those mice are so cute!! The most unexpected thing you could have in your bag is a mouse let alone two!

  19. for my next trick I will give that guy a real job turns him into a awesome musician he is good and steven I did another magic trick before leaving this comment I left a like 😉

  20. Great video! I have no problems with the title TBH (it was a REALLY cool trick).

    So sad that your favorite coffee shop closed. I hate when it happens to me as well.

    Out of curiosity, do you guys stay in the busking places all day long? Or do you prefer going there just in the busiest hours and take some breaks in between?

  21. So many great things happened in this video! Cute lil baby mice, and lap guitar, and how did you do that with the 7?!? X) Loved this!! Thank youuu! 😀 <3

  22. YouTube refused this comment on character length lol so here is what I was trying to write as a tumblr post re. clickbait: http://obsessingmuch.tumblr.com/post/162574802085/so-yeah-this-is-very-long-my-apologies-im-bad-at

  23. My favorite trick was when you made the coffee shop dissappear. That was almost as impressive as the seagull trick last time.

  24. Love your videos man, but I have to agree with people saying the title isn't great. I agree it's not "clickbait" in the traditional false expectations way, but it is still you as the creator of this video attempting to sensationalize your own product in (what comes across) as a really disingenuous way. And the fact that it is specifically referencing the "SECOND" trick" makes it feel like you're attempting to trick us into having to watch the whole video (thereby forcing us to play the algorithm game and give you the watch time and views) to find it. Which, personally, is just as bad as false claims titles because it feels like you're me treating me like some patsy that needs to be tricked (heh) into watching your content so you can get the ad money/watch time, instead of like a part of your community of viewers.

  25. Hi, I'm rather new to this channel but for some reason, I feel the compulsion to say I love all forms of the citrus fruit!

  26. I'm really curious as to what the trick is that involves all that cutlery spread on the ground. Seen you do that in a few vlogs but I'd love to see the trick in video form like you have some others.

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    I am so confused….

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  33. 5:46 Hi Steven, do you do this all the time before starting a show? Is it just a power pose to make you feel confident or do you actually say something while doing it?

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