BTS w/ Lizzy Greene, Tia Mowry & More on the Wizard of Quads Set! | NRDD | Nick

Hey guys, it’s
Lizzie, and we’re currently behind the scenes
on the very special episode. I play May on the
show, of course, but right now I’m
playing the good witch. So, it all starts with
Dawn bumps her head and wakes up in Oz. Oh, well, then can you poof? I’m sorry, I can only ding. What’s up, guys, it’s
Jade Petty Joan here, and I’m guessing on “Nicky,
Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn”. I play Rose Durkin, who is like,
the enemy of Dawn on this show. And we’re competing for the
spot Dorothy in their play. See, I’m Dorothy. No, I’m Dorthy. Two Dorthys? Hey guys, Tia Mowry here. And welcome to Oz. So I’m really, really excited
to be playing the wicked witch and check out my costume. There’s so many cool,
different layers to it. They like made it puff up so
it’s like, really dramatic. Gabby Douglas is here. She is absolutely amazing. I actually saw her at
the 2012 Olympic trials. She’s so good. I don’t know how she
does what she does, but she’s like an action figure. Hey guys, I’m Gabby Douglas. I’m Twisty, the leader
of the munchkins, and we’re going to
be doing some flips. It’s going to be crazy. We’re passionate. I’m so excited to be on
Nickelodeon, I’m a huge fan and it’s just an
amazing opportunity. The sets are incredible
because, as you can see, it’s just so colorful. This is like, actual Oz. It looks so real. It’s amazing. I mean, everything
is so colorful. And it kind of reminds
me of me because I love candy and sweets. So I get to have Jade on set,
which was awesome because we’re really good friends. And it’s kind of hard
for us to play rivals. Like yesterday, we had to
stare each other down and look each other in the eyes
and be really mad, but we couldn’t stop laughing. This was us. [LAUGHING] You did the eye twitch. And she does the lip quiver. She twitched her eye. She does this, she goes– Wait, wait, what’s going on? It’s time to
break into a song. It happens a lot around here. My favorite part
of the episode would definitely have to be the
big dance number Liz and I do. We’ve probably done this
dance– like, after we finished filming the whole scene– probably close to like 50 times. And cut. This is definitely,
by far, my most favorite episode of all time. Can’t wait for you guys to see.

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